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Greetings from South Africa

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Hey guys,

I live in South Africa, where the sun shines at its best, and thus I am an outdoor grower! I absolutely am In love with this wonderful plant as it has contributed to my life in numerous ways. I am proud to use it both medicinally and recreationally as it is a part of my lifestyle. I can never see myself not having a garden wherever I go...

I am a huge sativa lover, but of course the time and the place for a dank indica is always lovely :)

This forum has so much information and for that I would like to thank you everyone for your constant unpaid contributions...

respect from rsa <3

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Hey Man welcome on SH forum!!

Nice SA it explains the big sun shining on your pics ^^ Thanks for making a grow journal for us already :D hope we'll see some nice fat ladies over there ;)

If you have any problem on the forum just ask one of th moderator and we'll do our best to help you out ;)

Have a good discovering of the place, we have few members from SA maybe you'll make some new friends ;)

See ya online!

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