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Hellooooo, Shaggy here again :)


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Hi growers, Shaggy here again after a very long time.

I was chatting to someone on Twitter about growing and had to find my first grow report, which was here. So reset my password and found it and shared.

So, just thought I'd say hi again.

Hope you have all been well.

Life has been a yo-yo for me over the intervening time, but, I'm still here, still growing & learning, and ok-ish :)

I've some plants in my tent now. They've been outdoors during the UK summer, and I've brought them in from about the 3rd week of flower so the UK weather does not ruin them with bud rot.

I've one plant still outdoors, my cultivar BloodHaze (male regular Blood Berries by Sub Cool (RIP, he gifted me two strains before he passed) crossed with a female (feminized) DelaHaze from you guys at Greenhouse seeds).

Photo is of the BloodHaze as of two days ago.

Best wishes, Shaggy

UK Outdoor 1 170922.jpg

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