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Cannabis Legalization & USA

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good news man! thanks for sharing another nice article :) And if they happen to stop raiding some honnest dispensaries in cali like they say in the article would be a first logical step ;)

Good luck guys i see hawaii is on the line too :)

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The sheer scale of some of them are awesome. As for deforestation? there is a lot more land being torn down just to make tables, chairs and anything else wood related. 100's of square miles are ripped down every single day. At least these effects on the environment are very small and for good cause, usually for legitimate patients with legitimate concerns. If I could I'd go out there and setup I would be there in a heartbeat, wouldn't anyone? Lol ;)

Great share though Oldemarine, Aloha by the way :)

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California has periods of very little rainfall. It will be interesting to see how the mountaintop growers deal with a drought situation.

Good question man, they drink so much! :)

Is there rain season in the emerald triangle? If so the growers must find some way to store the rain during wet times and then use in the drier months. As you say how the hell can they feed dozens of hungry vigorous marijuana plants in full bloom?

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