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Discovering the Unknown Secret Land of Ultimate Smokes

The One 1986

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Hello Strain Hunters,


I joined as a last ditch effort to meet real smart people whom sought after the Ultimate Smokes. Unfortunately even with an Associates, Bachelors, and Master's degree from the WA State University and living in a Draconian Country that I have no job or income BECAUSE USA LIED TO ME ABOUT: "Oh God, I need that Ultimate God or Goddess Smokie, hope somebody can do the IMPOSSIBLE UNTHINKABLE and make a strain with a both a God and Goddess Cross with it". Today it stands I thought strain hunters was dead but since things are good maybe we can go slow since I am willing to move from my crappy poopy USA country anyways because they cheat me and are ingrates when they should be paying me millions, billions, and trillions of dollars for: Special Smoke Supa Powers from the Ancient Zords like: Super strength, speed, and intelligence, and super healing lastly the Fountain of Youth beta and Alpha actual reverse of aging per treatment. I got pics, I got proof and I look forward to moving away from the poopy USA if strain hunters can see that ultimate smokie and how it is necessary to be wise and control life. Yeah Baby enjoy those pics and imagine SUCKING ON THAT SMOKIE : )






















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Iceni, thanks for reading and I hope in the future I can work something out with strain hunters so you can get them seeds because I surely won't be putting them anywhere but if there ever was a place for this God Goddess stuff I hope to Wheel and Deal with the strain hunters. I more than want to send seeds but without an application for some kind of employment whether I get anything is less important than the social status of USA is if you make any income your considered super man even if its pennies so well see. The categories of the breeds I made are in 4 corners: God, Buddha, Goddess, and Durban Magic. IF one can create breeds with these strain types they are the absolute most powerful loser away in a can thing that exists in life AKA the Game Genie, and pal when you put those codes in your life changes from I nearly got my head entirely blown off in the Iraq War to someone who can compete professionally in a Triathlon.

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