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How early can you flower from seed??

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Hello guys! So I have 2 GH white widow, GH El Nino, Blue Og, Diesel Autoflower an a La Diva Auto flower all growing as seedlings. Wondering how early can I induce flowering? how many internodes? Time period? the reason I ask is space is limited.

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Can't tell you that. U must know what u want to do with grow, best before germinating any seeds to avoid that kind of situations. hehe Enyway u can go 12/12 from start, but is less yeld u want ? I don't think so. Keep in mind they go twice in flowering, this can give u some idea whe nto switch, all depending on your room height, ect. But u must perhaps know that(i hope). Peace and stay safe!

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yeah like elektro said you could go in 12/12 from the beginning, you will end up with plants of 30 40 to 50cm depends on the strains, if you do so maybe put a little more plants to catch up with the yeild you will loose without the veg period.

But otherwise like elektro said plants double to triple size in flow so make your brain work, i'm too high for that now lolol ;)

Good luck

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As i can say from my expierience give em a bit veg the autos will start flowering at 3 weeks from seed thats normal for automatics. i would give the normals at least the same time if i havent got 2 spereate rooms to veg the normals bit longer.....also put the autos straight in the end pods it will end with bigger plants....

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URBANNINJA: I have two rooms, atm the autos have been going from seed for 19 days. as for the others there almost at there fourth internode and ill be switching them into my flowering room in a couple days once my Ladyburn's finish! Thanks for the help this is my first attempt at auto's and im very excited to see how they grow!!


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