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On 7/28/2015 at 9:30 AM, newyorkfungi said:

Again, I am collecting this information from a local weather station almanac however if sun rise is calculated by the sun breaching the horizon and the sun setting by it waning over the horizon, this leads me to believe the industry standard is a "safe zone". Now we should all know this will be different for different strains at different latitudes, however I also get a feeling the photo period can be pushed well under the 12 hour dark periods for many strains. I expect to take a slightly more modest approach on test run cycle with a photo period of 14 on and 11 off and see how things work out with several different strains varying from 100% Indica to 100% Sativa and also hybrids in between. 



plants outdoors can flower with 14 hours light due apparently to the fact of far-red lightwaves that are given off by the sun at sunset and also reflected in the moon, priming the plant to quickly go to sleep, allowing a stronger flowering response under fewer dark hours

this is the whole concept behind those deep red indoor 'flower initiator' bulbs you turn on for ten mins right before the lights go off

the key is in the dark period indoors: you could run a whole different calendar with 19 hour days followed by 12 hour nights, the result would still be flowering I'd be willing to bet 

But indoors without far-red spectra, if you go under 12 hours dark, you may not see the hard onset of flowering like you would with 12/12. Don't expect it to work like outside is what I'm saying dude

best of luck and please report your findings in any case


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