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miminexus - money maker - Soil and Waterfarm [Finished]

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Hey dust i use recipe for success technafllora and some others like i no you no what this is by advanced bud candy and nirvana and nectar for the gods gaia mania supplement thats whats in my dwc sysytem i cleaned every thing yesterday and when i turned on the lights today they looked very much more heathy 3 weeks to go i also flushed with hydrogen peroixed and i use hygrozyme plus in my tent i have 2 pots all organic no problems with them i never seen so many buds on one of my plants ever i can see the start of the resin whitest coler on the top small leaves they are starting to sparkle,so thanks guys and girls i :rabbi: think all your info saved my girls, i no that as a fact!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEACE

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YES PLENTY OF AIR I JUST PUT IN A NEW PUMP and 2 new airstones a total of 2 pumps 4 airstone the big long fat gray ones i forget the names of the stones but they are slamming out the air i think it was the clay rocks they were used since last year so yesterday when i did all the cleaning i put in a new bag og clay hydroton rocks, my be the problem???????? ill let everyone no. thanks for the concern. PEACE

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Hi friends !!!!!


thank you all for stopping by here or have post and also for a dust monitoring, it is everywhere the knave xD

After the thanks, let a culture, Money is really very simple culture so nothing special setting apart the double bud or branch and cut leaves

3 of 4 plants have this phenotype, but the fun is WaterFarm I put the photo over to try to better show you

the is always good with liht 27°c humidity 45%

at night 21°c humidity 45%

frequency of watering two days

Water : Money Maker +2 powerfeeding 2g/l ....T20°c for waterfarm Ph 6.0 for soil Ph6.5

Money Maker +2 with plagron T20°c... Ph6.5 Vitaracerace2ml/l.....Algabloom 4ml/l....Enzyme1ml/l....Green sensation1ml/l

MONEY MAKER Waterfarm Feeding



MONEY MAKER mix soil Feeding










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yeaah beautiful picture before/after!! :)

And the picture with the dog haha too delirium!!! :P

Thanks for the news man the ladies are looking great

Have a good grow!!

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Those are some very cool pictures bro :) That double bud just blows me away..it's like stereo vision and I'm seeing double lol :O . Your work is excellent and very nice to follow thanks miminexus..best of luck!


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hello everyone and thank you for your comment plants is well e as it starts to feel good

always the same frequency of watering 1 lL for 2 days. fertilizer :2 Money with power feeding 2.2g/L Ph 6.5 water 20°c

2 Money with plagron algabloom 5ml/l...enzyme1ml/L.....green sensation1ml/l Ph 6.5 water 20°c

otherwise the deformation are increasingly see as already said may be appears on the 3 money maker.

Money Maker Waterfarm feeding



Money Maker mix soil feeding



Money Maker mix soil plagron 1


side 1


side 2


Money maker mix soil plagron 2



Peace & love

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Awesome pictures as always, you're plants are picture perfect health and who couldn't love those crazy looking colas!..really liking the song too..Thanks for tuning me into new music :) Keep on keepin on :):biggrin:


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yes the double top is great !!! the money maker looking awesome nice healthy root's, great foliage, lateral branching, bud site's and internodal distance everything's spot on!!! she's looking like she's gonna be a nice yielding plant as well.

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. thank you for your comentaire this is always fun.here is one week you spend

I have did another rinse for plants in soil mix ph 6.2 because its their is always good.i buy a EC meter is beter for waterfarm and use powerfeeding

I discovered that my EC was therefore a bit above 3.0 for soil and 3.5 for WaterFarm so the plant does not eat any

So Ec happened to the girls powerfeeding to 2.5 and 2 to for plagron the temperature in grow room : with light 28 °c

at night 23 °c humidity 42%,48%

detail for plagron :alga bloom 5ml/l.....green, sensation 1ml/l....enzymes 1ml/l

now the picture







MONEY MAKER mix soil Feeding





MONEY MAKER plagron 1





side 1


side 2


MONEY MAKER plagron 2






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What a big ass beautifull plant so wide i did the same with my indicas when they branched out i"m

Talking really had a huge amout growth in the bottom area of all my girls so the one week i picked t apart and it is still growing im getting alot of growth bud yours looks like perfection i am proud of you i

Work of art and that pic of the stem it looks so life like man i wish i had some of that i love it very nice indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! peace happy times are there again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Mininexus: Damn bro! She is all that! The structure, the buds, shape of leafs. I could prob go on.

I think they like you as much as you them.

Good thing of you to keep that Ec in check. 3.0 is way to much and they donpt need it. I would say they would like about 1,8-1,9

Keep on sharing because they still got much left to do and show us.

hi tokage

I totally agree with you just before ec I weighed and I grew according to how reacted well and resists Money

powerfeeding for it seemed to me that we could get 2.5 would have an error do you think??


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Just beautiful work!! The MM Plagron 1's mutant bud reminds me of a giant mohawk haircut lol..I'm just waiting for it to pop out eyes and a smile :P Hey I wonder if that double bud will have double potency?? lol..wouldn't that be cool?? I'm just joking really but hey it's cool to imagine :) Great work and gorgeous plants..the flush should give them a nice boost too. Thanks for the awesome pics!

Peace :ok:

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Not sure if i know what you mean


If you mix powderfeeding at full strength like 1g per litre i would say Ec should be around 1,9-2.0 depending i guess on water?

hi tokagé,

sorry not to make myself understood my English is not good

ec for water nature 0.6 at 07 I must add 2 g / l to reach EC 2.5 but next week I start down

thank you for your follow Tokage

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