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*COMPLETED* GREEN O's White Lemon and Train Wreck powder feeding test !!!

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hello Green house cannabis cup contestents and just fans of the site. today i planted 4 GHSC White lemon's, and with that it is time to start my grow journal for the contest. So Below i will give you all the information with regards to my grow / nutrient test i am conducting for my first entry in the cup.

For this grow, i will be using a straight Coco medium. No perlite, no vermiculite, no added nutrients to the medium. i am doing this so that the plants will be be responding souly to the nutrients i feed them and nothing else.

As i said i planted 4 white lemon seeds today once the seeds pop i will start them on a floresent bulb until they are developed seedlings then slowly introduce them to the MH 400W blub for veg, after a short veg period i will start flowering at which time the MH blub goes back on the shelf and out comes the 400W HPS.

a quick list of all the ingredients involed in this grow:

1. 4 GHSC White lemon seed's - free, thank you green house

2. 1 brand new powersun 400W digital ballest , mogel and reflector - 150$ canadian

3. 1 brand new 400W sylvania Metalarc MH blub for veg - 25$ canadian

4. 1 brand new 400W sylvania Lumalux HPS bulb for flowering - free with light kit

5. 4 2 gallon pots to start with catch trays for run off - free with lighting kit

6. coco for medium - so far i have used less then 5$'s worth of a 15$ brick

7. GHSC Powderfeeding Hybrid - free, thanks to green house seed co

8. General hydroponic's Flora nova - free left over from previous grow

9. make shift watering jug - 99 cents

total cost for this grow $ 180.99 canadian, mind you i will get many crops out of my ballest and probably 4 - 6 crops out of the bulbs. so let's see what kinda damage i can do.

a picture of the free kit i received from green house for entering the contest within the first 300 entries.


i don't germinate seeds before planting them i just throw them in the medium about an inch down asshole up and apply water. so for now all i have to share is photo's of my set up but stay tuned as i will be updateing this journal very often, and share loads of pictures.

GHSC White lemon not yet ready to come out of its shell but soon enough!!!




stay tuned for an update as soon as they pop!

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Sweet man, nice start! Best of luckto those WL in the competition i see an nice room upgrade has been done around here and i hope that the girls will give it back to you ;)

I'll stay around and follow you as usual man ;)

Have a good germination, may they pop quickly and healthy ;)

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This rom will be crowded pretty fast I hope... Brave move - starting them in these big pots right from start and without growing rootlets prior; but you are experienced enough - so I am confident they will grow nice + strong.

What exactly is the size of that room ? Ventilation ? 4 plants exchange a ton of oxygen, so they need air exchange once they are growing taller ...

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yeah the guy at the hydro shop sayed i should go for the 1 gallon pots to start and then after a month switch to the 2 gallon or he said even a 3 gallon. but i decided since i am doing a shorter veg period this time i'd just go for the 2 gallons if it happens later that i have to transplant into say the 3 gallons ive got room and tons of extra coco. its actually a decently big space its just the normal wordrobe thing i have been growing in i just took a shelf out from it and made it into a wall to tighten the space up for when they are young.

as they get older i will take it away, then the space will be 3 feet 2 inchs wide by 2 feet deep and 5 and a half feet tall. so will have plenty of space provided i keep the veg time down, now i am obviously not gonna hang the lights at 5 and a half feet but the space in total is 5 and a half feet tall. and for air flow i have a 16 inch fan that moves side to side that i hang from the clothes hanger poll i hang the light system from. aside from that i regularly draw fresh air in from outside from a window and i move that air around with another fan so i always have plenty of fresh air in the room and the air is constantly moving. on this grow i plan on focusing on keeping everything short of contained the white lemon is sort of a good plant to attempt that with because genereally its a medium height plant with a single cola dominace from what i have seen so i sort of planned everything around that, im just hoping that plant dosent backfire and i end up with 5 huge plants i dont have room for but i have been looking over grow's for the past couple weeks with a similar set up and i think i have things down as how to proceed with the new set up supprisingly the new light actually runs cooler then my old light too which isf a huge relief for me because every since i started growing i have been dogged with high tempurtures and constantly having to deal with overheating ballest's in my grow space actually being able to have the ballest outside of the grow space for once makes a huge difference.

a few quick updates from the grow, i decided to add another plant since i had the space and the coco so i planted another greenhouse hybrid the arcata trainwreck to the mix to make a total of 5 plants altogether none have popped yet so i am still waiting.

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alright so last night before i went to bed i noticed WL #1 was poking out the soil , i went to sleep and to my supprise when i checked on them today not only was the #1 up and open but WL #2 and #4 had also made it's way out of the coco. so as of right now i am waiting on the trainwreck and white lemon #3 which should be all out i am guessing by this time tommorow.

anyways here is a shot of them that i took about a half hour ago. the white lemons are on the outside and the trainwreck in the middle











WHITE LEMON #3(right) & TRAINWRECK(left)


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Let's go for another ride, good luck to those babies should be some awesome smells around here by the end of grow ;)

Have a good germination man and good luck for the cup! :D

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I see beautiful girls born.

I'm sitting with a lit joint for this grow.

Good start my friend.


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Hi friend!

Good start buddy! Is clearly visible between the hairs of the petiole, a very successful macro photographs, I have wanted to see their buds!

Keep it up!! :good:

Have a nice weekend!

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ok so the GHSC TrainWreck has popped but the other white lemon has yet to pop. considering it has been over a week i decided to gentally uncover the seed to see if it had even sprouted a root yet. Once i uncovered the seed i realized that it had'nt even started to sprout yet ( the seed looked a little like it had been crushed a bit in shipping but it did'nt look damaged to the point where it wouldent germinate so i used it it has yet to sprout so i guess i was wrong) i took the seed out of the soil washed it off and tryed putting it in a shot glass filled with water hopefully being submerged will do the trick. if not i will be only growing 4 plants insted of 5 because i am on a sort of tight schedule i wanna enter 2 grow's into the cup and i got off to a late start .

as it stand's right now i've got 3 white lemon's and one trainwreck already popped once everything was popped i started counting veg days so i am now on day 2 of the vegging period i am opting for a shorter veg period of like 18- 20 days for this grow i wanna keep everything tight so after day 18 i will start 12/12 and once the preflowers form i will switch from my 400W MH bulb to the 400W hps.

so later tonight or tommorow i will update the photo's of all the plants popped but in the mean time i figured i would take a few seconds to share some imformation about the result's of my last grow and a picture or too of the buds. today i weighted out the harvest. for those that didnt see it i grow an exodus cheese plant i started it about 1 month into growing a green o matic autoflower so i vegged the exodus for 1 month topped her once and then flowered her for about 63 days. now this was with my old set up i had 2 150w hps sunsystems enclosed ballest plug in ready lamps. because the ballest's where attached to the light these lamps causes soaring heat problems most of the grow i was exceeding 30 degrees but dispite the heat i managed to pull 105 well 104.5 grams. i was 7.5 grams short of a quarter pound of dry bud off one exodus cheese plant with two of those shitty 150w lights.

its not a massive bud busting yeild i did''nt come close to a gram per wat but i have definately improved my yeild from previous grow's i am confident that this grow will yeild even more because i am switching techniques and have a bit more wattage to work with.

Green House Exodus Cheese & GHSC Powderfeeding + advanced nutrient's bud candy







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Great start my friend!! With your skills + the new gear I'm looking forward to some monster lemons from ya :) Especially after that beautiful Exodus you raised, the proof is in those sparkly pics! I would say 105 g's is nothing to turn ones nose up at bro..especially with your old wattage..BUT LOOK OUT NOW!! It's cool to see other growers get new gear cause I know & love that feeling & it get's me excited for them..it's like we all say..Christmas no matter what month lol

I can't wait to get my Cup grow started!! Another 3 weeks and my tent should be free..want to start new seedlings early but hard when I have the basement at 30-35% rH for the flowering ladies :P Still can't decide on strains (right now thinking Ladyburn1974 & Jack Herrer) but definitely gonna SCROG again and DEFINITELY using the Powderfeed..it is proving to be worth it's weight in gold since I started using it on my auto grow..THANKS AGAIN GHSC!

Enough about me..all the best of luck with the Cup bro..I've got my seat here :)

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Well that would be 2/3rd of a gram per watt or 0,7 from 1 plant. i think that was the maximum you could yield genetically from just 1 plant, You topped her two times leaving 4 big stems with an ounce or so plus/minus each. Impressive - after all it is nearly impossible to reach 1 gram per watt with seeds and growing regular bushy plants imo. If you want that you must act like a commercial grower or have a near perfect big grow room with optimum lights for every single plant. A Sea of Green with clones flowered very fast and a dozen, 16 to 24 plants per square meter in a quadratic tent - all at the same canopy etc.

I know that this gram per watt goal is a holy grail for many growers and esp. in germany people always ask how much you yield per gram first, not about quality or how many strains you grew etc.

I doubt you'll reach a lot more per gram this time but we'll see that later on - After all you must reap 400 gram from these 4 plants in this small space. Best of luck - wish you the best - if i was you everything over half a pound dry quaity buds csould be considered a success - again we'll see - Be glad you don't have to deal with 5 plants on your set-up ! i know what i am talking about ...

Got 11 pots 5 in full flower, 2 close to flowering and finding a brght spot for these is difficult enough, not to mention the other four and that with 2 400 watt lights . 5 different podests in use - a pita and like that I can be happy to reach 400 grams- I'd consider that REAL success - probably end up with a few ounces more than you like last time :

I swear Next time I groow the remainig 3 Damnesias, 2 C''99 and 2 Tropical ice and one of our homegrown Misterions - all at the same time - Damn nirvana freebies were too temptin to leave them alone..lol . Now these are just 2 more smaller pots to move around..lol

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yes indeed 0,7g/w is very nice, on my last 12/12 from seed, i reached the 0,6g/w and i hope that you will keep that rate with the new 400w even tho i kind of doubt like bambhole but after all everything is possible ;)

Best of luck man!!

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Agree with Dust. That 1 g/watt thing is an urban legend imo. Or they weigh stems + leaves along with the budsl..lol

After all the same people claiming to reach the 1 gram/watt ratio often criticize Greenhouse for their high yield ratios in the catalogue and the average 400 grams per square meter on most strains is measured with 600 watt lights ! So that is also just 2/3rd of a gram...under optimum conditions !

Know what I mean ?

Urban Grower gets the 1 gram per plant by using 1 1k Light for each plant and a good square meter plus space for each plant under Professional conditions of modern day growing techniques, not the home box or in our case improvised grow rooms with lots of TLC .

BTW I find SOMAS yielding propositions refreshingly different. Who else mentions expected yields per plant 15 to 25 gram minimum ? LAVENDER 12 to 15 gram (minimum yield) LOL. SOMA is cool.

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yeah i have always questioned clam's of 1 gram per watt unless its in a professional setting with ample light!!! thanks tho for working that out knowing that i managed to get .7 nper watt is pretty fuckin good for me man considering i only starting doing indoor alittle over a year ago i started november, 17th 2011 so that last crop was my end of year harvest an accumulation of a years worth of hard work and learning. and you guys are right i don't think i will make 1 gram per watt on my current set up but i do hope that i yeild a little more overall with an extra 100W's for my ladies.

i always wondered about green house's rating's like it doesent mention the method just the square M but like if you use a scrog technique wouldent you yeild alot more then just growing a plant straight up. and when it says 800 gram per square meter is that like the yeild of as many plants as you could fit in 1 square M, or is it saying 1 plant given a square M of growing space? i get confused when i look at estimates.

yeah Bam your right about the 5 plant's , i think the ganja gods where looking out for me in not allowing that seed to germinate it would have been too much, i also don't think that seed is gonna germinate its been in a shot glass for 2 days and still it hasent even started to sprout, so i think the seed was damaged beyond the point of being viable.

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UPDATE!!! veg period day 3 !!!

ok so today is day 3 for WL 1 through 3 but train wreck is day 2 over all i am considering it day 3 of veg. the plants are doing well and i basically just wanted to have a update with individual shots for each plants because the trainwreck hadn't poped when i took the last shots. the temp's in my grow room is 25 degree's and the ph of my medium is set to 6.0 ph for each strain which i will be lowering to 5.8 by the end of the week because this is coco and its best to keep the ph below 6 during veg from what i am been told.

White Lemon # 1




White lemon #2




White Lemon #3







and finally a few group shots and another peek at my set up. ( WL#1 frount left, WL#2 frount right, WL#3 back left, TrainWreck back right )


and the group shot


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