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India Expedition

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When are you guys going to release the full video to the India Expedition, have been waiting along time to see it! im sure there are plenty people wanting to watch it too??????

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last thing i heard is that there were some legal issues they had to solve.

Maybe that'll take longer than we thought...

I believe not only the greenhouse is involved in this documentary which could mean some disagreement over whatever interests which in turn could be the cause of this delay...

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HAHAHAHA i know whats going on and i'm not telling any one!!!! LMAO

ok so the ONLY reasion i even know this it's because of a special friend of mine on youtube NOT GHSC in any way wanted to leak this....

They are makeing a doco series so more than one expedition and their going to make it like India expedition series 1 episode 1 ect on to episode 10 then lets just say vietnam series 2 episode 1 you with me?

their releseing Malawi Gold probs CC Nov, and a Indica from india probs next yr as they release their 3 expo.

This is my prediction hit me up if you have any theroy's or idea's on this Cheer's

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