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*COMPLETED* GREEN O's White Lemon and Train Wreck powder feeding test !!!

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Babies are looking great my man! I wouldn't worry too much about the mild issues, they will grow out of it with your love and care :)

Damn man!! Why weren't those strains available when I was last at the dispensary LOL..you scored huge that day:) I wish I lived closer to pop in when strains like this are available but it's a 3 hr minimum round trip for me :P

Peace and Merry x-mas brother!

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Babies are looking great my man! I wouldn't worry too much about the mild issues, they will grow out of it with your love and care :)

Damn man!! Why weren't those strains available when I was last at the dispensary LOL..you scored huge that day:) I wish I lived closer to pop in when strains like this are available but it's a 3 hr minimum round trip for me :P

Peace and Merry x-mas brother!

naw man believe it or not i havent been to the club in like 2 weeks because they havent had anything worth while to get, all of those buds smokey are from a different dispensary that is toronto called section 56

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UPDATE!!!! DAY 21 from seed schedule 18HR's on 6 HR's off!!!

ok everybody its been 3 week's since the seedlings popped out of the soil, and now the growth is really starting to pick up. i havent entirely decided when i am gonna switch into flowering yet but definatly by the end of this week. my plan originally was to germinate for 10 days then veg for 2 weeks so 24 days in totally but if on the 24th i feel they arent big enough yet i will hold out until the 28th so we will see.

aside from that everything else is going well the trainwreck has recovered and once i switch to 12/12 it will be going back to the Flora Nova bloom that formulation from General hydroponic's is a good one but it doesent toally have enough for plants in veg of nitrogen the white lemon didnt mind but the trainwreck didn't take to it at all but it will be fine in bloom so i am gonna switch that one back so i have half of the plants powderfeeding the other half general hydroponic's.

at least that's the plan anyone think its a bad idea and that i should keep it with powderfeeding speak up other wise thats what i am gonna do i don't imagen it will be bad for the plant they both have similar amount's of most of the nutrients .

i also decided this time aroudn i would take the my plants out from under the lights because the pictures where comming up yellow looking while under the HID lighting .

so first off is the group shot the only picture i took this time under the HID lighting.


Plant's receiving GHSC POWDERFEEDING!!!!!

White Lemon #1






White Lemon #2






Plant's receiving General Hydroponic's FloraNova ( and trainwreck temporarly receving powderfeeding because of nitrogen problem that has fixed itself)

White Lemon #3











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girls are looking even better under normal light you're right, nice green everywhere and nice healthy leaves on all of them :) Trainwreck seems a little less bushier but i'm sure she will catch up :)

THanks for the news man keep them coming

Have a good grow

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Very nice healthy girls :) I like how "perky" they look and they seem to be developing nice thick stems, those tender loving green thumbs are paying off. I would say to go with your plan for a comparison with half Powderfeed and half plants the General Hydro, it will be exciting to see the comparison I think. Hope you're having a good holiday brother..keep up the nice start and best of luck!

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yeah dust the trainwreck is alittle behind in bushyness but it was the last seed to pop by almost 24 hour's so it is basically a day behind and it was sick with nitrogen problems so i hope it catch's back up now that its doing better.

thanks again to everyone for stopping by to show my appreshiation i will share with you all a little bud porn of a beatiful green house strain i picked up today from my old club.. its sweet and kushy with tints of purple over all it is a really well done batch of bubba kush.

GHSC Bubba Kush!!!




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UPDATE!!!! DAY 26!!! 24 days from seed for vegative growth then i switched to 12/12 now for 2 days !!

alright so the growth has been going good i wanna keep these plant's sort of shorter then i usually would so i started flower after the 24th day from seed. They have been in 12/12 now going on the second day. All of the White lemons seem to have great growth they are bushy and are starting to develop what will be nice lateral branch's. the trainwreck is growing nice but isent as bushy i have been having problem's with it tho it seems alittle touchy with the nutrients its been having problems with nitrogen so i gave it alittle more nute's but now i noticed a few brownish spots on the tip of 2 leaf's.

Aside from that tho everything is going well the white lemons already have an odor to them and when you touch the stem it smell's very nice almost like a Haze strain kinda odor.


White Lemon #1







White Lemon #2









White Lemon #3













and a group shot!!!


this time the floranova plants are on the left, and the powderfeeding plant's are on the right!!!

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Nice update bro..damn those are some healthy plants!! I always like seeing that :) Beautiful big nicely green leaves with no signs of stress at all. Even the Trainwreck that you say you're having problems with looks awesome..I will be watching your Trainwreck closely as it is my indica dominant hybrid strain for my cup grow. Just started my journal today finally as my autos are almost all finished :P:)

Best of luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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hey brother, thanks for the update... i'm glad to see how healthy and vigorous your babies are!!!!! they seem to be growing so fast...

really avid to see your final results....

have a good grow and a happy new year with lots of flowers!

peace bro!

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very good update greeno as usual a great show :)

Girls are looking very pretty, could you give us the level of PH you use in the coco during veg?

It's funny the leaves on the powderfeeding girls seems to have more sharp leaves, while the flora nova are more roundish, could just be a phenotype diference but it's fun that both are on powderfeeding :)

Keep those nice pics coming ;)

Have a good grow ;)

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hey dust sorry it took me alittle while to respond but in veg i kept the PH at 6.0 this time around. and so far have ket it at that for all the white lemons, i did however lower it to about 5.7 on the trainwreck plant which is getting alittle worse then alittle better i tryed flushing it after the last update and the leaf's started going alittle yellow so i tryed giving it more nutes and a lower ph and it seemed to do the trick but im still waiting and seeing cause this is only the 3rd day since the flush but after the flush more spot's appered all over the plant as well as the yellowing of the leafs but when i gave it the nutes the next day it started turning greener and i havent seen any new spots in the past 2 days so will see.

UPDATE 12/12 week 1 day 5 !!!!

alright so like i said in the comment above the trainwreck is still causing me problems i am still working on getting straight, but aside from that everything is going great. All of the white lemons preflowers are already showing in only 5 days of 12/12, i got a picture of one of them so you guys can see what i meen.

all of the white lemons preflowers have started to form this picture is of White Lemon #3



White lemon #1







White lemon #2








White Lemon #3











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ok thanks for the answer man no problem for the time, i have plenty of time ;)

And thanks for the news man, that is some nice white lemon love other here, love the sharp leaves on first one getting better everyday it seems :)

Did you consider giving a little powder to your TW instead of the flora at least for the time to get her back on track? i've seen a few members do it to help their plants and it actually worked great ^^

Everything is doing fine, we're gonna see some nice bud porn soon can't wait to check it ;)

Have a good grow man

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Stunning results. Lovely plants and tanks for the picture of the pre-flowers . Lovely colors and what a bushy structure. Perfect. Hope the TW will be as fine as the other 3 soon..

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Dust: sorry again it took a little while for me to reply, i took your advice and switched the train wreck over to powder feeding for good. And finally after 4 days of powderfeeding it looks like its back on track. but i am not convinced totally that FloraNova was the problem because about 2 or 3 days ago White Lemon #2 which has been getting powderfeeding the hole time also started to show these dot's on a couple of the leaf's i took a picture below to show because i can't figure out what to do.

Tokeage: your right i flowered much earlyer then i normally do , i have a bunch of different reasoning for why i chose to flower earlier this time around. basically in a nut shell i am going for more light saturation per square meter on the flower's by keeping the set up tighter and the plants shorter then i am for yield like i was focusing on before. i also wanted to crop out in time to have 2 entries in the contest because you need to make a journal by march first and i wanna have 2 entries.

UPDATE!!!! DAY 10 OF 12/12!!!!!! day 3 of Week 2 of flowering.

so yeah the trainwreck is finally comming around i switched it to powderfeeding for good, but just as everything seems alright then one of the White Lemons getting only powderfeeding started to get the dots as well . so basically i don't no what to do i thought maybe try foliar feeding with epsom salt but i am not really confinced magnisum is the cause of the problem . anyways i added a picture of it in white lemon #2's spot so check it out and if anyone has seen this problem before and fixed it some advice would be appreshiated as i am new to using coco this is only my like 2nd or 3rd crop i think of using it. aside from that tho everything seems to be doing well even the WL with the spots looks super healthy aside from that.












AND here is a picture of the spot's i was reffering too above.









and the plant that was getting FloraNova but is now switch over perminatly to powderfeeding.







and some group shots!!!


WL #2 left, WL#3 right


Trainwreck left, WL#3 right


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damn that WL 3 is big compare to the #2, is #1 same size as 2?

But everything is still looking very good man, good to hear the TW seems to be abck on track with the powdr hoe it will continue like this. For the Wl starting to make the dots yeah like you i could say little mg or Ca deficiency but i have only done 1 grow in coco so not sure if it could be this for sure. foliar feeding could be a good idea, well to me at least lolol.. worth what it's worth ^^

Thanks for the news man i'm sure you'll manage and get thjose girls till the end ;)

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A pity about the dots, Besides that they look good. Is it the Flora Nova or the pheno, that sets WL 3 apart from the others ? Hard to ay. All in all good start and high times to start 12/12 and start some flowers . Peace+Grow

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yeah i think i will be able to get it under control tho. the size difference in my mind is a pheno difference 1 & 2 are the same size short and bushyer and the white lemon getting floranova is tall and strechyer. but the plants have been getting the same amount of light. every day i switch the plants from left to right so none of the plants have a unfair advantage being further from the lights. so i can say with a certain level of confidence that the strech in the floranova plant isent related to conditions. and from reviewing others white lemon grows i have seen both the shorter bushyer pheno and the taller one so my guess is its just the luck of the draw really when growing from seed even in some of the most stable hybrid's your bound to find variations especially when you have a strain like white lemon that one of of the genetics used's are from a plant that is generally short and bushy and the other half a plant that is like medium tall in height.

it'll be interesting tho to see when all is said and done how each plant differ's in quality and flavor. for this i am gonna dry and store each plant seperately so i can do a smoke report on each plant.

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Hi greenomatic87, how are you?

I agree with dust about the brown spots, they look like Ca deficiency.

If you are using soft water in your plants, especially in a inert substrate like coco is common to go a little short of Ca.

The dosage of the PF was calculated to be used with tab water whit an EC of 0,7

I don´t know how hard or soft your water is, but I think might be that.

Take care.

Your plants look really nice man, congratz.

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