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Greenhouse thai


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Hello ladies and gents, i was wondering if anyone still runs the greenhouse thai ? It seems to be near impossible to get now.  An don't seem to be something that many people got or kept around. I've been looking for grow reports an pictures of it but there isnt a great deal of info on the net. It was released as a hybrid with the original thai crossed to arjans laos so the seeds would give phenotypes that were abit of a mixture of both the parents, but there were a few plants that would lean mainly towards the laos, or what im most interested in the phenotypes that leaned mainly towards the thai. The thai parent itself an the plants from the released seed version that leaned towards the thai were spectacular and a beautiful representation of some of the thais of old. A type that is not easily available nowdays and seems to be quite hard to find. If any one still has any of the greenhouse thai going or has any pictures I'd really love see them an hear about it.  Would be a shame if it was no longer around.

Oh one other thing if anyone knows anyone who still holds packs of the greenhouse thai that have been stored well an in good conditions eg the fridge in airtight containers, were i can still source these please do let me know, thanks.

Anyway hope everyone is doing well, an i look forwards to hearing more. Peace guys.

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