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Money Maker...Hydro..Scrog..600w D78

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hey guys, sorry to start my grow journal this late , but better late than never ;)

Anyway, this will be my 2nd batch in hydro with Powder Feeding.

i throw 6 seeds in water for 24h, then inside a wet paper cloth for another 24-36h ..

since i had some trouble with rockwool at the last batch, i decided to use root riot instead.

about 5-6 days under 150w cfl for 18h then i trnasplant the root riot into final pot with clayballs under 400w .

my 400w digital ballast is set at 75% so far with a Aggrolite bulb .

since i got surprised with "hydro stretch" on my last batch, with 3 weeks veg, i decide to only give 2 weeks to those money maker , but no fully sure yet.. will see on time ^^

so far, ph between 5.5-5.8 and EC set a 0.9. this is the first week of veg .

here's some pics to start off, i'll will upload more pics when lights turn on .



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hey bro!! yes better late than never today is the first day to open the journals so you're lucky ;)

Good luck to those baby girls man, PF and MM you can not go wrong ;)

0,9 is maybe a little high ? but if the girls take it nicely then it's ok ^^

Have a good grow man keep us updated!!

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thx guys, and yes it's a basic dripper system... the overflow goes back to the tank.

i replaced the lil' babies in the pot last night,so it'll be easier to train. i'll show you pictures a bit later when lights turn on.

i lower Ec slightly by adding some RO water.

values are now: Ph 5.7 Ec 0.6 Air Temp: 23° Water Temp: 21.6° Humidity 46% (day) 64% (night)

i did not count pre-veg period (6 days) , Day 1 of veg was when i moved them into the Tent, so today it is "vegging day 5"

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hey guys...

so today day 13 of veg... they look fine except for one who was kinda struggling for any reason...

ph is set between 5.5-5.8 and EC is around 0.9 . i'll will spray later on some fishmix (1-2ml/1L) .

i will also start proper training today, i will bend'em really low , except for the one who's struggling. i also got my hand on some nice steelwire net ;)

i rise the ballast to 100% and those girls are still on 18/6...and i think i'll veg them more than expected, probably another 10 das or so ,and i'll manage height by bending,topping,fimming... willl see on time .i really dont want to have over 1m high plant, like i had at my first try ..











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damn girls are big compare to last time :)

Thanks for the news man ,hope the weid one catch back ;)

Have a good grox

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so as i said yesterday , i started training... except for the "funky"one.

i used butcher string to do the trick ... i also sprayed fishmix on them last night .

that's it for today








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today after 24h of training and fishmix sprayed...

water temp : 23.2°C

Ec : 0.934

Ph : 5.67

2 weeks veg today ..









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hey guys ...

so today is the 19th day since they're in clyaballs (extra 5 days of seedling-preveg)

the Ph is slightly fluctuating going up to 6.2 at some point... but for most part it is set between 5.5/5.8.

Ec is set at 1.0 right now with powder feeding , i sprayed twice with fishmix so far and 1 time with "energy max" from platinum .

as you can see i bent them twice and they seem to liking it .. they're about 15cm tall after bending...

i think im gonna start 12/12 tonight.. as i mention earlier , i have been tricked but the stretch period in hydro the first time , i hope this time i'll be able to manage that ..

the steel-wire net is ready , i'm gonna wait the stretch to start to place it cause it will be big , i'm pretty sure .

room temp : day ==>>25.5°

night==>> 20.7°

water temp : 23.4°

humidity : day ==>> 47%

night ==>>55% (extraction is on 24/7)

lights will be turned off tonight at 7pm for 24h... flowering start when they'll wake up tomorrow night ^^

i see you then ;)










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nice bushy girls man!! don't let them trick you twice :P :P it's true that in some hydro setup the stratch is...vigorous lol ;)

I don't know if you saw in the General info room i posted a feeding schedule for the PF if you want to have something to compare to :)

Have a good flowering man keep us updated ;)

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yeah i know my Ec is a little low.. but i plan on totally cleaning out the rez in few days, so i didnt want to add any extra water and food.. that's why i used fishmix twice this week ..within cpl days the rez will me mostly empty and it'll be easier to take out and clean .

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hey hunters.. big update.. :)

3rd day of flower

so at first i emptied and clean my tank.. big hassle but worth it . i refilled with 30L of RO water i then added Powder feeding till i got 1.5 Ec finally lower my ph a bit but will have to re adjust soon right now it's at 5.9.

i also change place of the plants. bigger went on the outside and smaller right in the middle under the lamp . i topped 5 of them and bent each side branches on seperate side. only 1 i left untouch so far is the one who had struggle a bit at start..

as you can see i also placed the steelwire net , hold by the tent with a flex . the net can be move up and down very easy.

i also removed some big fan leafs, i know some people are totally against but i felt like giving it a try .. now plants are "open" and light can go through, no more shadow.. each bud site are lighted..

the stretch has started , not as vigourous as expected so far , but it's still early , i expect the net to be covered nicely within the next 10 days or so ..

i can see 2 different phenos clearly , one much more bushy with huge fan leafs, the other less bushy, smaller leaf, not as much bending needed on that one...

that's about it for tonight, i'll update this week end to show how they liked the topping and all ;)

now time for pics ;)














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Looking good CaBay

I am really curious as to how often and how long your pl;ants are fed/watered and will the time/periond change with there growth?

Also is that the main nutrient tank just below the pots?

I would really like to grow like you are doing for my next grow for 12 plants

how big are the pots?

Thanks for any info on setting things up.

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hey thanks guys ,

newfriend,this system is a basic dripper, the water runs 24/7 so they're fed 24/7, the overflow goes back to the tank , wich is under the pot as you saw.

the size pots is 18L.

time period does make change, it's telling the plant to start flower.

plant size is really low since they have been bent and tie .not sure how's the stretch with this gen ,but i'm pretty confident ,it wont be as hard to mamage , the net will help.

i also switch my ballast to 110% ..:)

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