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Welcome to Hemp Makassar, South Sulawesi-Indonesia

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The picture that I share is the hidden cultivation that we do to preserve cannabis sativa so that we don't depend on the black market anymore when our colleague's family needs marijuana for treatment and consumption in their respective homes. It is true that possession of marijuana in Indonesia is still illegal under the law, but we continue to develop efforts so that the Ministry of Health can conduct medical research later and we will donate the strains we have as laboratory raw materials. I am happy to accept the invitation to discuss with friends here to share information about the regulation, business and distribution of cannabis plants in the world.

*We plant the marijuana in between the corn and chili fields

Celebes strain1.jpg

Celebes strain2.jpg

Celebes strain.jpg

Celebes strain3.jpg

Celebes strain4.jpg

Celebes strain5.jpg

Celebes strain6.jpg

Celebes strain7.jpg

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