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*COMPLETED* GREEN O's White Lemon and Train Wreck powder feeding test !!!

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beautiful shots greeno, you use a lens in front of camera to make close up?

Girls seem to be doing very good, but anyway we are used to see healthy girls in your room do don't disapoint us :P :P (presuuuuureee hihihi )

Have a good grow man thanks for the news ;)

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Very nice closeups as usual. I still have not realized how to take tose..lol No imanual on my SAMSUNG..

A plant can grow much more than 400 gram outdoors or indoors BUT to reach the full potential it needs space and enough light, some trimming and best a few bamboo sticks and or a corb around the upper half to grow more robust buds. Growing many tops means less per plant but more fat colas - SoG , A Scrog does the same basically - improves the space for the buds to grow. You lose the most from the limited space you got by pots , growing big stems and a bushy stature, Only a few buds . a SCROG will take good care of that proble.m Next problem with bushy plants is they reduce each other in stretching sideway. In your case 4 plants cannot branch out like 1 or 2 plants could in the same space. For your room a SCROG might be the best solution. Doesn't really matter if you make a SCROG from 1, 2 or 3 plants, the yield will be the same maybe more with 1 plant, cause her roots can spread out and drink up all feedinsg + water. Other important factors are exchange of oxygene and air movement. The plant breathes a lot and the more fresh air she can get the better it is. - another reason why it is better to have less amount of plants in a restricted space.

Well my experience, others may disagree..

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UPDATE!!! day 7 from seed !!!!

alright so its early in the morning on day 7, or really late at night on day 6 whatever you wanna call it . the little sprout's are doing nicely i starting giving them very light dose's of there nutrient's i originally planned on doing 4 white lemons 2 with powderfeeding and 2 with general hydroponics flora nova but since the one white lemon didn't pop now i decided what i am gonna do is just the same the 2 white lemon plant's will be receiving the powder feeding hybrid and the WL #3 and the trainwreck plant are receiving the floranova from general hydroponic's.

the tempeture in my room is sitting at 25 degrees and my ph levels are all sitting at 6.0ph. the plant's are on a 18 hr on 6 hrs off schedule.

White Lemon #1 with GHSC Powderfeeding





White Lemon #2 With GHSC Powderfeeding




White Lemon #3 with General Hydroponics FloraNova




TrainWreck with General Hydroponic's FloraNova




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Very nice start man, and respect for those photography skills again :) They almost look plastic they are so perfect..best of luck bro. Hey, I was thinking I gotta get me some seeds for the cup soon and will be heading down your way, we really need to hook up for a smoke or three! lol

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hey man, i'm glad to see you changed your lights and have more wattage now... but your results were really impressive with the exodus cheese... i was just reading the post with the powder feeding vs flora nova test and it was amazing....

i got such poor results and u seem to be working it to the best...

i'm gonna be waiting till u flower these babies... expecting better results... have a good grow man! peace!

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Mad props on these colors. Don't know if it is the seedlings or your camera that sets your plants apart from most others EVEN at this early stage. I couldn't believe it but the WL looked as if it was already sprinkled with some crystals (or was that the Train wreck ?) - Great job as usual. Only wished I had more infos on how to use my camera and technically how t I can add the info to each picture. at, I always end up writing all the info to pictures 1 to 4,5 or more above the lot, makes it more complicated to get the info you wanna know.

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UPDATE!!!! day 12 from seed!!!!

thanks everyone for stoping by, today i wanted to make a little update just to show everyone how the little ladies are doing. so far the plants seem to be taking well to both products the Gen hydro floranova and the GHSC powderfeeding. i have been only giving each plant a very light dose of each not something i would do in soil because the nutrient's in soil is more then enough for young plants but in coco its a different ball game so i use a tiny amount even less then the recommended dose for young plants.


GH White Lemon #1




White Lemon #2




PLANT'S RECEIVING General Hydroponic's FloraNova

White Lemon #3








and finally some group shots of the plants green house powderfeeding on the left and floranova on the right




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youdid right man a little update is always a good update :D

Girls are looking very nice, powderfeeding girls could take a very little more it seems, buti know you handle things anyway ;)

THanks for the news man keep them coming

Have a good grow

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dust: yeah man i was thinking that as well especally white lemon #2 it looks like its sort of like a yellowish green and could uee alittle more nutes so i up'd the dose slightly and am keeping an eye on it. but yeah man good eye tho both the powderfeeding plants need alittle more of a dose i think its because i used less then the recommended amount for young plants the doseages are pretty smack on with the powderfeeding where other nutirent i always find there suggested amount is always a little hot but because i havent grown this strain before i wanted to be cautious but it need's a little more so a little more they will get. i like spoiling my ladies when i can.

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yes man you're right the suggested amount on the powderfeeding are well done, even a little low for me during flowering but never too hot, haven't seen anyone hurt them while following the suggestion.

But like i told you i know you got everything on control ;)

Have a good grow man

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greeno, did not see that journal till minutes ago.

Nice to see you, i am on board mate. Let me get a little into, read some and count me in for further...

Plants lookin nice so far, really high quality pics, lookin forward to some.

good luck for everything.


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Lookin real good man..better to be cautious than to burn and try to back track..cause we know, it doesn't work that way..it's like trying to catch up on lost sleep. I think that makes sense? lol Anyways, awesome start man looking forward to a nice grow from ya as always :biggrin:

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thanks alot for stopping by everyone, so i figured in the meen time inbetween post's i would share a few bud pic's just a little bud porn to show my appreshiation for everyone stopping by. some lovely nugget's i picked up today at my local dispensary.

the first is one i have posted pictures of resontly but this is just different buds from the same grower same crop just purchased today insted of a few day's ago. this bud is so amazing it stiinks of kush its really crystal covered but i did manage to find a few seeds in some of the buds so i will be growing this strain out in the near future for sure so keep an eye out for that.

Platinum kush





and again another i have posted resontly but different buds becasue i purchased it today, its purple kush this bud is really awsome as well nice and kushy this batch has a strong afghani styple presence's which is unusual for purple kush i find most of the time the hindu kush really comes out especally in the odor but this batch has a definate purple afghan odor to it that is dominate and the kushyness is more suttle still very nice probably one of the best purple kush batchs i have had in a while.

purple kush




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UPDATE!!!!! Day 17 from seed!!!!!

ok so today i got another upday for you guys the trainwreck plant had a little issue for ph stablitiy and it caused a bit of a nitrogen definecy so i made the decision to switch it to powderfeeding until flowering because the flora nova is the bloom formula not veg and while the white lemon seems to be taking to it nicely the trainwreck isent and i am afraid if i don't switch it the plant wont fix it self and since i have the lower leafs that turned yellow have started to turn green again. i have also been vigoursly maintaing the ph for all the plants the reason i had problems with the stability of the trainwreck is because it was the last plant i set up and i didnt wash the coco as properly as i did with the other's so i also had to give the trainwreck a nice flushing but it seem's to be bouncing back.

i also went out today and picked up a bag of epsom salts just incase i mis judged what was wrong with the plant one of the other problems people where telling me it could be was magnisum defiency but i think its nitrogen because increasing the nitrogn seemed to help but i figured its better to have my bases covered and in coco magnesium is one of the more common defiencies and is more damaging the calcium alone so i figured insted of paying like 15 20$ for a little thing of cal mag i would just get a 3 dollar 2 kg bag of magnesium sulfate because calsium deficencys for the most part will make you leafs look ugly but by it self is no where near as damging as a magnisum deficeny and i am on a budget. the powderfeeding hybrid is pretty high on magnisum so i am not worried with the powderfeeding plants as much but i bought it for the floranova's.

ok so first is a group shot of the little ladies


in above (back left) white lemon #1, (back right) train wreck, (frount left) white lemon #2, (frount right) white lemon #3

Plant's Receiving powderfeeding

White Lemon #1




WhiteLemon #2





Plants receiving FloraNova ( well trainwreck will be getting powderfeeding for the next few day's because it is sick and need a nitrogen boost)

White Lemon #3




and now for the sick and recovering trainwreck.





and finally for the update another group shot in the same layout...


all plants are being kept at a 5.8 ph and are being giving small feedings dayly using the Ed Rosenthal coco method of two day's nutrients 1 day water and repeat.

and finally just to finnish off the update i figure why not give you all some more nice bud porn to look at this is some of my stash for the christmas holidays i got some very special ones in there. and if i dont make a new update before christmas everyone have a high and happy christmas !!!

Blue Cheese - i think from barneys farm





Platinum Kush




Fat albert (albert walker X tom hill's deep chunk)


and a batch of sour kush



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Sweet man those babies have a very nice growth, short noeds and nice little leaves!! :)

Thanks for all the news man, hope the TW will get better with the switch to powder, the powder lemon do look great ;)

Have a good grow man keep those nice pics coming ;)

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