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sorry MODS i know this is spamming but i think its in all of our interests to keep this post up!! in this link please sign and vote for a change in the law of cannabis in the uk https://submissions.epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/43034 this vote is on for a year. post on twitter, facebook, myspace anything you have to get this out there

Please do not take this off! im not spamming to promote anything but better laws and country

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I think we have seen that petition on the forum already, so i delete it!!........hahaha kidding with you why would we delete? ;)

Hope the english will make it best of luck to all of you :)


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I am a British Citizen that lives in Canada. In Canada I am legal to poess and grow my own medience. I signed this petition with a Canadian address no problem. You do not have to live in the UK to sign as long as you are a Citizen of the UK. Thanks for the link...

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I think we have seen that petition on the forum already, so i delete it!!........hahaha kidding with you why would we delete? ;)

Hope the english will make it best of luck to all of you :)



with the whole legal in uk thing i am always in two minds,id like it to be easier and not get into trouble,BUT and this is a BIG BUT!!!!

The only way i can ever see it working in uk is as a medical presctipiton as like the US,and NOT like the way the dutch do it,and here is my main reason for that,we have a culture here of take take take,and i am sure that we do not have the ability or the right frame of mind in the uk for it,mainly as i say because there are to many people who will take the piss and wreck it for every one else,and then you will get some idiot saying that heroin should be legal as well and we all know the uk would NOT handle that at all!!! i know that for sure,

its simple we just do not have the same attitude to drugs in general,

But at the same time i would love to see the day that i can say we are ready for it,i really hope i do see that day,but i think it will take at least a few more generations until our overall veiw on drugs in day to day life has changed,

But as i say a will be voteing yes!!!yes!!! yes!!! and also hoping for a change in the british attitude to soft drugs,

i will give an example of what i mean,

as many of you know a few years ago most places were flooded with all those shity synthetic drugs like M cat nd meow meow ,majic,,etc etc,,

that has was only legal for a matter of months and the amount of people and kids that were getting really ill or even died!! a very close mate of mine has been given a matter of months to live,i know that there drugs and cannabis are world appart,but it is the attitude thing im getting at here,if we were ready for drugs legalization that would never have caused so much problem,

as i say its a state of mind that most of the uk public do not have,im sure modt from uk would agree with that too.

i will also say that i am coming to this from the view of an ex heroin,cocaine,valium,addict and was for 15 years,and in the areas iv lived in that time in uk ie,glasgow ,london birmingham,leeds,kiethly,loads of places large and small and i am sad to say that im positive those people will take the piss,

This is an issue i hold close to my heart as all of us do,and i am always looking for the slightist glimmer of that kind of attitude we need to be able to do some kind of legalizeation,and i have to say the last 4-5 years iv noticed a large shift in public opinion on the use of cannabis,and i have waited for that for years,and long may it last and grow,but that still doent deal with all the thousands of people who willwreck it for us all,

for example the last time they decriminalized in uk it lasted a matter of a year and they fukd it for us,IT MAKES ME REALLY ANGRY!!!!


and sometimes all it takes alot of angry tax payers to change the laws so im defo with you mate,,

keep on keepin on mate!!!!


sorry for the essay guys,as you can tell it really gets to me that there are so many idiots in uk that will screw it for us over and over again.!!! im voting now mate,thanks for this !!!!!!!!!!!! as i never even knew it was up!!

i hope iv come over the way i meant to,as i want it as much as everybody else,i just dont trust our goverment or honestly most of the public to do it correclty,buty even a small move is better than nothing,

im away before i start again,lol

bye bye,,AGAIN LOL

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