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UK Doctors Given the Green Light To Prescribe Bedrocan Medicinal Cannabis

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UK Doctors Given the Green Light To Prescribe Bedrocan Medicinal Cannabis



Andrew Turner MP

On 13th November 2012, Andrew Turner, Tory MP for the Isle of Wight, received a written answer to a question he had submitted to the Secretary of State for Health.

To ask the Secretary of State for Health whether Bedrocan and Bediol forms of cannabis are available(a) under prescription and (B) on the NHS?”

Bedrocan and Bediol are two of the four varieties of medicinal cannabis available from the Dutch governments official producer. See here for details.


Norman Lamb MP, Health Minister

Norman Lamb, LibDem MP for North Norfolk and minster of state at the Department of Health, replied saying:

“Neither Bedrocan nor Bediol are licensed as medicines for use in the United Kingdom.

Clinicians can prescribe any product, including any unlicensed product, subject to their primary care organisation agreeing funding, if they feel it is clinically appropriate for an individual patient after discussing the potential risks and taking into account the patient’s medical history. In these circumstances, the clinician is expected to retain clinical responsibility for the patient while prescribing the medicine.”

CLEAR is now in correspondence with both the Department of Health and the Home Office seeking clarification.

Source: Hansard



The THC-level of Bedrocan© is constant around 19 %. The CBD-level is lower as1%. This product is available as Cannabis Flos variety Bedrocan®.

All varieties are guaranteed free of pesticides and heavy metals. It is also purged of any micro organisms. Bedrocan, Bedrobinol and Bediol are supplied in packages of 5 grams only. Distributor is Fagron Pharmaceuticals in Nieuwekerk aan de IJssel. Cannabis Flos variations Bedrocan is is a medical substance registered under Dutch law.

copied and pasted from - http://www.clear-uk.org/uk-doctors-given-the-green-light-to-prescribe-bedrocan-medicinal-cannabis/



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Hi, i use bedrocan, bedica, bedrobinol und bediol. i'm a german patient and in our land is it allowed since 2009. i become my licence end 2010, this was my nicest time. bedrocan is jack herer whit 19%thc and a sativa lady. Bedica is new since a half year and is a indica lady whit 14%thc, bedrobinol 12%thc and bediol 6%thc and 7,5 cbd. i don't know what is the plant we become no information.

Bedrocan is the only flower shape, the other one are granulat. In Den Haag they test the medicine and the best comes in the bodle. The quality is allways very good.

So i hope i can give you a litte information, have a nice time!! good look for uk!

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Thank Ralle :) veryuseful information.

This was only announced two weeks ago and is still pretty much under the public radar, I only found the article by sheer luck.

It doesn't mean it has been license to be prescribed, but it does mean if a primary care trust agrees to fund it , doctors in that primary care trust could prescribe it. So the green light is just to say it is now possible to prescribe it, still it is a step forwards in the right direction.

There are currently 151 primary care trusts in england , not sure how many in the uk in total.Each primary cvare trust makes thier own descions what to fund, so they all could decine not to fund it or maybe only some will fund it, this means that a post code lottery could come in affect , where some people in england could be prescribed it and other could not be prescribed it all deppending where you live.

I'm gonna stay possitive though as i said before this is a step in the right direction.



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we have in germany maybe 60 persons, they can use cannabis. but it comes more and more, now the people see it helps. i hope one time is it free 4 all. or not? have a good time.


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In the Aloha State people are looking at tourism as our #1 source of income. The DEA has just cancelled the contract for the helicopter hanger at the Hilo Airport and the Hilo office has been transferred to Honolulu. It looks like the air war on cannabis on the Big Island of Hawaii is looking at major cutbacks.


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Hello people,

First post here.

I'm a norwegian man, who has just moved to Germany, as I participate in a medical program in Luxembourg, where we juice hemp for CBD-acid.

I am also in the progress of getting a prescription of Bedrocan.

I was wondering, Ralle, do you need to travel to Maastricht to get your Bedrocan, or can you now get it at a German Pharmacy?

Thank you,


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