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HomeGrown Flora PRO-COCO Nutrients – Simplified.

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HomeGrown Flora PRO-COCO Nutrients: text view https://pastetext.tk/paste.php?id=425
Down Load: "HomeGrown Flora PRO-COCO Nutrients.txt" https://pastetext.tk/paste.php?download&id=425

Numbers are in ml/L, makes concentrate.
{*Use Higher Calimagic for Reused Coco}

M – 2.8
G – 1.6
B – 1.8
CM – 0.4   {*0.8}

12/12 SWITCH
NAME / (Time of Application).

GROW (Day 0)  
M – 3
G – 2
B – 1
CM – 0.0   {*0.4}

M – 2.4
G – 1.2
B – 3
CM – 0.2   {*0.5}

Early Bloom (Day 15 – First Flowers)
M – 2.4
G – 0.8
B – 3
CM – 0.0   {*0.2}

PK+ Full Bloom (Day 36 – About 10mm Flowers)
M – 1.3
G – 0.7
B – 3
KB – 0.1

RIPEN (Most White Flower Pistils have Browned or collapsed and yellowed)
M – 0.8
G – 0.7
B – 3
KB – 0.7


See Charts in full Post:


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Application Timing:
I follow the schedule in new HomeGrown Flora profiles.
Change the Early Bloom timing to match first flowers.
It is important to only use the ratios in the profile set.

Still have nutrient imbalance problems?
If you notice too much yellowing at a particular time after 12/12, increase/extend the application time of the previously applied nutrient, with your next crop.
Or Increase/extend application time of each nutrient by 1 week, starting from 12/12.
Continue Using Early Bloom for longer to avoid too much plant ageing before harvest.

For standard bad Coco correction, revert to application of previously used nutrient for a period.
If your plants are yellowing because of your treatment or reason not directly related to nutrient, use your own judgement.

RIPEN (Most White Flower Pistils have Browned or collapsed and yellowed)
Here are some photos of Gorilla Flowers at 75 days of 12/12 light.
You can see the generation of new flower is close to ending.
Now is the time I consider applying the RIPEN nutrient.
I decide based on average maturity across all flowers.




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If all else fails - In situ Calmag treatment:
Start by making sure the problem Plant/Pot is fully saturated.
My thinking was to make sure plant can take up water to maximum capacity.
Wait till dark and water plant again, this time with 1ml/L of CaliMagic.
Before Dawn I flushed with water can, and then applied the normally used nutrient.

Not a recommendation, just saying I done this in a large coco bed without plant issues.

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