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Live CANNABIS CUP 25! Amsterdam 2012!

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Fantastic friends!!

Good company, good weed .......and....... ¡¡¡¡¡HTCC 25!!!!! :fans: :fans: :fans:

Enjoy a lot and continue to teach what happened, thanks for the excellent work!!

best regards family!! :king:

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Good morning and thank you very much family for commenting!

Here are all the team starting the day with the judges, we hope you enjoy all the pictures and comments that are coming!

Here it is very cold, but we warmed up fast! jajajjaja!

Here we go with a tasting of concentrates, incredible quality! Bless!! :brunette:


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Really jealous of u all my friends. Can see that everybody is having a great time :D. And the smoke is looking goood :P. Gonna be great to see more from the cup ;) .Thanks again Mr X for the great show :D.

Peace & Smoke


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Hey guys here are a few pictures to keep you waiting, we upload the videos and pictures


Awesome day Today already a looot more people coming,

We Just Had Mr STEVEN HAGER for the 420 and ceremony of the dragon, some kick ass BIIG joints rolled by franco, very nice videos about that coming ;)

Elvis420 is there too, Todd Mc Cormick and emilio, The nose, awesome times :)

Anyway here a few photos to keep you waiting ;)


Big ballooon :smoke:



welcome to the greenhouse ¡¡



Cheers guys a lot more coming

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Here a little more for you people


Amazing guy, been in the cup for 25 years, since the first one¡¡


Awesome Samples of oils, wax an other awesome extractions¡


Let's Dab it¡¡









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Hello guys, here is the first video, Franco rolling some Awesome Lemon Crystal!!

THIS is the way to do it :D Hope you'll enjoy guys many more coming ;)

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Wonder if you gotta wait till the glass is cold + compact again or roll it when it is still in drops ? I think it might be a bit difficult to roll without touching the inside with the oily drops on the weed/tobacco etc. - got the same prob when rolling oil + weed in a paper . But I am sure a pro like Franco will manage that...

All the big chiefs on one table .. nice ! Getting real crowded slowly but surely...Have fun people it's your life and time to shine + represent to the fullest.


Bam Bam :girlcrazy::slow::spiteful::queen::king::rabbi::wild::fan::hunter::nyam:

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