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Kalisilvermist - Damnesia - Coco - Powder Feeding

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Hey all just received 9 x Damnesia Seeds in the mail from GHS - Much love to you guys for the seeds and making this possible - I was impressed to note that although customs definitely inspected the package all was well ;) I will be starting my grow journal in about 10 days as I am busy setting up my room again after some time and have Six Cheese in there finishing off flowering. I will be vegging under 400w HPS and Flowering under 2200w HPS I will be using coco / perlite / vermiculite mix and hand watering. It is also possible I may do a side by side in Autopots with the powder feeding as well. I am very excited to start this competition and about this strain. To start off here are some pics of the damage done by customs...enjoy





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Hi All Just got back online after about 30 million years without internet access. Here are some pics of the work in progress and equipment being assembled for the competition.the plants(freshly rooted clones) are of a private strain I am trying to keep going.I have had enormous stress trying to preserve the genetics as I have been forced to shut down for the last six months - but now im back and I think this will be better than ever. Please bear in mind this is work in progress so any comments would be great and if you want to see more of ther space tell me where. Also please excuse the picture quality my camera is not around so i used my phone.ciao Kali







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A quick update - went to the spring to collect some water from the mountain - I always try and give seeds and clones and seedlings good water - PH is 6.0 I soaked the 4 dAMnesia beans for about 6 hours in the dark then this morning took them out and placed them between 2 sheets of rolled cotton wool on a plate covered it with shrink wrap and left it on the kitchen windowsill. I peeked earlier and there are 3 roots showing. I will update tomorrow morning with pics... it begins.EDIT: all 4 are showing roots and have now been potted in foam cups with a lite pre soaked in Magnesium/Calcium solution Coco/Perlite Combo under A Large CFL in The Mom Room in the Shadow of the 400Hps... This is always the scary part for me - Will they get to lift their little heads up - I hope So - Update Later On.









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Hey man good to hear you received your package wihout trouble :D

Hope you will make us some wonderful girls but with 2200w in flow if they ain't wonderful....well they will be anyway lolol

Best of luck thanks for making a journal and keep us updated!! :D

Have a good grow!

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You're lucky the officials did not confiscate the seeds - are seeds legal 4 sale in your country ? Or maybe they did not open the DVD ? Anyway keep the journal alive - Another Damnesia grower - number three incl. me Nice vital beans + fine leave shape. Happy growing days mate. 2.200 watts HPS light =WOW.

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Thanks for the messages everyone. I have been off line till today - how frustrating to live in a 3rd world country. @celticmedicine electricity is not cheap here - I will be growing under a combined total of 2200 - although it may have just gone up a bit as I have just got some new stuff. I have had to rebuild the Grow room and am still in process although I can now go. I think I will be germinating the Damnesia babys tonight - wooooooo hoooo this has been the longest break from growing in 5 years and I feel like someone has amputated my soul. Love the grow - love the green

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Hey Updated the Grow Journal up front. I have sprouted 4 seeds all 4 grew tap roots within 18 hours. They looked a little bit long and thin but otherwise quite healthy. I potted them into foam cups. with coco and perlite - watered down with spring water from the mountain - PH 6.0. This morning there are two little seeds husks above the ground but it looks like the baby cotyledons are struggling to shed their shells - so I put a pinch of coco over them to encourage them to work a little harder. In other news my clones are looking pretty healthy - but about 6 of them are starting to yellow quite radically - so I have brewed 2ml Kelpak and 2 small Teaspoons of Epsom salts into a 2 litre Mister and given them a little spray - I don't normally give any nutes at this stage but I think If I don't do something I will probably lose the clones.Also this is my first grow using cfl and I am using that home built propagating light and I hope its ok ;( Any Advice on the seeds Guys as I am feeling a little nervous of this beginning would love to know what to do. I will post pics of them later if they have broken ground again.



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