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Delivery to South America, USA ... Envíos a Sudamérica, EEUU...

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I was waiting on the Power Feed to arrive before I started my grow, but it hasn't showed up yet... I'm thinking it's to late to start it now. So that's ok... No big deal...

I did hear something about an Auto Cup grow though... Now I'd really like to be involved in that grow off... :) Any info on that?

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no it's not too late you have until March to start your grow ;)

There will be an auto cup yes, it will start somewhere between now and in 5 month, you guys will get more infos when time will come ;)

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Thanks Dust for your fast reply.... Can you confirm that the Power Feed has been shipped to me?

So if I start the grow in Mach, the contest wont finish until everybodies plants are done right? Which could take up to 11 more weeks...

I can't wait for the Auto cup :) :)

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Check in the rules of the cup and you have all the limits date for start of the journal, and last day for harvest too ;)

For your powderfeeding you've ordered it on the powderfeeding website? if so i can't tell you sorry it's not the same crew as for the seeds They should have a contact form on the website try this way maybe ;)

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Thanks for the info Dust, I'll go back and re-read...

I gave my info to the guys here on the site. So no, I didn't order it. But that's ok... I'm sure I'll order some some time or an other. I've got 4 complete lines of nutes already :)

Two organic and two salt based... lol... Funny thing is, I ended up back where I stated, FF Line... :) Just gotta take it easy :)

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hmmm yeah i see you registered in the thread for the cup, very sorry you didn't received it pmmust have gotten lost at some point, soon the auto contest shall start so make sure to register and this time i'll verify if they send ;)

But POwderfeeding.nl sends pretty much everywhere in the world US included so check it out ;)

Meanwhile i'm sure other nutes will do the job as they use too ;)

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