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mcrossy white~lemon 11/1/2013

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before i start i would just like to say a big thanks to GHS and TEAM for this opportunity big respect and thanks for reading.

Right lets get started on the 11th i decided its time i carnt wait no longer so i started germination on 6 white~lemon.

I soaked some paper towel and placed them in 2 to a piece of paper towel just the way i do it then placed them on top of my 500l aquarium just to keep them warm.

36 hours later 13th it took the seed and placed them in cocco plugs all pre soaked in ph'd water at 5.6 ppm 300 water temp 18.3 at time and wont really go above 19.7 well int the first week they are all doin ok apart from 1 whitch hasent popped throu yet.

when i checked them this morning 1 had like pushed its self right out the soil and nearly laid out on the propargator tray so had to do some gentle surgery getting it back in.

Right so the veg room is 18x18 inch x30 inch with 2 flourecent light just to bring them up because my 125watt is to big for this room it would dry them out to quickly room is kept at a constant 18c lights are on 24hour.

I was ment to be starting just after xmas as thats when my other plants finished but a good freind off mine had some troubles at home and asked me if i would take on his lovley ladies as he couldent finish them well it was either that or them be cut down and i couldent bare to think that i had let these 3 beauties go in the bin they should be finished in about 2/3 weeks so will move mine on then into the larger room were they will stay for the duration.

They will be feed on GHSC powder feed for hybrids on a run to waste system.





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nice another white lemon start :D

Thanks for making a journal i hope it will go well until the end and that we will have awesome pics and plants to look at ;)

Have a good grow i stick around to follow that

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thanks guys and tokage yea things like that are bad they just dont deserve it this is a honest family that like to help each other out and yea lets hope they bring it out its back ground is amazing so lets hope it takes off thanks again peace.

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so today i opened up the 1 that had not come throu and unfortunatly its RIP to the little white lemon but the show must go on and the other 5 are doing well think i might have to change my bulbs as the ladies seem to be stretching lots so off to the shop as soon as i can.

The 1 thathad pushed its way out the soil is doing ok just needs to straiten out they will be getting repotted shortly so if its not then i will gently do it thanks for reading



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RIP to the dead baby man!! And long life to the the babies!!! Thanks for the pics man, stretching a little indeed as long as you handle them they'll be fine and will love a new bulb :D

Keep the news coming ;)

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suerte en el cultivo yo ya cultive una white lemmon y me salio mas que rica DELICIOSA!! una de las mas ricas que probe!!

asi que a poner lo mejor que el premio mas grande es disfutar de esta rica genetica !!

saludos y buenos humos

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So today i decided to repot as i carnt get out in car to get some new bulbs as the goverment sold off most there snow plows on EBAY more money in there back pockets.

So i repoted in 7cm square pots i placed them near the bottom as they had streched alot they are in a coco mix of perlite and coco ppm 521 ph 5.5 and all looking good 1 still has the water leafs stuck together but sill looks good even the 1 with the bent stem is ok just had to be carefull we i repotted thanks for reading peace.

time for a smoke.




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Just the seed shell case got stuck and did not drop of but when it did it left the lining from the inside stuck to the water leafs it should come undone soon will be fine tho thanks bro peace

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Sorry you lost one , but also welcome to the world little ladies :D

Nice to see another White Lemons grow, will be nice to follow.

I wish you alll the best with your grow and good luck in the cup.

Look forwards to next update and more pics, keep them coming.



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so hear we are one week later well it soon goes quick dont it. well the are all doing ok they have a bit of nute burn but all in under control flushed with water and reduced nutes to 2 thirds of what i was at 392 ppm.

at first they seem a lil sensative to the nutes nothing that sorted just respect them and they will respect your with a bumper harvest.

so i the past 24hr i have done a lot for them i have done about 120 mile round trip trying to get some new bulbs and my grow shops havent got any in stock with all the snow so i had to get my 125 watt lumi eco cool white bulb out and put that in and my old 4 inch extractor that has been in the loft for some time as it needed repairing so i got that sorted hooked my light and fan up and they look so much better today.

thanks for reading peace and happy smoking





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