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Live CANNABIS CUP 25! Amsterdam 2012!

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hahahaha man believe me i didn't make it to 4:20 voluntarly! that's the best part about it i discovered it later too hahah sign of god :P

Awesome!!! the ufos are coming!!! :girlcrazy:

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Lol, I think Franco dabbed the whole place up an dthen some heheh. One of the few things that actually seem to work on Franco(that and the black oil in the marocco vi dhehe)

Thanks for sharing as always brother!

jajajjajaja yes he is like terminator jajajajaj! :girlcrazy:

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Hello guys here are a couples of little videos more ;)

First Some Cannabinoid testing with the Cannatest guys in Haarlemmerstraat coffeeshop :) Very nice system they use.

Short video of Aaron and of a very nice couple going to vote during the last day

More to come ;) Have a great new year time hunters :)

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the test? for the test yes they are saling som already in the US don't know if it can be sent yet. Check for Cannatest it is the name of the company ;)

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This is crazy! I haven't been on in so long and by coincidence recreational marijuana was passed in Colorful Colorado and I just so happen to get my own place about three weeks and I started an indoor grow with the GH indica H mix pack with Cheese, Train Wreck, Great White Shark, Lemon Skunk, and White Rhino. This is sick that I can journal my grow and compete in this indoor comp! I love GreenHouse!

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Hi everyone,, 

just in case any one missed it ,, we are going to be having a strain hunters Forum meet 

get to this link n sign up ,, or just turn up,,, http://forums.strainhunters.com/topic/7601-cannabis-cup-sh-meet-up/



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