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Winner 🥇 is..........

The One 1986

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Strain hunters breed and seeds weak and pathetic!!!!!!!!!! Id never buy that inferior creation. No God or Goddess or Buddha or magic types found on this POS website they refused to sell the best my seeds so strain hunters can go F Off fake Liars. If it's not God or Goddess or Buddha or magic types RICH people HIDE while  trying to to stop me from selling my seeds FU God damned MFers! And F the government too I'm using FIGHTING MAGIC to beat you!!!! Price for 1x seed of Fighting Magic $100 for 1x and that goes for Putin too if you want to WIN the war contact me and I will send the seeds and threatened to kill ALL police FOREVER as I  will take the Souls of all them and destroy them forever!!!! Buyer's get ready to email me at lightanddark1986@gmail revenge is coming!!!!!!!

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