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One Love - One Plant --> White Lemon Riddim

The Ganja Guessing Game ! :P   

17 members have voted

  1. 1. How many grams will I get from my plant ( dry )

    • You will get non :P U a pour grower ....
    • 1-5
    • 6-11
    • 12-17
    • 18-23
    • 24-29
    • 30-35
    • 36-41
    • 42-47
    • more ..... a killo maybe two .... :P:P:P

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1. Intro:

1st of all I would be glad to thx GHS TEAM for creating that great oportunity too us all !

My grow is dedicated to all small growers out there that are keeping their plants tight cos of the Babylon low enforcement squads

Hope that my achievements as well as failures become a lantern to all new growers that will come past me.

Also If You see any missing data or something that i have written is unclear or needs more exponentiation / to be spoken about PLZ just give me a hint and I will do my best to clear all the smoke around it.


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2. Planting:

a) Growing environment - Box:

- 40*40*60 (cm)

- 0,2m2

- White mat painted for best reflection and no hot spots

- Ventilating fan "out" 12cm / "in" 8cm + passive + cooling duct

- Lighting 120W (4*30w)CFL 2500K ~8000LM total

- Temp at plant level -> min:22*c max:28,5*c when lights are on: 24,5-26,5 *C

- Humidity 40-60(%)

B) Growing environment - Soil:


- (~)25*18*10(cm) 4L pot

- Soil: 3:3:3:1 PH6,5 potting soil, coco , perlit , crushed egg shells

- Final PH ~ 6,9

c) Growing environment - Fotoperiod planned:

- I will start with long day ( 18h ) to stop seedling from growing up

- Then i will give it ~ 3 weeks of vegetative cycle being reduced slowly

- I will use 11/13 variation for flowering : 6-1-5/12

When it starts I will decide finally how to do it and will keep You updated : ]

d) Growing environment - Nutritions:

- Powder Feeding Hybrids (N-P-K: 15-7-22) http://www.powderfeeding.ch/store/hybrids-1-kg-bag.html

- Peters Professional Blossom Booster 10-30-20+2MgO+TE http://www.everris.com/Renderers/ShowMedia.ashx?id=d620afd4-e0cd-4f74-a51f-6fde23ff977f

- Peters Professional Plant Starter 10-52-10+TE http://www.everris.com/Renderers/ShowMedia.ashx?id=ade4b6ad-da1b-4c2b-b5ad-a5fb713f661d

- Peters Professional Foliar 27-15-12+TE http://www.everris.com/Renderers/ShowMedia.ashx?id=fcaee3c6-6047-493f-9da3-bff76b063b88

- FoliQ AMINOVIGOR http://www.nawozyfoliq.pl/files/foliq-aminovigor-EN.pdf

- FoliQ ASCOVIGOR http://www.nawozyfoliq.pl/files/foliq-ascovigor-EN.pdf

- Bio Humus --> just a humus LOL

- Asashi SL


- Seed will go for 6 h into water

- After 6h I will place it at wet towel till I get ~~ 1 cm long rootling

- When rootling will fit my tight standards I will place it into its final 4 L pot

WEEK 1. DAY 1.


After 6 h in water PH 7,2 ( tap water ) I placed seed at wet towel


and closed it with a vent hole in the lid


Beside taking care bout seed I watered the pot with 500 ml of tap water ( 7,2 PH ) and added 100 grams of BioHumus to prepare soil for the rootling ;]

WEEK 1. DAY 2.

Seed still did not cracked but its 2 soon so ia m not worried : P

also i added 1000 ml of tap water( ph7,2 ) to the soil

WEEK 1. DAY 3.

lets see.... I smoked a joint , then had a bong hmmmm relaxed a bit and ....

have eaten nice big pizza with srimps ananas and banana ( duble cheese ofc ! :P )

WEEK 1. DAY 4.

eggshell cracked !!! pic will come as soon as rootling goes out

then into soil and hope he come out in a few days : P

WEEK 1. DAY 5.

OK folks we have a rootling !!! baby lemon went into soil which i watered nicely :P

luckily in the next 2 or 3 days we will have nice little plant : P


WEEK 1. DAY 6,7.

Still sitting under ground , waiting for its emerging

WEEK 2. DAY 1,2.

we have little plant !:] it emerged from the ground at night and now i helped her to loose its seed shell

I will add pic in the evening

I officialy declar germination part of my grow as finished wit a succes !!!

WEEK 2. DAY 3.

well it took 1 day longer cos of my lazyness : P but now its over , lets talk bout vegetation baby :P


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3. Vegetation

WEEK 2. DAY 3,4.

The seed is planted in its final 4L pot and is under 17h light per day

I did a little watering but the soil is still moist so I will not give it a lot for a some time now

WEEK 2. DAY 5.

Today was a busy day in my garden :P

1st of all I started LST -> You know ... who wakes up early morning ..... :P

2nd I watered it with 1/150 (ml) aminovigor for root development stimulation

fotoperiod is still 17h of light per day


WEEK 2. DAY 6.

I watered it with 150 ml ph 7,2

WEEK 2. DAY 7.

Today i started fertilization program :] i am using new nutritions this time whith which i have not much experiance , also on the worst side of the story i do not have EC meter :[ sooooo . ppl plz keep yur fingers crossed so i do not burn my plant completly :P I will be pushing this grow to the edge and if i have time i wll anjust collected data in my 2ng grow jurnal in this contest !

ok lets star talking bout numbers here :

I made a solution of :

biohumus 1,9g , plant starter 1,5g , aminovigor 1,5 g / 1500ml H2O

and watered plant with 500 ml of that solution ( PH 6,4 )

Lets see how it reacts : ]

WEEK 3. DAY 1.

looks like it accepted feeding and is nicly green :P

I will let they rest today , no touching: P

WEEK 3. DAY 2.

Plant grow nice , i will give her little boost with Asashi SL 1% solution shower :P

I also set new fotoperiod : 5-1-4-1-4/9

I will be slowly addapting it for 6-1-5/12 flowering fotoperiod

WEEK 3. DAY 3.

day off , i am letting her rest from me : ]

WEEK 3. DAY 4.

I watered it with 250ML PH7,2 tap water ,

tomorrow big day , some pics and more nutritions : P

WEEK 3. DAY 5.

So lets see .... world did not ended , we have Christmas eve today and my plant grow nicely :P

Today I did some more LST and watered it with nutrition mixture , the water started to flow from the bottom so the soil is fully watered and now my plant will get few days for drying :]

I used 400 ml PH 4,5 solution of :

1,5g/1500ml foliar feeder

15g/1500ml aminovigor

15g/1500ml ascovigor

Lets see how it reacts : ]

and here is my baby Lemon today :


WEEK 3. DAY 6,7.

I set new fotoperiod : 4-1-4-1-4/10

slowly towards flowering :P

plant accepted nutritions and is still fresh green : P

WEEK 4. DAY 1.

I set new fotoperiod : 6-1-6/11

beside that I did LST and sprayed it with 2,5% asashi solution

WEEK 4. DAY 2.

Today is a nutritment day !

Sprayed it with 0,2g/100ml foliar feeder solution

also watered with solution of

1,5/1500 foliar feeder --> 100 ml

5/1500 Aminovigor --> 50 ml

5/1500 Ascovigor --> 50 ml

watered total with 200 ml

WEEK 4. DAY 3.

LST, beside that i a letting her rest : ]


WEEK 4. DAY 4.

well. nothing interresting realy , plant is growing : P

WEEK 4. DAY 5.


and lot of nutritment is happening :P just have a look what I did :

1st I prepared leef feeding solution ( I will spray it ~~ 15.00 and 21.00 )

0,25/1500 plant starter

0,5/1500 foliar feeder

0,75/1500 bloosom booster

by mixing those i obtained 1500 ml 0,1 % solution with NPK proprotion as fallow

N: 15,66

P: 28,66

K: 15,65

later on i prepared watering solution using as a base solution the one from above .

I simply taken 1000 ml of it and added as fallows :

3,6 g Biohumus

2,5g Ascovigor

in the end I had 1000ml of PH6 watering solution from which I have used 500 ML for a watering ( I just did it : P so its 13.40)

Hope that plant will enjoy her feeding at the last day of the year :]

WEEK 4. DAY 6.

Plant looks great - me well not that well : ] big hangover since the morning is not allowing me to forget bout 2012 : ]

today I sprayed my plant with 0,7g/500ml --> 0,14% solution of ascovigor

also decided to add 1 more nutrition to my set as a finishing fertilizer or as a add on to others - still did not know exactly :P

its Potassium tri- citrate , if you interested in nice reading here is article bout it and its benefits to the plant


WEEK 4. DAY 7.


fotoperiod is set to 6-1-5/12 and we are now waitint for plant to flower : ]

beside light cycle i prepared leef feeding solution of 0,14% ascovigor ( 0,7g/500ml )

thats the result i got in the end of veg, and i must say i am quite happy with it , plant has vary tight intermodes on main steam, it worst on 2ndary but you cant have it all : P

here is a pic o f its overal look, to show how it presented at last day of veg : ]


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4. Flowering

WEEK 5. DAY 1.

OK its her 2nd day at flowering fotoperiod 6-1-5/12

I left the plant alone if it comes to watering or fertilizing , let it rest a bit

and as promised i did some more pix this time so here we go






now i am accepting bets how many days it will take her to show show 1st flowering signs : ]

if someon gives accurate number i will smoke a bong for him :P

WEEK 5. DAY 2.

I prepared 1,00% solution of 0,5 ml Asashi SL in 50 ml H2O and will spray the plant with it at 15 . 00 and 21 . 00

WEEK 5. DAY 3.

I am letting her lest --> only looking no touching :P

WEEK 5. DAY 4.

I watered plant with 600ml ph 6,9 solution of :

3g/1000 bloosom booster

5,6/1000 biohumus

also I did some LST

WEEK 5. DAY 5.

Today I prepared foliar feeding solution of :

1g/1000 foliar feeder

1g/1000 bloosom booster

1g/1000 aminovigor

WEEK 5. DAY 6.

Also a shower day for my grl

but only 1g/1000 of aminovigor

still no signs of flowering but the plant slowed growth and elongation

and starting to get thicker i think

WEEK 5. DAY 7.

Today I prepared for my precious Ascovigor 0,18% leef feeding solution ( 1,8/1000 )

Will give her 2 showers at 15.00 and 21.00

WEEK 6. DAY 1.

I think we have 1st signs of flowering !

so induction from veg to flower took 9 days !

as for nutritions :

Today the same foliar feeding as yesterday : Ascovigor 0,18% leef feeding solution ( 1,8/1000 )

2 showers at 15.00 and 21.00


WEEK 6. DAY 2.

Day of resting , no looking no touching ;]

WEEK 6. DAY 3.

lot of stuff going on today , I sprayed it with Asashi SL 0,03% solution at 15.00 and will repet at 21.00

also did a watering 500 ml of PH6,9 solution

3g/500 biohumus

1,5/500 bloosom booster

1,8/500 aminovigor

WEEK 6. DAY 4.

A day to rest , let her digest yesterday nutritions :P

WEEK 6. DAY 5.

I have made 0,15% solution of 1,5 grams ascovigor in 1000 ml of tap water

will use it for foliar feeding today and for next few days :]

WEEK 6. DAY 6.

foliar feeding 0,15% solution of ascovigor 14.00 and 21.00

WEEK 6. DAY 7.

last day using this solution , still looks like plant likes it :P

foliar feeding 0,15% solution of ascovigor 14.00 and 21.00

Also I watered it with 700ml ph7,2 tap water ( no fertilizers this time )



WEEK 7. DAY 1,2,3.

foliar feeding time : P

I am spraying the plant 2 times a day at 15.00 and 21.00 with a solution Of

foliar feeder 0,5/500

bloosom booster 1,5/500

total NPK: 14,25/26,25/18

WEEK 7. DAY 4.

day off : ]

WEEK 7. DAY 5.

watering day

900ml solution of :

foliar feeder 1/1000

bloosom booster 1/1000

aminovigor 3/1000

WEEK 7. DAY 6.

Foliar feeding time

solution :

asashi SL 0,5/500

ascovigor 3/500

WEEK 7. DAY 7.

Plant got burnt , i overfed it in last days :[

so today i flushed it a little

I used 3 l of 7,2 tap water

1st i soaked the soil to its max capasity , then i left the plant for 2 hours so the extra nutritions could disolve into water

after 2 hours i poured rest of the water so it drain out

water PH on the " exit " was 6,8 so i considered it to be enought ---> we will see



WEEK 8. DAY 1,2.

I sprayed it with 0,04% Asashi SL solution ,

I think that burnings stopped spreeding just like its growth rate : [

at last 1 problem solved

I boght new scale and now I am sure the elder one got broken :[ comparing with the new one its +/- 0,4 g

hope i did not burn the roots to much and it will start recovering

WEEK 8. DAY 3,4,5.

after 5 day of resting from watering after it was flushed I watered it with 0,5/500 solution of aminovigor

as it grow rate was dramaticaly slowed Ihope it will give some boost and as it is organic it shuld work

I do not see burnings on the fresh bud lefs so i think that soil is clear now , but i will wait few more days with giveing it real nutritions , lets it use extra stock from lefs and roots ...

i amalso considering to flush it again with a nutrition solution as a last flushing solution

WEEK 8. DAY 6,7.

I sprayed it with 0,08% asashi SL solution at 15.00

WEEK 9. DAY 1.

at 1st day of week 9 I repoted it to a new bigger pot , its now 6dm3 , the roots looked healthy but it was obvious they had no more place to grow , maybe it will speed up a little bit its grow .... looks like beside all greatness of white lemon strain its rather big plant which needs its space to grow , I dont like repoting especialy don when plant is flowering but i was scared cos of that mistake i have made with nutritions , I hope hthat giveing it some fresh soil might healp in this case

we will see

unfortunetly i did no pics this time , i had no free hand to do worthy pics , but i will give few nice pix soon : ]

WEEK 9. DAY 2.

Looks like plant took well repoting , I found 1 leaf broken and thats alli can see for now : ]

thx to repoting i did LST from the ground which healped me to spreed the plant a littel bit as new pot is wider and longer .

at 2nd day of week 9 I did small flush but this time i finished with fresh nutritions in the finishing solution with total of 3,5 l of water

I used 1,5 l tap water PH 7,2 . I 1st soaked the soil with ~~ half of it , let it rest for 30 minutes then purred rest slowly and let it drain .

after that i left the soil to soak for another 30 minutes and prepared 2l with 3 grams of blossom booster , then purred it slowly till it all drain out ...

the end PH of water draining out from pot was 5,6

also made some pix , with some extra :] ---> polination









WEEK 9. DAY 3,4,5.

at day 3 and 4 of 9th week i let the plant rest , and at the day 5 I prepared foliar feeding mixture NPK: 12,5 18,5 22

made it by mixing bloosom booster : 0,6 g and PF hybrids : 0,6g , also added 0,6g asashi SL and mixed it with 500 ml of water

sprayed plant at 15.00 and 21.00

buds started to grow I think but lefs look burnt ( happily I think theres no dmg to new one forming on buds )

I think i will start defoliation , I will remove 1-3 lefs a day till harvest , removing most dmged ones at start - I have heard some good words bout that technique but its my 1st time using it ,,,

WEEK 9. DAY 6,7.

I let her rest for last 2 days .

buds are looking better and better every passing day.

WEEK 10. DAY 1,2.

I prepared watering solution of 3 grams of biohumus and 1,5 gram of power feeding hybrids disolved with 1,5 L water

did 2 waterings day by day with 500 ml per day , tomorow will use the rest of 1,5 l :P

WEEK 10. DAY 3,4.

I given it rest of remaining water at day 3

at day 4 I left it alone , let it use some stuff from last watering befor i add new nutritions again :P

WEEK 10. DAY 5,6,7.

I prepared solution for foliar feeding with dissolving 0,5 g Powerfeeding Hybrids in 1 l of tap water

and sprayed plant dayly at 15.00 and 21.00

WEEK 11. DAY 1.

I let it rest ;]

WEEK 11. DAY 2.

Watering day ,

solution :

1g/1500 PF hybrids

2g/1500 Biohumus

I used 1l of it for watering , and some of it for foliar feeding ( befor adding bio humus )

also it was a picture day today :P here You have some nice buds



WEEK 11. DAY 3,4,5.

Prepared foliar feeding solution by dislolving 1g of PF hybrids and 1g of aminovigor in 1,5l water

sprayed plant day by day at 15.00 and 21.00

WEEK 11. DAY 6.

I watered plant with 500 ml of solution I was using for foliar feeding in passed days

also made some bud porn for You ! ;]




WEEK 11. DAY 7. and WEEK 12. DAY 1,2.

For all those days i did a foliar feeding with solution of 0,5 g PowerFeeding hybrids in 1000 ml of water . plant was sprayed 2 times a day at 15.00 and 21.00

WEEK 12. DAY 3.

Today it comes time for last watering !

I prepared 0,1 % solution of Power Feeding Hybrids and watered plant with 750 ml of it ,

5 days from now I will flush the soil and let plant dry for 10-14 days befor cutting it down :]

I made some macro , hope You will enjoy :P




WEEK 12. DAY 4,5.

nothing , let the plant rest end enjoy her last feeding

today I amsetting fotoperiod at: 10/14 to speed up as possible maturing process

WEEK 12. DAY 6.

still no ingerention into plant - tomorow is finall flush day and a count down till cutting starts !

I consider this a last day of flowering , next update gonna happend in harvest part of journal

as a pre harvest ;]

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5. Harvesting

WEEK 12. DAY 7.

And at the 7th day he flushed heavily by opening the seal of his bath tap and made some pic's ! then he light a joint and looked upon his creation , and he was plized as it was good

and then he said ! Now there will be 14 days of drought , no foliar feeding shell get to your foliage nor shell any tap water spring your roots , and it will be good .....




WEEK 13. DAY 1,2,3,4.

For most of the week i just let it dry after final flush , at day 4 I removed all fan leafs and did some pics ;]



WEEK 13. DAY 5.

removed some of the last fan leafs, beside that plant is still drying out after last watering/flush , 2-3 more days a nd i will cut it down

WEEK 13. DAY 6,7.








WEEK 14. DAY 1.

OK last pix befor harvest !



After cutting down the plant i pre trimed it from most accesable leafs and hanged them heads down in a dark cool and dry place : P

I will finish trimming when they are still wet- but fluffy :P - thats the way I prefer to do it

I will post trimmed buds whenever its done :P - 1 or 2 days from now probobly



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6. Curring

I used a variation of paper bag / jar technique to give a final tast to my crop .

Instead of bags i hanged the weeds in dark cold and dry place as You can see here :


After few days of drying when they lost most of the water



i took them down and put into plastick bag ( as a substitut of jar :P ) and kept it for few months in dry and dark nviroment :P



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7. Consumption



Smoke is smooth with spicy lemon smell and aftertast .

It hits me fast but in the same time last long and the high is steady and constans .

It realx me and make me smile without couch effect but also without " leets do something " attitude .

Vary nicely balanced mix between sativa and indica plants which is great to be smoked together with friends to relax and do nothing but still be aware and present : P

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What a nice start Sizla gd to see another Reggea Head and Ganja Lova over here......thx 4 ur dedication to us small growers cause were Tired of a Babylon System Like Kalonji said..... Gd Luck in the Competion and with ur Ladys Bless Ninjah

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Good luck man thanks for making a grow journal, hope we'll hear lots of nice sounds, and see even more beautiful plants ;)

Best of luck man keep us updated!


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Liking the music videos with updates, nice idea, gives us some choice sounds to listen to as we read your journal. :)

Looking forwards to see how your lemons grow.

Best wishes and good luck

Peace bro


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THX for all good vibes ! it will healp my plant to grow ! :P

I did a little update which I will finish later on

Tokage : well I tried to choose them so they feet best my feelings towards those parts of grow :] still the last one : "2 joints" could be just as good for each of them :P

and now new riddim to give You a reason 2 roll up a fatty :P

ps: I dont know why some words are yelow but i cant do it green : [

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hehe have a good start man! hope that germination will be fine and the girls beautiful ;)

Have a good soaking and keep us updated :)

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well its small , but its just a begining so what more could i do : P

placed seed and soil pics : P in germination part :]

here you have some oldies to recompensate time lost on such a shity update : P

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Hi friend!

Good start, a very original and beautiful presentation.

Begin to see how these little seeds and watch as he shakes hands with culture, good job!

Have a nice weekend!

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THX a lot for a warm comment !

unfortunately my little seedling did not emerged yet , It still has time so i hope it will maned but I am starting to worry as any other parent would do ! :[

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White Lemon vital force occurred to be stronger then harsh environment pressure and it mange to emerge from it shell ,

now lets smoke a fatty for its well being and high potents in upcoming future !!

next update was added :P soon something serious will be seen till then enjoy fresh riddim ;]

next update equals new riddim for You ! ENJOY :P

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