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Money Maker (powder feed only)

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yeah the roots are supposed to poke out then air prune which is when the root die off and its grows more roots its like topping a plant then it comes back with more shoots

but ive not seen this with advanced nutes looking good with the powder feed so far in the vegging stage beats all other nutes so far by the looks of everyother powder feed grow on here its going to do well in flowering stage ,

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regarding the roots growing out the pots what i think has happened is ive done a big flush and its raised the humidity, its very cold and wet outside which is close to 100% humidity so even with the window open to let moist air out isn't working right now ,the roots are able to grow out the air pouches without any trouble of drying out , as soon as the coco starts to dry an i go back to 1/2 liter water/ feed plus when the weather sorts it self out the roots should die off .

the tents next to my bed so untill then im sleeping with 1 eye open just in case them roots tries to strangle me lmao :)

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its end of week 1 of flowering and finally the coco has dried out so done a feed with greenhouse mostly indica powder feed with an ec of 1.5 ph 5.8 the run off water was reading at ph of 5.8-6.0 so ok there but one plant i was reading 5.7 ph and this plant in the last week has been showing signs of a deficiency and another plant at a ph od 5.8 is also looking a little bad, iam thinking magnesium deficiency ???? this might be being at the wrong ph or could be the first 2 to suffer from a magnesium deficiency as my tap water is soft water 2.0 ec ??? what do people think ??

this is the plant thats at a ph of 5.7 affecting the bottom of the plant and stating to affect the top leaf tips




here is the plant only affected by the top tips at a ph of 5.8



apart from that all the others look fine in the last week there has been a lot of stretching internods are quite far apart

all plants are at different sizes here is a pic of the tallest and smallest plants together


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yes in coco it is possible if your water is really soft that you have some light cal/mag def at some point, iff you can try to get your hand on a bottle or another organic source of cal/mag, but lil bottles aren't too expensive normally and you won't need much.

Beside that ladies look good i hope you solve that fast :) maybe the feed will help a little after the dry period ;)

Have a good grow keep us updated

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yeah dust ive got a small bottle cost me £10 ive applied 2ml per liter along with feed for my girls may just have caught it in time i dont want to get frowned upon or disqualified

for braking the rules of powder feed only????

im thinking of appling the cal/mag through foliar feeding to never made my own foliar feed never heard about what ph is best needed ,what i do know is duch pro keep it green is a foliar feed and ive check its ph and it was reading ph8.0 so im going to go with that ph as i know it works .

here are some more picks taken the other day enjoy





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just been inspecting my plants and ive found a hemie,a few male balls on one of my money makers its on the main stem node but looks like there might be male balls developing on the side branches to will post pics asap

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that sucks man, i hope i wont get nay hermies on mine ^^ good luck with the rest , hope you'll get females ;)

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same as yours .. MM , mine are at flower day 20 right now .. only 1 showed sex so far , hope the rest will be fine too ^^

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hmm give them a few more days to make sure they are male balls, usually they are lower than this, could be some late and lazy female flower, MM should not have any hermie we've had alot groing and i'm not sure ny hermied, i don't remember it right now at least ^^

Good luck man

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well it looks like it is a hermi theres balls appering all on the side branches, had kill the plant i dont want to smoke any seeds :(

hard to get a good pic to show you guys but if you click on the image it becomes bigger and easyer to see,

heres a few some pics




sad times what a shame this is a good looking plant :(



choped the root ball in half



half the roots that dint brake apart i think with the high humidity inside and outside in th last few weeks are making the roots a little dark think its time to add some hydrogen peroxide or i might get root rot


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well i see the balls but what i'm saying is they were maybe only preflowers, you shouldn't cut the plant so quick nothing would happen before a long week even if you keep her ;)

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i see what you mean dust it really was getting crowded in there but ive only seen balls like that turn out to be male maybe i got it wrong i should of waited

here are some pics taken by my microscope ive also taken a pic of the female preflower just above the supected male balls tell me if u still think it was female preflowers dust?

here is the female preflower


here are what i thought are male flowers




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its day 20 of flowering ive fed them with an EC 1.5 PH 6 1 litrer each as the coco has dried out.

ive had a little problem with humidity being abut 70% with all the bad weather we've had in the last month im going to be putting in a dehumidifier in the next few days hoping i can bring the humidity down as i think its delaying flowering.

not many flowers forming at the min might be do to lower temps .

i trimed off lower branches to help with air flow then i put a fan blowing around the bottom of the plants.

night time temp it falling to low about 15 degrees C with day time temp being 25c at canapy level , the soil temp aroung the the roots that i put in is reading 17C -18C, with tem around the pots is 19C-20C i think its a little to low 'so in the next few days i will be tryng to up the temps by 3degrees by putting my heater on but this nrmally only ups it by 1 degree as the only way to keep the heat in the tent is to turn the extractor fan down but this ends up with more humidity in the tent so the fan needs to be on full power, also i have to have the window open to allow air exchange so its all it doesnt help the the outside temp is cold so getting a ballance of all 3 is critical will post next week about what i did to try and overcome this predicument untill them here are some pics from today peace.gallery_10332_860_495712.jpg
















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I think you have cut hastily it is true that it's scary but it is better to wait to be trained and monitored every day

Fortunately you have other beautiful plants very promising


yes is true i did cut to quick but ive only ever seen balls like that turn to male flowers never have i seen them shoot hairs ,ive not seen any balls coming out on my other female mm where its shot out flowers flower late, im not saying anyone is wrong in thinking they could of been female but what ive seen and before ive started growing fem seeds ive always grown reg seeds ive also cross bred plants ,not saying im any kind of pro just that ive worked with alot of males and hemis in the past and from what ive seen the female flowers have always comes out behind a spear shaped leaf before it develops a seed pod,ive also got 4 autos in full flower that i dont want to go into seed it wasnt so much the mm i was concernd about being seeded so early, ive not got alot of time on my hands im very busy man work full time got a famliy to be with and alot of other thing going on i cut it to save alot of hasle in the long run , whats done is done time to move forward :)

sorry to GHS for impling what they are thinking is 100% hermi free is not ,im sure the batch off mm are good for market after all not seen any other hermi in my lot for other peoples grows on here for the money maker, as long as the yeild and smoke is good i will for sure be groing it again in the future.

please enjoy the rest of this grow. peace

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I agree with you they looked like balls, 90% sure. The more space for your other plants...

When fem you have to be ready for 99% success, 1% even if perfect environment will show balls, also more % if environment not perfect.

Nice grow! Good luck!

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