Interessting article about Rick Simpson hemp Oil made in 1834

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thanks for sharing man looks like an interesting thing to read :) wonder what they could say about it in 1800 :) As soon as i have an hour i have a look at that ;)


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The basic unit of weight in the British system is the grain - originally based on the weight of a grain of barley.

1 Gram = 15.4323584 Grains

1 Grain = 0.06479891 Gram

I have made a start on reading the text but have not had time to finish it.

It is a good read so far and as toke said very funny in place too.

Thanks for sharing this Guscode , nice find.

Peace bro


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Like Toke, I too had to smile when I read this :) My favourite part in particular is this :)...


Lol :D

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