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lemon orange outdoor grow , starting within anny weeks from now

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I am also looking for outdoor finish time and info on Chemical Bride and Persian Pie....going to do a outdoor grow in UP Michigan and am hoping finish times are correct per Green house site.


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I would recommend you to pull your plants into the blooming stage by blacken them out if you have the possibility of course ,if you can control the time of light it's always the best ,the finish times are always within some margents ,and a newer strain is likely to have some more phenotypes within the strain so there are never anny garanties .best of luck my friend ,an you only know by trying .  

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started germinating my 3 lemon orange seeds on last monday  ,an the are peaking above soil already ,looking nice and happy  ,still don't know if i am going to share the whole ciclus but how knows ,until then all the best to you all stay save and keep growing/smoking !!

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within just a couple of days (monday to saturday) later ,the girls are looking nice and happy already ,3 out of 3 seeds so a 100% score ,always do well with greenhouse seeds !! simple setup ,just a little table lamp ,some cd's to adjust the height if needed ,a makeup mirror on top of the lamp to give them all the lumens there are .

well it's time for  a new journey ,hopefully the lemon orange shows here heritage ath the end !! 



20230408_191110 (1).jpg

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20 days after germination the girls are ready to move to a bigger home ,growing and developing just nice and the next time i replant them the will go into 40ltr pots and outside .slowly starting to give them some startbooster for the next transplant ,weather is getting better/warmer each day so fingers crossed 






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