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One Love - One Plant --> White Lemon Riddim

The Ganja Guessing Game ! :P   

17 members have voted

  1. 1. How many grams will I get from my plant ( dry )

    • You will get non :P U a pour grower ....
    • 1-5
    • 6-11
    • 12-17
    • 18-23
    • 24-29
    • 30-35
    • 36-41
    • 42-47
    • more ..... a killo maybe two .... :P:P:P

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fair enough ;) it seems sha had spread nicely in the end with that LST :)

Thanks for the pic man have a good drying ;)

yes , at pic its all buds :P so i am quite happy , they could be bigger but i think if i left them longer they would have swolen but life is life and i am sure i will enjoy the smoke !

nice stuff sizla !!!, it's too bad that you had to harvest earlyer then normal but in the end you ended up with a decent amount of milky crystal's so good suff man i hope the smoke turn's out well for ya any way's bro take it easy!


hope it will be vary energetic smoke thx to erly harvest ; ]

looks like a good harvest

hope so ,, i think after drying ill get 20-30 grams of dry and well trimmed buds : P

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it all depend on bud but overaly i like to start the " jar" phase erlier then in most articles on web - when weed is still little flufy and not rock hard , to recompensate i open more often the jars so the extra moisture vaporate

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Sorry ppl i was quiet for so long. I do not have access to my pc :/ and am buissy at work.

Buds are alredy well dryed and manicured - i have some pics but i will need more time to upload them.

In the end i got 26 grams of pour buds and 8 grams of bud trims.

The total cost of 1 gram for me was ~£1.5

Thx 4 all of you who have been fallowing my grow journal :)

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hi all , my contract endssoon so i will be back to my normal life in less then amonth from now ; ]

so i should update you with last missing part of this journall before 20th of next month ;]

till then enjoy the riddim ; ]

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OK , journall is ready :]

Hope You enjoyed my grow !

Also again THX to GHS Crew for organizing this exelent event !

in the end as a tribut to ancient times :

White lemon bud retro - when grls were o naturel : P


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