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miminexus - money maker - Soil and Waterfarm [Finished]

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Nice man those babies have very nice big leaves :D And they have grown a lot since last update :)

Thanks for the news man keep them coming ;) And nice pictures :)

Have a good grow kiiss ;)

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Hello growers

Just a little picture for merry chrismas and as well to pay tribute Jangho

So my discovery of a beautiful christmas pain in dna Chocolope we'll see the second. otherwise the MM is doing well and still in phase croissansse



suddenly it made ​​a deco table for Christmas. cannabis made ​​with a lot of things


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Hi bro,

Sorry to hear about your Chocolope, has a good smoke. His MM are growing much, well, congratulations on good work, appreciate healthy and lush ;)

Merry Christmas friend :kingxmas:

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26 days growth rbut always in 18 hours Chocolope 2 killed

climate at all okay with lamps 28 ° c at niqht 22 °c humidity 50 %

for two MONEY MAKER powerfeeding with 1.20g / l and the other 2 with plagron 5ml/l alga grow 3ml/l Enzymes1ml/l

I'll be flushing them within 3 days they will have one month natural water will be good for her

the pictures


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Very cool to compare the different grow media thats a nice idea for such a thread.

+all the girl look very happy, nice to see some happy MM sisters. I've got 9 going so mybe we have some sisters or cousins :D

keep it up like this and have a good flower...

world peace

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Hello growers

thanks everybody for your post . Yes Atrox it is the same family and to see the forum they are in good hands

small change tonight passage 12 houres.comme it was a little thick I cut a top sheet so that the light is

the temperature and humidity are stable as next update rinsing before attacking flowering fertilizer plagron




Peace & smoke

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HAPPY NEW YEAR green house family

Hello everyone and thank you for passing

all is well in the growroom.So no fertilizer to start the year but move in bloom.

exeption for WaterFarm 1.20g / l pH 5.8 powerfeeding and flush for girls in soil

MONEY MAKER waterfarm feedingclick


MONEY MAKER mix soil feedingclick


MONEY MAKER mix soil Plagron click


MONEY MAKER mix soil Plagron 2click


two power plants feeding shows very well that his work for the same fertilizer application

also the other picture you can see that in MONEY powerfeeding to find the same stage of MONEY plagron after 1 month


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nice job on the timelapse.

More than similar to the bahavior of my girls in that time.

And, as much as i would like to compare alot, they dont really look like grown on different mediums.

In other words, more than solid performance so far :good:


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Money Maker WaterFarm you can see a funny pheno



Money Maker Powerfeeding


Money Maker Plagron 1


Money Maker Plagron 2


So much for the photos again thank you for everything that goes see me PEACE & SMOKE

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