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Is GreenField Cannabis Crowd Growing a Viable Business Model?


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Cannabis is slowly becoming popular in different parts of the world. The market for Cannabis products such as Hemp and CBD is readily available in almost all parts of the world. Legalization of medical, recreational, and industrial production of Cannabis has increased the product's demand leading to the development of crowdfunding organizations that pool funds from enterprising investors to fund the business. Crowdfunding a Cannabis business requires significant capital. Legal fees and Insurance costs stand at $50,000. You still need to plant. The expenses of growing and storing the plant can quickly go to $1,000,000. That's why GreenFields needs you.
Why GreenFields investors will win
Most Cannabis oriented businesses have failed due to the lack of funds to lay the baseline of the business. Banks and venture capital investors are the most prominent business funding institutions. However, these institutions refrain from businesses connected to the production of Marijuana and are reluctant to finance such businesses. They term the field as an industry that is shady and highly unregulated and somehow shady, leaving crowdfunding as the only option for these startups. 
GreenFields is a Cannabis-oriented crowd-growing startup that will allow investors to earn passive income from their stakes in the company. Following the crowd, the growing model will eliminate the heavy expenses of obtaining licenses and other legal documents required for crowdfunding Cannabis startups. This means the funds can be re-invested in the business to yield more produce.
How is crowd growing different from crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding involves raising money from many people, each contributing a small portion. In crowdfunding, investors raise money and leave it in the hands of the organization, trusting its expenditure. On the other hand, crowd growth is a different type of game. In crowd growing, investors and GreenFields will establish existing cooperation with cultivators at all stages of cannabis cultivation. 
This also means that capitalists who invest in the business could directly get involved by frequently visiting the farms and reviewing the company's expenses. In the end, all parties will benefit from their contributions.
Why GreenFields has a Cheaper Business Model
According to statistics, 80% of all startups fail in the first five years. Most of them fail due to a lack of funds. Unlike other crowdfunding organizations, GreenFields focuses on saving capital and avoiding unnecessary expenses through the 'crowd growing' business model. Under this system, GreenFields will outsource licenses, distribution networks, employees, and planting experts through cooperation agreements incorporated under the company's branches. In other words, it is cheaper to partner than to hire.
The surplus funds saved operating under the crowd-growing umbrella will be used to produce more Cannabis that will, later on, be sold to countries that have legalized the plant for medical and recreational purposes.
GreenFields is better than the Stock Market.
The stock market is a financial derivative that awards investors who buy and hold company stakes. The downside is that the market is highly volatile and is heavily affected by macro and microeconomics. Investors must buy low and sell high to turn their investments into profits. At GreenFields, an electronic partner's returns are stable, calculated, and consistent until the harvest is complete.
GreenFields offers different types of Cannabis plants at different affordable prices. For instance, the Green Hemp plant is the cheapest option for electronic planters. One Hemp plant costs the investor only €50 with an investment period of 10 days for 10%. 
Final Thoughts
GreenFields is the best cannabis platform. The crowd-growing operation mechanism offers a better investment vehicle than the stock market. Returns on the platform are high due to the increasing demand for Cannabis products for medical and recreational activities worldwide. Invest in GreenFields today and become a Cannabis electronic planter.

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