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Fastbuds meets autopot


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In this grow report I will try to grow Fastbuds Cherry Cola Auto in the Autopot system. 
I decided to take the greenhouse mineral powder feeding for the first time in this system. Detailed description of dosage follow in the weekly update. 
The light is from Greenception the GCx9. The bars are divided into growth and bloom which you can control via two buttons. 
Tent is still the Secret Jardin HS100.



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Week one:

In this week i watered the two little ones twice. The first time with pH-regulated water and the second time with some grow powder feeding(0,3g/l) mixed in the water. After that regulated the pH. 
The first picture is from the first day and the second from the last day of the week. 




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Week three: 

The plants develop insane. First time this week i watered only with pH-regulated water and then one time with GHF grow 0.4g/l. This week was very hot with temperatures about 31C inside the tent. Third time i watered only with pH-regulated water. 
Over the whole week i was bending the shoots down so the lower shoots get enough light. 





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Week four:

The last week of growth. The plants show of pre-flower sings. Take a look at the picture..

From now the Autopots will feeded throug the system. Added 15l to the tank twice this week. Once with 0.5g/l and the other only pH-regulated water. 
I cut out some of the big sun sails. 

In addition, a deficiency of calcium and magnesium has been shown. This I have through the addition of calmag fertilizer hopefully soon under control. 






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Week five and first week of flowering: 

The deficiency about CalMag get‘s worse. I measured the rinseout the ec is about 1,2 & the pH about 5.8 all in range… 

Filled up the tank two times this week like the week before in additon the CalMag fertiliser with 1ml/l from BioBizz.



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Week nine fifth week of flowering:

The ladys develop better than expected. This week is the last week with fertiliser. In the end of the week I removed the Autopot system to install the grades. So i can better flush the plants.

Meanwhile, I also find the color play of the leaves very beautiful to look at. You can see that the end is near for the ruderalis. 






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Week ten sixth week of flowering: 

In the beginning of the week I rinsed the plants with 8l plain water. The substrate EC was about 0.2 after flush. The plants have to take the last nutrients from the plants. Some of the leafes falling down others were cut by me today. After drying out the substrate I will harvest them. 





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