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Canada gets shafted, green house please exsplain!

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i gotta admit i am more then frusterated about Green House`s desison to not send seeds to canada anymore, and the more i look into it i really can`t understand why it happened as far as i can tell seed laws are still the same as they where last year, and as far as the windsor police arresting the seed store owner that case will never play out in court the laws are pretty clear that seeds can be sold that is why they only shut down 1 of his 3 shops, that is also why the countless other shops that sell seeds are still operating. i feel its a shame that the actions of a few stupid police officers would cause the whole country to be shafted like that.

sure GH is still sending to offical dealers but the large majority of seed distributors in canada largely overprice there seeds one of the store listed as an offical dealer of green house seeds sacred seed sell`s 10 packs of green house seeds for over 140$ canadian that is insanely market up. ive been a loyal green house supporter for years and the fact that green house changed the rules with out even half an exsplination is quite aggrivating i know they are not the only seed company to make this desison but no one is talking about why and as far as i can tell nothing has changed in the laws with regards to seeds.

another thing i am interested in knowing is if that one case gerts dealt with and the court desides that that shop owner did nothing wrong which is what they are gonna do because the laws are the same as they where in the 70`s when companies started doing mail order seeds in canada that seeds sold for soviner purposes are legal to sell.

the thing is i wanna know why because if it is a case that customes started confencating there seeds they where sending or whatever the citizens of canada like me need to know because we are the only ones that can do anything about it.

hey i might even be wrong about the laws changing but i can`t find anything to support that aside from that one case which was a mistake and will be rectifyed i am sure.

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The Dragon which is an official distributor deals directly with Green House Seeds and they get orders still! they just made an order last week and didn't hear of anything being stopped?

So why are the distributors getting seeds still? Call the Dragon they wiill tell you they order directly from Green House not a wholeseller.

Just want to know why...

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Customs kept stomping and squishing the seed packs, they havent sent to Canada for well over a year....?

growmaster: sorry man but your wrong about saying that green house hasent been sending to canada for over a year i live in toronto and i have been ordering and receiving seeds all year up until last month, i also visit the website on a dayly basis and the canada part was just added to the opening page about 2 weeks ago around the same time they opened the facebook store.

Miss kitty kat: they are still sending seeds to offical distributors but citizens who arent offical distributors cannot order seeds from the green house website anymore as of the end of october as for why they are still sending seeds to distributors and not normal people i havent got a clue thats actually what i wanted to find out making this post.

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strange man i have been ordering seeds from them for years and like every 2 months for the past year. i wonder if they are still sending the tester seeds to canada because i have been receiving the free tester seeds all year as well.

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I am pretty sure they have a good reason, now they are so busy give them a few days to answer. If the customs squash seeds (destroy them on purpose) whenever they find a pack this will lead to frustration and lots of hassle with frustrated customers, who report in and bla bla. So they may have decided to leave the canadian market to some wholesalers and distributors. You know you still get your seeds in private , so chill Greeno ...

I am sure if things calm down they will gladly add Canada to their list again - running a seedbank is not the easiest legal venue, so I understand that they are a bit conservative on what they are doing politically and if problems arise in a far away country they cool off for a while. There is a reason why they are in business so long. I know that sucks but that is def. NOT to punish their loyal customers !

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bam man its easy to say chill when its not you thats affected, but i never said they where trying to punish there loyal customers and i am sure they do have a good reason but its been like 3 weeks and i havent heard one yet. also if customs is destroying seeds i think canadians should be made aware of it because we can't do anything about it if left in the dark but thats just my two cents.

i made this post to make other canadians aware that they cant order seeds from canada anymore and to try to find out why this happend not to blame green house.

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Just go buy some clones, or start mothering the seeds that you do have.... Shit, I buy seeds once a year and give mothers to friends just to keep the strains kicking around. Is it a money thing? Like the extra $80 bucks and waiting days or weeks instead of just grabbing them from a distributor?

Its the cannabis cup right now too, these guys are busy as hell and then need to recover i'm sure....

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I mean you got your free seeds and Feeding for the cup as the only canadian. That's why I don't like the way you adress this matter. Like a spoiled child, sorry to say that. It is the cup they are busy and they will have good reasons, to make such a decision - maybe they will change back to normal.

Imagine you order seeds and found the custom man destroyed them cause he feels ganja is BAD, you be pissed and complain at Greenhouse first. So rather tell people to get from a distributor than taking the risk to order directly, i am sure no one told you you get shafted from the testers list. So keep cool and be patient.

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Hey Greeno

I can understand your dissapointment Greeno, I'm thinking that no descision are made lightly, Greenhouse is a business after all and I imagine they would not want to dissapoint anyone who wants thier seeds.

However if the situation has Changed in Canada and seeds are getting stopped or crushed by customs, then it makes no sense to send them and have to deal with a raft of complaints saying "my seeds never came" or "my seeds were damaged" which may lead to people demanding thier money back.

Apart from the headache of dealing with these complaints, they would have to justify not sending a refund out because the merchandise was in prefect condition when they sent it or they'd have to make a loss on merchadise sent out just to keep customers happy.

I would imagine it is easier to "find a way" to import the seeds in bulk, where as seeds in an envelope or dvd is an easy target especially if the post mark is from "Holland".

If Canadians have been shafted, I'd look closer to home and look to the people in power. The Government! If you want things to change the you need the government to chage to a more liberal understanding goverment.

You could consider joining an activist group and try to change opinions and get more young people to vote for your cause, young people are notorious for not voting , maybe it is time they did.

Please also consider the crazy work load Green house staff have had recently, apart from doing thier normal work load thay have also had to deal with "the world cup" and the heavy work load of "the 25th cannabis cup".

Couple that with the fact that our fantastic mods went to the cup and took a well deserved break from all the hard work they put into the forums, you will understand that things have been some what frantic.

Give it a week and let things settle down and return to normal and i'm sure you'll get the answers you want.

Peace to you brother :)


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honestly bam whatever man call me a child i know you would be just as pissed, the truth is the law`s havent changed green house could have put a warning saying this is whats happening so canadians can order at there own risk , i for one would rather have the risk of losing my order to customs then to not be able to order whatsoever and i am sure testers from canada can`t test anymore why would they send tester seeds and not seeds that are payed for that doesent make sence. and i under stand its a busy time and that they also have rules regarding what they can say and what they can`t because of laws in the netherland`s but to not say anything i meen it takes to seconds to write customs destroying seeds we cant send to canada anymore .

and thats bull that you say i can`t address and issue because i received my free seeds what about all the other people who received there package without seed`s in it and are scraching there heads as to what happend all i am doing is asking green house to explain and i never said green house shafted canadians i said candians got shafted, green house exsplain. shafted means fucked by the way and we did get fucked but i also implyed in my first post that it was possible the canadian customs are doing the shafting and OBVIOUSLY not green house (something i felt didn't need to be exsplained) i know that it would make no sence for green house to just drop canada off there list when theres a demand for there seeds here. obviously there is a exslpination as to why and i feel i have the right to ask why maybe you don`t like the way i put it but the fact remains the same and being a loyal customer and a canadian i have to right to ask.

lam`s bread: that is exsactly what i am saying look if the canadian customs is crushing seeds that is an issue canadians should be made aware of i don`t think anyone would blame green house for making a desision like that. i also wanna thank you for understanding that i have a right to be upset, im sure you no just as well as anyone who reads my post's, that i love green house seeds and would defend them till the day i die. all i wanted is an explination. right now i am just speculating that customs is the reason, and if it is as a canadian this is something i would like to know because customs shouldent be destorying peoples propertiy when we have the right to buy marijuana seeds period you are right it is a busy time and i understand this i just want and explination and i felt if i made a thread i would be more likely to get one wether it takes a month or a week i don't really care .

this isent just a problem that green house desided to act apon other seeds companies as well have stopped sending to canada like sensi seeds for one so obviously something is going on here its probably customs but i would feel like an idiot trying to set up a petition against customs if that wasent the case. anyways thats all i gotta say on this matter.

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I was under the impression that i would be getting seeds at the time the contest opened and been waiting over four weeks and to find out after that waiting period that the seeds weren't coming after all, it would have been nice to be informed three weeks ago when they were aware that seeds wouldn't be shipped then i could have went ahead with other plans to get going and not to mention the disappointment to not get test strains, that's my main reason to enter the contest. I will travel to Toronto to get my seeds to enter the contest but i still need to wait for the fertilizerto come in the mail so i know which seeds to match with it and it's going on five weeks lol.


hey man i know you might not wanna answer this question on this thread but if you wanna PM message me and tell me what area your comming from i can do my best to point you in the direction of a place that sells green house seeds at a reasonable price. alot infact most of the offical distributors are way over priced sometimes even more then double the normal price a ten pack of seeds from sacred seeds in toronto cost's over 140$.

also if you can order thigns off the interent, i would suggest buying from attitude seed bank. There prices are the closest i have to the normal price, they are still about 20$ more per 10 pack but its better then having to pay double the price. anyways PM me and ill try to help you out to the best of my abilites.

one last thing your best off assuming that your gonna get a short flowering strain something like a hybrid that has a shorter flowering period like around 6 - 8 week flowering strain that way you can use ether product for instance i just grew exodus cheese with the powderfeeding mostly indica even tho its a hybrid and it turned out pretty damn good, just a thought bro anyways good luck bro!

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okay Greeno 087, I apologize if I hurt your feelings - A) I don't know the reason why canada is banned from the list and B) if it is permanently or just a short while till that law thing is settled. I heard about crushed seeds and can only imagine that the service was tired of dealing with all the complaints, since they will get the frustration, not the Post office or customs in Canada. I sell records via Internet and know how some customers can get on your nerves regarding things that I have no control over like postal service !

You in Canada are somehow even more privileged than we are in germany. Seeds are illegal even for "Souvenir Purposes" hence no distributors nor seedbanks or dispensaries in our region. So we have to order either directly or via big distributors in other countries. If seeds are found by customs.. bye bye money and seeds plus in worst case you might get a visit from your friendly officer..lol - at least you go on a list..

That does NOT mean I can't get free seeds or be on a tester list, thanks to Green House. That was my point to you. Your Seed Tester banner is still valid as far as I can see AND you got your last Free shipment for the Indoor Cup and UNLESS someone from the team or staff tells you otherwise chances are you still get tester seeds in a private letter like always. Unless they are fed up from your complaints..lol

No need to take things personal or think they disrespect canadians or whatever.

Technically no one HAS to explain the changing Legal aspects of the seed bank business.

If you really wanna know (which I can understand 100%) try to contact the Webstore and / or contact FUZZY on customer service - I was terribly upset it took 2 weeks till I got someone to take care of my case with complaints over Jack Herer seeds, that got stuck and did not sprout . But then Fuzzy took GOOD care of me offering me 3 packs of my choice for the 1 pack of bad seeds. So give them a chance to get back to normal..

This is THE busiest time of the year everyone associated with/working at GHS is stoned and busy serving thousands of customers. Things are happening at a pace like carnival in Rio plus Thanksgiving in the new world.

Smoke a fattie, check the White Lemon or whatever seeds you got and think about something positive....

Peace + THC

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$140 for a ten pack is more expensive than ghsc sell them for I agree but that still works out to be only $14 per seed,I'm sure your going to grow more than enough great smoko to cover the outlay from just one of those seeds,cannabis as we all know is freaking expensive to buy from your local dealer, $140 worth of bought weed from a dealer is going to last myself about 4-5 days so I mean yes you could be saving money but really in the bigger picture of things who cares about a couple hundred dollars,I myself live in a country where there is no such thing as a 'seed bank' so be thankful for that,I would love nothing more than to be able to go shopping for my beans but I have no choice but to order them,wait at least two weeks for delivery and stress that its going to make it through customs and if it doesn't am I going to receive a phone call or visit from the cops,it's stressful stuff! Anyway just my two cents worth,peace crew


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if distributors and whole sellers get the seeds still over the border through customs then its makes no sense. I think that they should have sent them for the cup and if they want to take the option down on the website that is different because people are purchasing and as a business you don't want to the headaches with customs and customer complaints.

But that doesn't mean testers, cup growers, and distributors should not get seeds still. We are all willing to take that risk. So in the end an offical explanation would be great.

Only reason is that the prices are so different depending where you go. For example. The Dragon in Toronto is an official distributor, they sell Super Lemon Haze for 99 dollars for 5 seeds! Down the street (on the same street Steeles) at GTAseeds they sell it for $65 dollars. A big gap but they both come in original packaging. Only difference is that GTASeeds is not offical distributor but they buy from a whole seller. Its all original packaing so who cares right?

So the prices are so different and the strains vary as well. I can't get Kaia Kush at GTAseeds he has to order it for 57 bucks! Dragon has it in stock and its 75. For 5 seeds!

So you can see why he is upset. I don't really care because I can afford to get whatever seeds and it wont make a difference to me at the end of the day. So I am willing to split on seeds with people to help out if Greenhouse doesn't want to say anything or help out.

I am offering all other Canadians that want to purchase seeds with me and Greenomatic PM us and we can all get some seeds. Even if you can only pitch in 20 bucks we can make sure you get a seed to grow.

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bam i am not even gonna reply to that exsept to say that this is the only thing i have ever complaned about.

miss kitty honestly being able to split with someone is pretty dope i like the idea of buying 2 strains insted of 1 for the same price tho i think its time i start working out a cloning regime to save some dough you have an idea for how tight my situation is tho it will be diffcult to find the space in a room thats only 8 by 10 feet but ill make it work.

kush : you are right bro it isent that much in the long run when you consider the amount of weed youll get out of it but when your living hand to mouth barely scraping by it sucks that all of a sudden to get the strain you want you have to shell out over double what you would have payed before. also if you really look at what i said the only thing agains green house i said was that i was dissapointed in there desision. do you not feel i have the right to ask why they made the desision.

we all live in countries where the government discriminates againt cannabis growers in some way, have none of you ever felt compelled to complain about something thats happening in your country or wanted to scearch for answer's , why is it so wrong i said i am disappointed in green house's desision and wanted to ask why they made that desision? isent that the hole point of a forum baised community to be able to voice your concerns?

i am and always will be 100% appreshative about living in a country that is more liberal then most about marijuana and i feel for anyone who doesent have access to a seed bank or medical marijuana implying i am ungrateful because i want answers about something isent really fair and if you knew me you would know i take nothing for granded.

bam wants to say i am ungrateful and dont have the right to be upset because green house has given me free seeds but i say to that name one time i received seeds where i didn't take my responsibility seriously, thing is the tester seeds arent just free seeds accepting them is like making a promise goods for services and i have never once accepted seeds where i didnt fill out a detialed journal with updated pictures weekly and i always took my oblication seriously in doing that, i have never once abused that privilage and i have also voiced ample respect to green house for offering such an amazing program as a tester program that is as organized . i am upset because i wanna to buy seeds from greenhouse not because i can't get free seeds anymore.

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Greeno bro, i feel with you & all other Canadians..

But i see it this way, if herb is gonna be legal, anywere, you

can count on people wanting to do major business in it,

and they will be devided in like so much Good versus Evil minded people.

I consider GreenHouse SeedCo as Goodest of the Good(ex this cup & SH-forum), and i know

after some time has passed you, Greeno (are a very smart person, i can see it in the way you write).

You will see that the good people of GHSC need your help from theese evil c*nt's looking for a buck..

So fight them with your words dude.

And by Evil C*nt's i mean all of Babylon, that why everytime i blaze, i burn Babylon in my mind

even thou i am white like the snow around me.

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hey guys, so this week as you know i was in amsterdam and so have meet some of the people working in the office, some i had already some new, (if some are around was nice to meet you all!!)

So i was thinking about you guys and quickly asked why they couldn't sell anymore. It seems a law has changed or has always been there but never applied and now it is, but anyway in the end it seems that canadian grower will only be able to get seeds produced in canada now! So i don't know how it will work, if the distributor have special authorization to import maybe, maybe not!

So i don't know much more but have a little piece of answer, hopefully you'll have complete information sometime, but i don't know who and when ;)

Cheers guys sorry for all the canadian disapointed!! :rabbi: :rabbi:

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Hi, Let me clarify.

Sending seeds to Canada is illegal without the proper certificates. For example if you provide a DEA or similar certificate that authorizes us to send you seeds, we'll do it. However if you cannot provide us this certificate, we're not going to send you seeds that dont arrive. Again, we are not the attitude seed bank and we are not a reseller. We are the source and we need to follow the rules.

Sending seeds illegally to canada and having customs intercept them is bad for 2 reasons:

1.) The customer gets pissed off, asking why he didn't receive the seeds, and WE as a company get the fault, not the dudes at customs....and then people accuse us of stealing their money cause the seeds never arrive. Then we get a different kind of thread here, calling us names etc.

2.) The canadian customs gets pissed off if they keep on finding our seeds in the post and destroying them that originate from us. If we ever get a legal license to send them to canada, our past behavior will be checked and then they will see we havent followed the rules in the past. However now if we do get a license, they will see that we have been behaving and following the agriculture importation rules that have been set by the cananadian authorities.

Sometimes the right way in not to provoke government, but to agree and follow until things change. We need to work together with governments for legalization and not against them. How can we set the example if we break all the rules, we'll never end up giving advice to any authorities in that way.

A good example is the Weed Pass in Amsterdam. Green House never provoked the government and called them names, and posted nasty pictures of them, like certain coffeeshop owners have done.... We simply set up a lobby group and presented our findings to the government which have resulted in the weed pass being cancelled.

We need to work together, even if you dont agree, there is no use doing things that are not allowed and then wonder why there are consequences for those actions.

So for now, the seeds in canada are slightly more expensive because they are more expensive to get in the shelves! we've got tons of places that sell our seeds in canada. just check the dealers list here:


hope that explains it.

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and something else. its not just about us, its also about you, if you get a import license, you will start the cycle, but if you just rely on others, you might be waiting a long time. So if you feel you are justified to import seeds because of your situation, that importation rules dont apply to you, contact your local customs agency and get a license. Maybe canada health or similar organisation can help you. the more people that request it, maybe they will do something about it.

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