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Canada gets shafted, green house please exsplain!

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honestly i couldent thank both dust and admin enough, dust the fact that you managed to think of this while in amsterdamn of all places with all that was going on !!! just crazy and admin i have been looking for weeks for something about this you would not believe how hard it is to find specific`s about laws over the internet when it comes to cannabis seeds, so bascially green house can still send to those who have the proper papers like those who are legally aloud to grow and what not i would assume, i will definatly contact customs thank you for clearing up my misconseption about importing seeds i was under the impression that because the laws havent changed in the countrywith regards to selling seeds that it didn`t make sence but believe it or not it is very difficult to find information about laws with regards to importation and i can see why it could be a problem if your looking to do busniess in the future playing by the rules is the only way to go.

i think now what us candians have to do is be patient and get out and vote in the next election, you could bet if the conservatives weren`t in office this wouldent be an issue they are cracking down on everything marijuana related lately its really bogus apperently they are about to implement if they havent already a rule where persons growing over 6 marijuana plants will face manditory jail times, and there isent really much anyone can say about it because the bill passed last year.

anyways thanks for takin the time to reply i will look into what i need to get my licence from customs to be a loud to import seeds, i should be able to qualify but we will find out, thanks again.

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