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miminexus - money maker - Soil and Waterfarm [Finished]

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Hello first of all thanks for the team green house to crated this contest .

for this culture i have planned 15 days of growth depending the size 4 money maker :2 with powerfeed waterfarm and soil and 2 with plagron

MONEY MAKER variety kush.kushkush....... flowering time 8 at 9 weeks

The set up is as usuel :silverbox evo 104x104x200

ballast lumatek 400 watts

reflector hydrostar with glass

extractor rk 125 350m3/h 4 speed level

intractor 150m3/h

bulb greenpower philips

Fertilizer : powerfeeding indica 16+6+26

plagron: power roots alga grow + bloom vita race pure enzym green sensation


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COOL some waterfarm and money maker gonna be great show ;)

Good luck my friend for this world cup make us something beautiful and big girls ;)

Have a good grow!!

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What is that honey maker i see, any links to the original sell page?

ROFL man you just killed me, and that's why i love you too ;)

If i say Money Maker you saaayyyyy?

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thanks for: Dust,Lamsbread,Fran.gh,Tokagé

very bad on the web so I prepared a small joint SLH. lucky i 'have my glasses on, not as Tokage ihihihhhhh!!!!

for WaterFarm: as shown on the picture ph 5.5 and 2.20g powerfeeding and put in rootts

one money, and coco mix lightmix 60/40 ph 6.3 powerfeeding 2.20g

and 2 money plagron with 1ml / L power alga grow roots and 1.5ml / L


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HELLO greenhouse and co

Here are the new photo. 3 days after they are all out of their cube.I must say that greenhouse seeds are really good quality

for the weather, ( it is winter it is cold )

with light : 21°c 55% humidity

at night : 16°c 55% humidity


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yeaaaah welcome to the world babies ;)

They all look good man good job!! try to get more hot at night if you can ;)

Have a good grow!

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Hi friend,

Welcome to teh contest!!

Good start explaining gemrinacion, are healthy and eager to grow fast and strong, for here watching evuliona esytaremos cultivation friend,

anything where we can help you just have to comment ;)

Best regards!!

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Hello and thanks for dust,jimmy,jose.gh

5 days here is that babies are out of the ground.it grows very well but a slight advance for plagron

increase the heat it was cold with light 27 ° c at night yeah!!!!!!!

but a much lower humiditer currently 40% all the time I just put a small atomizer which saves me 5% used to see.









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hello news days 9

Weather :with light 26°c 55% humidity

at night 24°c 44% humidity

Start withMONEY MAKER feeding

1 l water with 0.7 g power feeding


MONEY MAKER waterfarmfeeding

ph5.5 0.7g powerfeeding


MONEY MAKER plagron 1

1l water with 1mlpower roots / 5ml vitarace / 1ml enzymes / 2.5 algagrow


MONEY MAKER plagron 2

1l water with 1mlpower roots / 5ml vitarace / 1ml enzymes / 2.5 algagrow


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HELLO everybody.

thank you all for being pass!!!

here is one week since the last move as a result grow well as it despite a descent 11 ° c was the war with climate because it is a storehouse - 10 ° c not easy to manage

So now in climate c pretty well for humidity content 50% I can not do better now except for investment

at the hot with ligh:29°c at nigh 24°c since 3 days

we start with the WaterFarm. water 20 ° C, ph5.5 powerfeeding 0.8g/L so funny she got a new name Paralympic she poor residual limb with sheet :sarcastic:


MONEY MAKER in mix soil ph 6.2 powerfeeding 0.7g/L


MONEY MAKER plagron1 power roots 1ml/L enzymes 1ml/L vita race 3ml/L ( normal leaf but mine in soil )


MONEY MAKER plagron2 power roots 1ml/L enzymes 1ml/L vita race 3ml/L


and finally a family photo (right Chocolope powerfeeding and plagron)


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Hello :day 22

thank you again to those who pass!!!!!

all goes well except moisture fell to 40°c 2 pheno with powerfeeding starting to become like other subjects with plagron so great !!!!!!

for watering powerfeeding we went with a 1g / L

for plagron algagrow5ml/l pure enzyme1ml/l reproforte 4ml/l powerroots 1ml/l

MONEY MAKERwaterfarm feeding



MONEY MAKERmix soil feeding



MONEY MAKER plagron1



MONEY MAKER plagron2



and the family


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