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Twilight - LED 200W - New Cab

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Twilight – 200w LED – New Cab

Hi hunters, Welcome to my new cab.

This is my new cab i’ve been making for the “World Cup”, for the Cup I am gonna be going hydro. I have still got quite a lot of stuff to buy for the hydro set up, so I thought I may as well get a quick 12/12from seed grow going

The grow will be in soil and the seeds are “Twilight” from Dutch Passion a fairly heavy indica with purple colour.

Equipment & Other Sundries

  • 200W LED 11 Wavelengths inc UV & IR
  • Rhino Filter
  • Ruck RK 100mm fan – 220M3/hr
  • Heated propagator
  • 12V intake fan
  • 15cm air movement fan
  • Bluelab Truncheon EC/TDS/PPM meter
  • PH pen
  • Homemade Accoustic fan box
  • Insulated walls
  • Bosmere coir seed/cutting pellets
  • Mini Propergator for pellets
  • Digital timers
  • Surge protected Extension gang for LED light
  • Fan speed controller
  • Thermometer & Humidty meter
  • Root growTM Mycorrhizal Fungi
  • Maxicrop - Seaweed – Plant growth stimulant
  • Biobizz – Grow & Bloom
  • Molasses
  • Miracle-Gro Soil
  • Perlite
  • Hydroton –Clay pebbles

The Cab

  • Dimensions – H 200cm x L 106cm x W 53cm
  • Insulated walls – Insulation for laminate floors used
  • Under cab insulation – Lag jacket sections used
  • Under cab waterproofed – Gutter repair rubberised compound
  • Under cab additional insulation – Plastic coated ripstop radiator foil
  • Doors additional insulation – Plastic coated ripstop radiator foil
  • Light baffled intake fan – louvered vent cover – black pond filter media – cowled intake cover
  • Light baffled doors – internal wooden baffle lip & E-profile rubber draft excluder
  • Locks – 2 x mini bolts & 1 x star bolt
  • Plastic floor liner

LED Light Specifications

  • Model – Elitegrow Pro 200W
  • 11 Wavelengths inc IR & UV
  • Diamond Lenses
  • Brigelux & Epistar diodes
  • 3W single chip diodes
  • 90o Lenses
  • 2 x 120mm cooling fans
  • Switchable modes – Vegetative/Flower/Full Spectrum

  • 11 Wavelengths of Color Output: 760nm, 740nm, 720nm, 660nm, 630nm, 615nm-480nm, 460nm, 440nm, 415nm, 380nm
  • LED Quantity = 100
  • Total power draw 185W (When using Full Spectrum)
  • Dimensions – H 70mm x W 210mm x L 480mm
  • Total coverage 90cm x 105cm (Veg)
  • Core coverage 75cm x 90cm (Flower)

The Grow

15 Nov - soaked seeds for 24 hours

16 Nov - seeds split casings and roots showed.

Using tweezers put seeds in to pre-soaked coir pellets.

18 – Seeds broke surface of pellets & dropped their seed casings.

19 Nov – Cotyledons fully open and can see the start of first true leaves showing.

Well that the journey so far so here are some pics.

Cab pics

Black waterproof gutter sealantpost-8436-0-03558500-1353361532.jpg

Plastic covered ripstop radiator foilpost-8436-0-90655700-1353360127.jpg

Lag jacket sections inslutationpost-8436-0-19035300-1353360089.jpg

2nd layer Plastic covered ripstop radiator foilpost-8436-0-89791900-1353361090.jpg

Silicon sealant to make the floor draft and smell tightpost-8436-0-72858900-1353360142.jpg

Air intake with pond filter media to make light baffle and to stop insectspost-8436-0-59221900-1353360199.jpg

Air intake with filter peeled back to show louvered grillpost-8436-0-65695300-1353360218.jpg

Wooden lip light baffle prior to painting & rubber strippost-8436-0-33190400-1353361762.jpg

Plastic coated ripstop radiator foil insulation for doorpost-8436-0-89553200-1353360251.jpg

wall insulated with under laminate floor insulationpost-8436-0-77163300-1353360316.jpg

Electric boardpost-8436-0-00043900-1353360372.jpg

Air movement fan & Air in take fan housing/cowelpost-8436-0-13771100-1353361844.jpg

Air intake fan inside housing/cowelpost-8436-0-12414300-1353360425.jpg

Air intake housing/cowel showing pond filter media Light baffle/insect stopperpost-8436-0-34503500-1353360439.jpg

The LED light and at the top the Rhino filterpost-8436-0-85228300-1353360463.jpg

Rhino filter and E-Profile rubber strip light bafle for when door are closed, light tight and smell tight seal


Close up of the LED light showing the Diamond lensespost-8436-0-70435100-1353360512.jpg

LED lightpost-8436-0-35463800-1353360529.jpgpost-8436-0-38698500-1353360587.jpgpost-8436-0-87982400-1353360622.jpgpost-8436-0-81053600-1353360640.jpgpost-8436-0-87982400-1353360622.jpgpost-8436-0-37918300-1353360684.jpg

Grow Pics

Soaking seedspost-8436-0-83391700-1353360712.jpg

Seeds gone into Coir pellets.JPG]post-8436-0-61293700-1353360748.jpg

Seeds showing themselves.post-8436-0-48576200-1353362709.jpg

Seedlings growingpost-8436-0-00702400-1353360896.jpg

Disaster :( dropped propagator lid and broke a seedlingpost-8436-0-99209600-1353360903.jpgpost-8436-0-72786000-1353360915.jpg

The broken seedling, RIP little one

Thanks for dropping by, anything I have missed out or question please ask










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elektro :D,DEXTER :D,Nordic division :D,KAI :D & HIGH 4 LIFE :D

Thanks for stopping by brothers, good to have you along.

This is my first LED grow, I'm really looking forwards to seeing how it progresses.

Will keep you updated.



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@ mopman, thanks bro, I too wanna see what the LED can do as i am thinking of doubling up and getting another totalling 400W for my money maker world cup grow. :D

@ Maffro, thanks bro,had the twilight hanging around and wanted to test the light and get used to it before my cup grow.I needed to do a grow which would finish fast the choice was between super critical auto and the twilight. I decided to go with the twilight 12/12 from seed which would be a couple of weeks faster to finish as the supercrits would naturally veg for approx 21 days before autoing into bloom phase. :D

Thanks for dropping by



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Hi bro sory to ear about the broken sedling but thats ok it happed with myself also,about the led panel i wanned one to myself for a wille but never add the chance to try one its good to se how it works ,keep the good work

keep it green

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Thanks bro, always sad to lose one :( but thats life.

I am so pleased to eventually have bought an LED, I'd been wanting one for a year. It is amazing how much the tech has moved in just a year and prices getting better all the time too.

We are definately seeing more of them popping up in SH Forums more and on the interweb and youtube.

Thanks for dropping by bro. :D

Peace be with you


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Hi Hunters,time for an update :)

Today my lil'ones get potted up. Todays date 23 nov 2012

A quick look at how they have grown.


Potting mix - 3 parts potting compost , 1 part perlite & a small handful of hydroton clay pebbles


Potting mix mixed


Small quantity of hydroton is put in the bottom of a 10cm/4" pot for drainage and good airation


The pots are then filled 3/4 full, allowing space for the coir pellets containing the seedlings


A small depression is made and a sprinkling of Mycorrhizal fungi is added


Mycorrhizal fungi


Coir pellets containing seedling are placed in the pots directly on the the beneficial fungi granules


The pots are filled around the coir pellets and gently firmed in , avoiding compressing the compost to much.

The top of the coir pellets and the surrounding compost does not go above the internal rim, allowing for watering.


Finally they are given a drink, i have given them a weak solution of seaweed plant growth stimulant, really good stuff and make lots of roots.


Thay still have warmth from the bottom from the heated propagator tray. They are also staying very short with no stretch, exactly what i expected from my LED light. :D

until next we meet take care

Peace to the highest


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Great job Lamsbread, some very nice setup and gear! and it seems so far the girls are giving it back to you ;)

Keep those nice pics coming and make us some nice bud porn to watch ;)

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This model is 200w and cost £300

You can see it here , with all the specs - https://www.elitegrow.co.uk/

I am very happy with it so far, keep following this thread and we will all see how it performs.

If you have any other questions i will happily answer them.

This is my first LED grow but have been wanting to try them for ages.

Peace bro


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