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Autoflowering Cannabis World Cup - Registration Thread

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Green House Seeds Company invites you to participate in the second part of the Cannabis World Cup Trilogy, the Autoflowering part!

Where besides having the chance to win great prizes, you can try our incredible nutrients and new genetics.

Green House Seeds Co. wants to thank you for your dedication to this incredible trilogy of contests.

We have made great efforts in organizing this trilogy in which we'll distribute more than 85,000 €, divided between trips, cash, bonds web

seeds, nutrients and many surprises. We hope you like it and enjoy it as much as we enjoyed organizing it.


- Any adult person who is registered on Strainhunters.com (with a minimum of 30 posts) or Cannabiscafe.net (with a minimum of 200 posts) can enter this contest.

- We will distribute FREE seeds to the first 300 participants (10 seeds per grower, strain selected by Strain Hunters Seed Bank).

We require a complete and detailed grow journal, to be updated weekly on one of the forums (Cannabiscafe.net - Strainhunters.com).

- A maximum of two crops per person is accepted (not with the same strain). Crops can be blogged on one of the two forums, or both (Cannabiscafe.net - Strainhunters.com). Each crop must be blogged independently, without using the same text or pictures for more than one journal.

-Will be disqualified, anyone not following the rules of the forum or of conviviality. And anyone using multi-nick


Grow journals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

- Originality, both in the resources used in the crop and in the presentation of the updates.

- The quality and number of pictures, and posting frequency.

- The state of the plants during their evolution and the final results.

- The amount of explanations about the grow, harvest and taste report, and fellowship toward the readers and participants.

CONTEST PRIZES 2nd Part "Autoflowering"

1st Prize

A trip for the winner + 1 guest to Amsterdam for one week. Includes travel, accommodation and 1500€ in cash (at arrival in Amsterdam).

2nd Prize

€ 1,000 cash + kit Powder Feeding nutrients.

3rd Prize

€ 750 cash + kit Powder Feeding nutrients.

4th Prize

€ 500 cash + kit Powder Feeding nutrients.

5th Prize

€ 250 cash + kit Powder Feeding nutrients.

6th to 15th Prize

A bonus of € 150 for each of the Grow journal that are ranked between sixth and fifteenth place to spend on the Green House webshop www.greenhouseseeds.nl/shop


If you are selected in the top five awards and you used the Powderfeeding nutrients, you'll receive a very special prize that will be announced sometimes during the contests.

The first 300 participants will get the Powderfeeding for free (the best type for the genetics they get).

In order to be eligible for the extra prize the rest of the participants must purchase a minimum of 1kg of any Powderfeeding fromwww.powderfeeding.ch during the contest.

The contest will begin on March 1 2013, and end on September 31 2013, with winners announced before October 15. Everyone is completely free to participate by buying seeds of any autoflowering variety from Green House Seeds Co. through its website greenhouseseeds.nl

and showing up in the beginning of the journal the original packaging. The deadline to start the journal and enter the contest is June 1.

To enter you just have to respond to this thread requesting participation and the moderating team will tell you in private how to ask for free seeds and

nutrients (only for the first 300 requests). Users that will ask for participation somewhere else than in this thread will not be allowed to participate.

We have not forgotten the Spanish farmers who have applied to be able to compete outdoors, which is why this is only the second

trilogy of contests we have prepared for the 2012-2013 season (Indoor, Outdoor Auto), which we'll talk in the next few posts, focusing now on the current "Auto". Although the contest is for indoor growing, due to different climatic characteristics of many of the participants we also admit in some cases outdoor grows or mixed grows. No seeds and nutrients are sent to the U.S.. The winners will be chosen on strainhunters.com or on cannabiscafe, where you can also participate.


Sweet Mango Auto

Kalashnikova Auto

Good luck to all participants and may the best win!

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Thank you to all the participant that have kept their word and started their grow, before starting the registration we will give priority to all those who signed in the Indoor contest and have already begun their journal, or to people that due to customs problems have been unable to receive their kit.

Remember that you can participate in all categories simultaneously, the same participant may be logged to the three contests thus increasing your chances of getting a great prize.

As a novelty, and due to the problems we had in the previous edition with shipments of nutrients, in this new contest "Auto" we only send nutrients to European participants, where the customs are not causing problem for the weight of the kit or nutrients itself. Participants that aren't European can also receive the Kit, but without Powder Feeding.

We'll leave the registration thread closed all the weekend in order to collect data from participants who are currently competing in Indoor first, next Monday

we will open the registration thread and after a week or two start to contact you to let you know in private for your kit, we'll ask you a little patience because we have a lot of work at hand.

As we like to be fair with everyone, any person who has applied for a kit to participate in the competition for Indoor, and has received it and not started his journal will not be able to enroll in this competition or in the following . We believe it is sensible because the kits are designed for people who wish to participate, which is why it is free.

Anyone, regardless of their date of registration or number of posts, can participate by buying autoflowering seeds from Green House Seeds Co. and showing the original packaging in the begining of his journal.

We made a change to the start and end date of the contest Auto (begin a month later and end one month later), please carefully read the dates of participation in the first post of this very thread.

A big thanks for the good vibes spread in the contest, we wish you luck in this second part of the Green House Trilogy


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Thread open!!

:D :D Those Wishing To particpate please say "I'm in" in here and wait for a Member of the team to contact you in PM ;)

This is not discussion thread please only the registration, we have the discussion thread other here ;)http://www.strainhun...cussion-thread/

Good luck to everyone may it be an Awesome 2nd part of the Cup!! Show us some skills :rabbi: :rabbi:

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I'm sativa novice grower but never try them auto strains. Strain Hunters is a time to start THE Show!

I'm in.

I'll start some logs and we will see... :spiteful:

Good Luck Hunters !

Pi2 is comming soon :cool:

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I'm in !

Infos already sent by mail and are already recorded correctly. So I think no need to PM me with the email that's done already.

Thanks to Green House Seeds and Strain Hunters for this amazing opportunity, and to all the people who run this contest.


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Im also In :D Email send so no need for a Pm over here too.......Thanks a lot for the Invite to the 2nd Cup it was a lot of Fun doing the Caboose and now im excited what Strains the Team has for us in this Round...

Also a big Thx to the whole Greenhouse and Strainhunters Team for giving me the Oppoturnity to be Part of this great Event.

Greetz n Blessings


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Good luck everybody! I hope to see some nice growths on this part of the contest. Autoflowering strains are very cool, I like the concept. Last time a grow auto it was Sweet Mango Autoflowering a really great smoke, and I hope we can see that strain in this cup :P. Again best of luck everybody, I will pass on this, we are gonna get some visit from family and they will stay for some time. Thanks for the invitation GHSC and a big thanks to Dust for his amazing work and dedication to the forum ;) respect bro.

Best regards

Brother Jimmy whit family :D

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I'm in :D This will be an awesome follow up to the white lemon from the other cup which we started the other day. Expect journal to be started soon ;)

Please count me in guys promise i wont be such a late starter this time :D

I'm in,PM me,hopefully they turn up this time,just finished some autos,got them sussed,lets go


I'm in...!!

I'm spanish, but I will try to make the grow jornal in english, so,...sorry if I write bad.


I'm sativa novice grower but never try them auto strains. Strain Hunters is a time to start THE Show!

I'm in.

I'll start some logs and we will see... :spiteful:

Good Luck Hunters !

Pi2 is comming soon :cool:

Hey hey

so i didn´t particpate the Indoor Cup but i guess if it´s possible, i´m this time also in

thanks a lot

best Regards PencilJoe

im in!

I've sent you a PM guys ;) Answer could be a little long for confirmation but don't worry it will come ;)

To the others glad to here you already got confirmation :D

Thanks Jimmy ;)

Good luck everyone!! :D

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Think ill have a bit of this action !

Hook me up, it will be outdoors probably starting in April, if theres any superautos in the pipe line that woould be my perfered choice !!!

Howay babey lets gooooooooooooooo

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Think ill have a bit of this action !

Hook me up, it will be outdoors probably starting in April, if theres any superautos in the pipe line that woould be my perfered choice !!!

Howay babey lets gooooooooooooooo

Good luck man pm sent ;)

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"I'm in"!!!!

I hope I have been on time!


im in ;)

I want your seeds and your feeding in my aeroponic system ;)

tuga power .. peace

PM sent ;) welcome in the cup :)

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