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FERN (Vine x Gorilla) – UPDATE 12 SEP - HEAVLY SEEDED (FERN x LOG Male)

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Gorilla Hybrid Called "FERN"

I grew a pack of Gorilla, got 2 germinations.
The first seed that grew, I still grow today.

Months after, I germinated the last good seed.
This second seed was even more sativa leaning with fine leaves.
It was also a little weak, so I decided to just pollinate with a male ChemOG hybrid.

From the Pollinated Gorilla with hundreds of seeds, only one germinated.


ChemOG hybrid x Gorilla (The only germination).
FERN – Is the one in several thousand seed that grew.
It germinated normally with an opposite branching pattern.
Then it grew offset shoot that grew perfectly perpendicular to trunk, directly down.
After about a week it slowly turned halfway back up, before shooting directly down again.
This weirdness continued for months, before it finally settled on a stable partly offset growth pattern.

I believe this is the result of conflict between the two crossed strains being mostly opposite for Hybrid and predominantly offset for Gorilla.
The more notable trait is the colour of leaves and nutrient efficiency,
This plant could be quite potent?
My strongest strain is small medium size and light framed.


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Notice that FERN’s offset growth pattern is filling out with close dense fruit spurs.
It also has the 5 Finger Leaf like its Sister in Law “Vine”.

Being the only seed that Germinated from the Vine x Gorilla Cross,
FERN is a compatibility bridge for future crosses.


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FERN (Vine Male x Gorilla Female)
Beginning to Flower
15 Days 12/12

Note: FERN looked like it could have began to Auto-Flower earlier under 24hrs continuous light.
Hope I am wrong, but either way the program continues with its use in breading.








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FERN has heavy fast developing flowers; the seeds are ahead of all other strains.
FERN is (Gorilla x Vine) a small sativa leaning plant with Gorilla like flowers.
On a negative side, the plant is slow to grow.

FERN CUTTING taken 1 July.
I took one cutting of chronological immaturity age from lowest part of plant.
Now it will take time to fully revert from flower, and grow cutting to chronologically mature age.


The initial of immature FERN is slightly offset opposite.
There is a possibility the indecisive growth structure problems will go away with plant maturity.
Either way, I have a lot happening in further breeding with parents.


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