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Cloning Done Easy!

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(hey everyone, thought I'd post our method of cloning for everyone on Strainhunters. This was an article I wrote not long ago, it was slightly modified for this site. Hope you all enjoy)

Lately me and my lovely apprentice have been posting a few of our lab grade "secrets" with the people of the interweb :bye: haha.

Now lets get some things out of the way. We don't think were the best growers in the world, nor have we been growing for 40+ years. We just love to get down into the whole botany aspect of plants. SCIENCE IS FUN..... :scratchhead:

Today we thought we would sit down and have our coffee and nibble on our cookie treats with everyone on "strainhunters.com" and share some of our trade secrets.

Now we understand every strain and even phenotype, clones at its own specific rate. It may take anywhere from 6-20 days to clone a cutting. We thought we would share our method of cloning which usually takes 7-8 days to fully root and ready for their next step. We all know that you need to maintain a certain temperature and humidity for cloning. With that in mind let’s get started.

1. First we start with 100% sterilized equipment. Everything from your trays to your razor, to the gloves your about to put on must be clean and sterile.

1a. our method of cleaning the tools is a 50/50 solution of ISO and boiled tap water. dip your tools in and let dry. then same process but with H2O2 and let dry.

2. we like to sit next to the mother and take one clone off at a time (this prevents oxygen from entering the cells and essentially killing your plants, same concept as getting oxygen in your veins)

3. once you take your cutting with a sharp razor (angle your cut so you have a larger volume of area for the roots to develop from) start to lightly scrape your bottom stack so you create even more spots for the roots to shoot out of.

4. you then want to dip your stalk into a rooting powder or gel (powders is more sterile). try and cover all the scraped parts with the gel or powder.

5. depending on what type of cloning media you decide to choose you may have to either let your rock wool soak overnight or what we do is let our jiffy pellets sit in a solution of root simulators for about 10 minutes prior to beginning the cutting process.

6. now gently but firmly push your clone into the cloning media and make sure you pat down on the top so your stalk is in no way loose, you want the media to FULLY and FIRMLY cover your entire stalks bottom half that you had dipped into the cloning gel or powder.

7. The rock wool or jiffy pellets should not be drenched but they should be wet.

8. Label and place your clones in a "Mondi" tray. You want to make sure none of the clones are touching, so go out and purchase more trays and domes if you must (only real risk we find in cloning is when the leaf touches another leaf, they can create diseased clone)

9. now that you have your clones labels and spaced correctly, you want to grab a spray bottle and mist your clones VERY lightly with mist and also FULLY mist the inside and the dome and then close and SEAL (make sure you do this) with tape. Every single corner so it’s a little "bubble". also make sure the top slides are shut.

10. Place under light and a cloning mat, and DO NOT OPEN IT until they have cloned. (we open our tops every other day for just a second and stick a C02 nozzle in then close the tops again. we try to replace the stale air, lol blowing into the tops also works if you don't have a nozzle in the clone area, just make sure you re seal after)

11. Temps should be around 88F and 90-100% humidity

We believe there are two reasons why they clone so fast

1. The root stimulators

2. making sure they have a perfect environment to root in, this means temp/humi/cleanliness all factor in for one great result

The strain we use, is notorious for rooting slowly, and we are always ready in 7-9 days MAX.

We love you all and hope you all enjoyed reading this and hope you picked up a few tips.

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I may do a journal with photos as an update. I tend to write everything down as I don't take photo documentation of my set ups, I don't currently have photos of the process I stated above, BUT I shall run to the the nursery/veg and snap a few photos of my one and a half week 2 WEEK old Superbuds and some seedlings to the left from other companies I'm trying out currently.

These are 2 weeks into veg after about 9 to 11 days of cloning depending on when they were ready.



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nice one bro, we do love our pics :) and it makes it easier to understand,especially if someone hasn't tried a technique before.

A picture is worth a thousand word an all that.

Very nice shots, can you tell me what LED light you are using, as many specs as you can, so i can have a bit of a geek moment ;)

LED is something I take great interest in and it also gives others a bit more insight in to these lights. :D

Thanks bro :)



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Ill be honost with you, I've been waiting to show-off this company as I've been trough about 3 different companies in the past two years.


These guys are soo friendly and easy to work with you'll be amazed.

I wont go into detail, ill let the good folks at Prosource tell you that. and HERE BRO, you'll love this video. its the company growing cannabis with their products. for a hands on review. the specs and details are ALL on the site for you. They'll be better ad describing their "products" better than I can.


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ah your a prosource user. these guys been around for quite some time and one of the first rated led manufactuerers.

Great result in those vids.

My only concern is they maybe slipping behind a little as they have not had much in the way of advancement in thier tech. I would love to see them use 3W diodes and secondary refocusing lenses.

Having said that they can produce buds and thats what people want.

Like I mentioned I'm a bit geeky about LED lol :P

thanks for the vids :)

Peace bro Lams

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I love to look for new technology all the time. The advancements we see everyday are just amazing. I just recently started using them in my Veg rooms mixed with a combination of MH. I'm always trying to fine tune, but it's becoming more and more difficult as we see new equipment everyday.

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Nice one brother,very informative and very similar to my method and time frame,a new grower will find this very helpful as we all know cloning can be frustrating and difficult when you don't know what your doing,great work,peace


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