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Here we go!!! First scrog ever!

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for the last days you should take away all the big leaves you can catch without going into the buds, combined to your tree split they should do good till you cut them ;)

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you didn't stop feeding before harvest?

Yes they get food from the leaves when the roots don't have anymore,and they don't have leaves anymore the will take the food from wherever they can, in the buds, so even more rinsing ;)

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well if they don't have big fan leaves to feed on it, they will feed on the small bud leaves you won't take away until final manicure, so rinsing even more the buds for me as they will eat more nutes from more material, so less left..

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OK people, i hoped that this grow would be better then the last one were i put 5 plants normal in the tend.

but when i cut them down today i can´t believe my eyes. my expectations were far exceeded :swoon: .

after 5 1/2h cutting through the jungle :heat: , the net was FILLED.

last time my dry-net, which has 5 trades, had only 3 1/2 trades full with buds.

this time i had to put the last buds on top of the net cause there were so much :biggrin: .

i almost had space problems.

you can imagine how happy i am that this grow and the scrog tec worked out so good.

from now on i think that i´ll scrog everytime.

i wanna thank everyone that helped me during this grow, i´ll take a big hit for you too :smoke: .

next week i´ll tell ya how much it is exactly.

till then




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congratulation man it does look like a nice amount of weed you will have :) And if it is above your expectation it's even better ;)

Have a good drying dry them well and have a good smoke ;)

Keep us updated on yeild :)

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thank you guy´s, i´ve done my best.

@tokage yes you´re right about sog, but if you don´t have a 2nd tend as motherrooom, buying the clones everytime you grow would be too expensive.

i don´t have the space for that, so scrog was and is for me the best choice.

maybe i´ll try sog in the summer, but i won´t bet on it.

and if you´re right with 500gr dry i would be more than happy.

my drying process is like this: - 2-3 days with a humidity of 50-55% and 15-21C roomtemp. so that the clorophyll gets out and the buds getting greener.

- the rest of the drying time they spent at 40% humidity and i try to hold 18-20C roomtemp.

last summer i dryed at 25-29C cause of the heat outside. they taste good, but not so good as the last ones that i dryed at 21-23C.

it needs more time to dry at this temperature, but it´s worth waiting.

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oh i forgot, what helped me the most was ED ROSENTHALS Growers Handbook.

that book is like the bible of grow, if some of you have it you know what i mean.

i also read that this is the official course book of the Oaksterdam University.

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hello guys!

Sorry to keep you waiting. now i have the result of my hard work.

i´m a bit dissapointed, cause it looked so much.

180g bone dry buds is what you see on the picture.

but the taste blows all sorrows away. can´t really describe the taste, some sweet own taste.

And will put you to sleep real quick if you smoke too much.

this grow was good, so check out my next one:

till then, bye


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well it is still a very nice score man :) You only had the 250 HPS? or had 2 running?

But in anyways it's a fair score and you can be happy, and if the smoke is that nice then it's all good ^^

Thank you for making a nice journal and updating us all along ;)

I'll be on the other on for sure ;)

Have a good smoke

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