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3 Kalashnikova+ 1 El Nino Scrog in Smart Pots

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Ok next one.

my other projekt is nearly complete and the growroom is ready for the next ones.

this time i have 3x kalashnikova and 1 el nino that i want to scrog.

the setup:

Growbox S silver (80x80x160)

MH 250W for vegi and HPS 250W for bloom both in a cool tube

smart pots 15 liter

medium is plagron growmix mixed with canna coco to get a fluffy strucktur just like the soil from biocanna.

this time i will use the rest of my biocanna fertilizers for veg and bloom, advanced natural power root stimmulator, biocanna bioboost, pk13/14 and mykos.

I started three weeks ago with the germination. went good, then put them in soil filled peat hats.

then when the first root peaked out at the bottom i put them in larger pots.

there they are up until now.

oh i forgot, cause my grow tend is full, i raise them under 2x 36w energy saver t-5 lamps till they travel under the sun.

thats it for now.

till next time











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Thanks for making another journal man hope those ladies will give us a nice show ;)

Did you start feeding them yet? looks like they are a little hungry for some goodies :) how much and how often do you water also?

i'm sure they'll love those smartpots ;) keep us updated on those nice babies :)

Have a good grow

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yes dust i know and yes i started feeding them with the root stimmulator from the start.

a few days ago i started with biovega.

they seem to have not enought N, but the mykos i´ll add when they get into the smartpots should fix it.

i water 1 day after the top of the pot is dry. this method i only use on the small plastik pots.

i must see for myself how fast they will dry in the smart pots and when the need water. well we´ll see.

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hy everyone

now i know what went wrong and the plants look so sad. i used the wrong soil to start.

the soil i used was for herbs, not for seeds.

but now they are in the smart pots with the plagron/coco mix i made. they should be alright in the next few days.


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yes they can only appreciate ;)

good to hear you found your problem hope they will bounce back quickly ;)

Have a good grow keep us updated

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here i am with good news

they regenerated and looking really good to me.

the el nino is the one in the front on the right side and the one on the last picture.

and the best thing that happend is that the powder feeding arrived in austria.

i know it´s not a biological fertilizer, but i will use it only for the first weeks of vegetative grow.

when it goes to flowering i use only bio this time.

and what i can say after one week is: awesome.

the powder feeding has done a great job in such short time.

till next time






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well tokage,

cause its not biological and if i use it i have to flush min 1-2 times.

and becuase i´m scroging, i can´t take te plants out to do it.

also because the taste, bio tastes better, say what you want that´s what i believe and expierienced.

but maybe i try it with one plant without flushing.

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to be truely honnest i have more often awesome taste on my plants since i use PF than before...doesit comes from genetics cause they aren't the same as previous grow, or does it come from the nutes i don't know.. before i was using organic too, and like you didn't like the idea of mineral.. but well nothing is written in stone and everyone deserves a chance lol, and really i'm not disapointed! Like tokage said, give it a try on 1 plant and you'll see!

And just as a little side discussion, i don't think you would have to flush more with PF, in the contrary i think you have more chances of having locking up problem with organic than nute as you know food has to be transformed in organic form before beeing able to be eaten, and non eaten will stay in soil and eventually build up salts later as the PF could do, specially if you would have used the orga since beginning, which is not the case here ^^ But on the other side with the PF, if you keep a low hand on it and stay very atentiv to your girl and her needs to increase it when they need it then no problem will come with it and with a good runoff in Flowering even less chances to get salts ;) ;)

Good luck man i still understand you're thinking i've been there ^^

Cheers ;)

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most common way to check is to measure your Runoff water, For example you put 3 L of water with good ph and EC around 1, and you mesure the water that will come off the pot. it has to keep more or less the same values as the one you putted in, if your goes from 1 to 2 for example it means you probably have salts in your soil.

We have many threads talking more deeply about the subject have a little look around for more infos ;)

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Nice grow. but your loading pictures is terrible. Try to compress them in some program. Take too long to loading ....


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