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*COMPLETE* Gonzos Money Maker Adventure

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Hello folks! It's time!! Hope you like the format, it's a bit of fun. Which is what I think growing weed is all about :)

Will be updating weekly with a few pages each time, you can zoom by clicking on the pages :) if you have any questions about the grow feel free to ask, I will be happy to answer :)

Let's begin.....



Next time.....transplanting and equipment :)

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Awesome man love the idea!! i was hoping to see some kinf of journal like that and you did it ;)

It will be very nice to follow and be sure i'll be around ;)

Thanks for the hard work and for making a journal

Have a good grow and good luck for the cup ;)

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Lovely ! Ok first, welcome to the cup.

And big "hello" to this cute MM sisters. Very cool to see that yours germinate just as quick and well like all others sisters i've seen so far here...

Big props to that PS3 propagator lol, another working device, another nice idea...... ok if you play nice and steady lol. Dont let frag count cool down ;)

Good luck further and keep up that effort, very refreshing to follow.


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Thanks guys, it's good to get started :)

I'd like to take credit for the awesome pic but have to give it to someone else. Not sure who did it, t'was a good find :) I've had to stock up on Gonzo pics for the coming weeks ;)

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Thanks guys, it's an honour to have the GHS team drop in by to join Gonzo ;) I realise that the this style of journal isn't the most informative. If anyone has any questions about my methods or anything to do with the grow don't hesitate to ask :)

Well it's that time of week again and I'll start by a small tribute to something that could have been...


Well that's life I suppose, as they say....the show must go on :)

Week 2.... :)



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Very nice presentation, Rizzo would be proud! ;)

Be sure to follow your future antics in the world cup, it sure will be lots of fun reading you journal.

Keep up the good work bro and good luck in the Cup :D

I am also a fellow money maker entrant in the Cup and will start mine in the new year :)

Peace bro


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I hope you will have Gonzo pictures so it last whole grow hehe

Been wondering that myself, lol. Thankfully, Gonzo has a huge array of photos, he also has a weirdly close relationship with a chicken called Camilla, lol :D

I think your thread is as informative as the rest, don´t worry brother we understand and love what we see

Thanks toke, appreciate it bro :)

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Well folks, I'd like to start by saying thanks to everyone for your comments :) much love :)

How are you all this week? I've been so busy with growing and kids, why did I say them in that order...lol, I love my kids with all my heart :).....I also love my plants though and between them my life can be demanding. Hence why my journal update is 3 days late. Not to worry, we'll pick up where we left off and as usual any questions just ask....



Thanks hunters, see you next week!....

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very nice man the story is gettin better every pages :P wonder how the end will be but i'ms ure it's a ha ppy ending ;)

Thanks for the update man those babies are looking very good and loving the powder indeed :D

We'll be waiting for the next page don't forget us :P

Have a good grow!

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Thanks guys :) your comments are much appreciated :)

Tell everyone at the GHSC well done with these seeds Fran, they are pleasure to grow and so vigorous it's awesome. The powder rocks and as it says it's so simple to use :)

I would never forget about you guys Dust...this is my online home and you kind folks are my online family :) I must get out to the cup next time to meet some of you guys in the flesh. Spannabis maybe? Lol...not long to go :)

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Thanks HC, I'm loving this strain :)

Will definitely keep a mother and do a clone run. Can't imagine how quick the cuttings will grow :) I've got no space left for clones, my mother will get a good while to grow before taking anything from her :)

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