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Chronic Grower

Money Maker (powder feed only)

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Hellow fellow growers i would like to start with thanking GHS for giving me this grate opportunity,i know its getting late but i should of started this grow in jan but was moving to a new flat in feb so had to put the cup on hold now we all have settled in its time to start growing again ,so here i go




Equipment list

Green room 100 grow tent (1.2m x 1.2m x 2m).

600w lumatek digital dimmable ballast.

600w sunmaster dual spectrum mh & hps bulbs.

Cooltube reflector 5” rvk 125 extractor fan 250m3/hr.

5” phat filter 125mm x 300mm (408m3/hr) 5” duct pipe

Arcadia dual t5 12% uvb/uva strip lights with reflectors.

Strip heater with thermostat for night heating( if temperature is to low)

Digital mix/max recording thermometer/hygrometer.

Clip on oscillating fan.

Aeroponic propagator ,water/air pumps ,air curtain & water heater.

Bluelab PH and EC pens with cleaning / calibration kits.

Dutch pro ph down veg/bloom & ph up.

Jiffy 7s 50mm coco coir fibre plug.

Plant training bendz (for bending branches to get more light)

Yo Yos (for plant support)

10 x 1 gallon root pouches.

Coco pro plus, and perlite.

Ghs mother plant & mostly indica powder feed.

Liquid Oxygen

Cal/Mag supplement (if needed)

Clip on normal light bulb for taking photos

Preparation of grow room

Sterilizing The Grow Room


First of all i got my protection from the cleaning products, a breathing mask, eye protection, and old clothes, I'm using a diluted liquid oxygen, mixed with water at the rate of 5 ml per litre, I've pored the solution into a spray bottle then sprayed/wiped down my lights and reflectors(while turned off), extractor fan,duct pipe (inside n out),oscillating fan ,the whole grow tent,lights reflectors, pipettes and even all the wires i set up all the equipment,after i sterilized my fabric root pouches (after cleaning them with plain water to get all soil debris out) in a bucket with a mixture of 10 ml per litre of liquid oxygen then left it over night to soak ,then dried ready to be filled. now its time to sterilize my aeroponic propagator , I set it all up, water/air pumps ,air curtain & water heater. Added water and 10 ml per litre of liquid oxygen to the water tank switched it on and let it run over night ,the next day I empted the water out of the tank replaced it with fresh water an let it run for an hour empted it now its ready to go,


Clean And Calibrate Ph & Ec Pens

first i cleaned my Ph probe by using a tooth brush and a gel type soap that came with my kit i have 2 plastic containers that i filled with cold boiled water from my kettle, im using 1 container for cleaning and the second for rinsing my probe. i applied the gel to the brush and gently cleaned the glass bulb and metal temperature probe then dipping the probe and brush into the container with soapy dechlorinated water, then repeat cleaning a few more times to make sure ive cleaned any chemical residue off the glass and metal probes, i rinsed the probes with dechlorinated water, then with another tooth brush i cleaned the probes in the other container with the clean dechlorinated water get get rid of any soap,the reason i use dechlorinated water is that chlorine in normal tap water is a chemical and can leave residue on the probes which may give inaccurate readings. Thou it would be a lot cleaner water if I used distilled water. Which I don't have at the moment , will get one for next grow hopefully. Now my probes are clean i dried them ready for calibration ,i pored a Ph solution of 7 and 4 in 2 separate containers i first calibrated my pen to 7 then rinsed the probe in dechlorinated water dried the probes then calibrated it to Ph 4 rinsed and dried. now for my Ec pen, the same method applied with the rinsing and drying like with the ph pen but instead of cleaning with a tooth brush and soap it comes with a cream and flat padded type brush, this cream seems to be taking a layer off my ec probe so when cleaning i brush very gently in a curricula motion to be careful not to take to much off ,cleaned and calibrated to 2.8 then in a 1.4 Ec solution, my pen only calibrates to the 2.8 solution, the 1.4, i got separate and is used only to double check the pen is reading fine. both pens are now ready to go, sorted.









Date 17/02/2013

For germination I shall be using my aeroponic propagator to maintain the right temperature and humidity. I filled the propagator tank with dechlorinated water that I left in a open bucket for 48 hours to dechlorinate took an Ec reading that was at 0.2 very soft water in my area , im sure im going to end up with a calcium deficiency but we will wait and see. I then added ghs mother powder feed to the water till I had an Ec reading of 0.7 , set the Ph to 5.5, put in the water heater ,set at 23c and air curtain (which is like a long flexible air stone pipe ) switched on the air pump and water pump ,then filled a glass with water with a Ph of 5.5 place the glass on the planting shelf then added the 10 money maker seeds which sank to the bottom, put on the propagator lid with air vent closed to rise the humility and temperature, the temperature with light off in my grow tent is 20.3c at 2 feet high just 2 feet under my grow light,temperature at plant level is 21.2 humidity at 72%.






In the meanwhile

Stabilizing Ph in jiffy coco coir fibre plugs

I filled a bucket up of dechlorinated water adjusted the Ph to 5.5 then added to jiffy plugs to the bucket and left for a few hours, came back to to check the Ph which was now reading 5.4 so I raised the Ph to 5.5 again and left over night then rechecked the Ph , reading 5.5 stabilized accomplished I then added the jiffy plugs to the aeroponic propagator ready for the seeds to go in.




Back to germination

Date 18/02/2013

After 12 hours the first 2 seeds cracked so I planted them into the jiffy plugs about 1/2 inch deep with the root at the top pointed downwards but before I planted them I checked the Ph that was reading 5.5 and Ec at 0.7 all good no change there ,with the rest of my seeds I doubled up on toilet paper to form a thick layer on a plate, poured the seeds and water on to the toilet paper ,wrapped up the seeds and put it in the propagator with the plate upside down to keep the seeds in the dark put on the lid my aeroponic propagator an left for 24 hours.





Date 19/02/2013

All have cracked so I planted them all into my jiffy plugs and switched on my grow light with the MH duel spectrum bulb for vegetative growth one of the first seeds that cracked the day before is starting to pop out the jiffy plug im going to name this plant (first lady) he he I came back after 2 hours to check the temperature that is reading 32 with my propagator lid on so I left the lid off then came back to check the temperature after an hour that now reads 27c still a little to hot I think so I clipped my fan onto my aeroponic propagator pointing to cool down that area now the temperature is reading about 25c with lights on that's good enough for me water temperature is reading 23c that's all good to, humidity is a little low at 49 but im not to concerned its at 70 at ground level I believe its only reading 49 because of the fan.







Date 22/02/2013

Ok all my seeds have shot up out of the jiffy plugs still with shell hats on apart from first lady who is nearly free, the temperature and humidity are all fine but when I checked the Ph and Ec of the water it is starting to rise, due to the fact that the water is evaporating leaving a higher Ec and Ph levels, Ph was reading at 5.6 and Ec at 0.9 so I added more dechlorinated water at a lower ph 5.4, slowly poured the water in my aeroponic propagator tank till I got the Ph of 5.5 and Ec to 0.7 I used about 2little of water,now all is back to normal,sweet as.







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Date 23/02/2013

I decided to show a video of all my plants that's broken out of there shells checked the Ec that was fine reading 0.7 and Ph is reading 5.6 so its gone up by 0.1 so I lowered the Ph back t 5.5, temperature is all good but still a low humidity level hope it will be fine. I forgot to mention that until the seeds broke free from there shells I had the light on 12 hours I will be upping the daylight hours to 18 some time next week I don't want to waste electric.


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Cool set up bro.

Can you also cover the holes you do not want to use, lets say if you wanted to grow every other hole?

hi Tokage yes there are foam plugs which comes with the set that has a slit going from the middle to the outside meant for cutting to stabilize them and to block any light braking through ,good job you reminded me i need to fish them out to plug the last 2 holes to stop any light coming through, i will take pics of them tomorrow when i can find them ,we are still living out of boxes at the min.

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Ok i done full water change, about 15L of water to 1 level scoop of mother powder feed thats brought up the ec to 0.8 from my previous ec that was 0.7 ,brought the ph down to 5.5

About the seedlings

8 of the seedling has broke free out there seed case and doing well but one is smaller then the rest and is a little odd ,the leaves are of differnt sizes and insted of having 2 sets of leaves she has 3, this has happend to me before i got an extra bud branch along the main stem but not on any side branches but this lady is not looking her best but im going to keep her going to if she can bounce back .


one of the seedlings has not shed its shell ,there is a root growing out of the jiffy plug, so im going to give it a little longer to see what happens.


this is the sad case death its to bad because i got at least 7 others that looks strong and healthy , always look on the bright side of life i say . here is a pic of the poor bugger after i dug her out.


thats as far as that root grew ,not much at all .

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nice little setup man, i like those buckets and for sure someday i'll try this ^^

Thanks for the news man keep us updated ;)

Have a good grow

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thanks dust,

i was playing with the foam plug in the video to show tokage what they where like as he asked about them , thats if people was woundering what i was doing lol people might of thought " stoned moment ,forgot what he was doing" lol


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as you can see the roots are long enough to be planted so here i go, planting in 1 gallon air pouches with a 50/50 coco/perlite mix.

to plant i dug a hole in the pots, laid the long roots in and pushed th coco mix back in the hole to stabilized to roots ,then sat the jiffy plug on the mix buried it with the mix on top.

now i add 1 scoop of gh powder feed to about 10L of water thats been left to dechlorinate for 48 hours that gave me a EC reading to 1.0 and PH was ajusted to 5.8 .

gave each of the 8 plants just over 1L of feed put them under the light turned the light hours up from 12 to 18 and switched the dimmer up from 400w to 600w time to let theese babies grow .








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lol yeah for sure roots were lnog enough ^^ Looks like they got a nice new little bed ;)

thanks for the pics and news may they have a good growth ;)

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6 days later ive taken a few pics and a little video to show how my ladies are coming along

ive also put in 2 of my pots a temp probe that reads at the top of my digital thermometer , i know in the vid i pointed at the middle reading accidentaly but the pot temp is displayed at the top and the air temp is displayed in the middle of the digital thermometer /hydrometer sorry for the confusion there





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it grow well she's good green and roots are already beautiful!!!!!!


thanks man they sure love the airoponics and the powder feed

nice set up you have there i will follow and wish you very good luck at the world cup. hope i can enter one day. :biggrin:

thanks mate hope u get the chance if there's another cup next year

wow looks great. love the detail. You also helped me once again on using the prob the plant :D thanks

keep up the great journal.

hi pal im glad im giving people new ideas for there grows the probe thing only came to me the when i planted them thought i would be good to know them temp around the roots

its cooler then the temp around the pots .

thanks people for your comments peace

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