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Money Maker...Hydro..Scrog..600w D78

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yeah for sure that net will be filled in no time!! :)

Girls looks good and happy man good job and thanks for the news :D

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hey guys, so for this evening a quick update..

flower day 6

Ec: 1.480

Ph: 5.78

water temp: 23.4°C

the net has started to be nicely covered.

I did remove a few big fan leafs and probably will keep going easy throughout the cycle ..

Plants looks healthy, not even bottom leafs without light... they're all super green .

here's a few pics for tonight ^^








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nice man they seem to b nice bush now with strong secondary stems :) Should fill that net nicely in the end! o far so good :D

Have a good grow thanks for the news

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morning and thx guys..

dust : yes secondary side branches start to grow like crazy.. feel like i'm gonna have to "re-tie" most of them within next few days... as i said my goal is to have low plant very well develloped with the most even canopy possible .

miminexus : they're getting train with ropes and whip.. they know better .. lol ^^

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evening guys

quick maj for tonight

flower day 9

i rised Ec to 1.650

ph 5.78

water temp 23.4°C

net starts to be really nicely covered... ;)






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Cool scrog set-up man!! Nice job bending/tying/training them for maximum bud site exposure. From one scrogger to another, I say don't fear removing a few fans if necessary to expose budsites and increase airflow, especially once the lower ones really get shaded by the upper canopy. Once I see that they are losing color or getting unhealthy at all because of lack of light exposure I cut em. Also, once the stretch is done I remove a whole crap load of leaves below the screen to focus energy on bud production. Have a look at my current grow/scrog if you're interested http://www.strainhun..._180#entry99610

All the best of luck, they are taking no time at all to fill that screen!! VIVA la SCROG!!


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hey thanks Smokeythabear ^^

appreciate the tip, u right , i do fear a bit on the removing of the fan leafs.. but i do plan as you said, to do a big removal after the stretch period , wich should end in 7-10 days ...i havent rised the net yet, i'm pinching the tallest stems to even canopy at his best, then i'll rised if needed ...

little diff between the one that i topped compare to the fimmed one. the topping seems to be more appreciated by the plants.. ;)

the feeding works real good, Ec set a 1.65,ph 5.8.. plants looks real healthy.. i will add PK 13/14 next week and rise up to 1.9

saw your scrog already.. looks awsome..hope i'll manage like you on that one ;)

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quick update:

flower day 16

quick flush this weekend .. system turn with RO water with adjusted ph and few liters left in the tank for 24h , Ec was around 1.0 ph 5.7

tank is refilled, ph 5.8,Ec 1.650 water temp 23.4°C.

the one in the front middle turn out to be the tall pheno..wich kinda suck cause if i knew i wouldnt have placed it there, but anyway, i re-arranged the tallest stems in the net, heard a few "snap" but none of them broke, it was like a good pinching, they should be fine within cpl days ...

i did some leaf removal , over and under the net, trying to get the light to the most budsites possible.

so far no signs of sex yet... but should come within days ...






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Phewww...sexy legs!! Don't let Tokage see these pictures, he's a fiend for underskirt shots lol :) But seriously it looks like they are stretching nicely, really filling out that screen and you've done a good job it seems of leaf removal. Like you have done, I think it is good to not just strip everything instantly. If the leaves down below are still healthy and getting light I leave em, once they start to really look unhealthy due to lack of light I remove them. This is a judgement call I think..for example you wouldn't want to remove a yellowing leaf simply because it is lacking nitrogen, but you can tell the difference after awhile. My theory is that once the leaves get to a certain stage of death they tip the balance between producing and requiring energy from other healthy leaves to continue to survive. If you leave these leaves on, that are going to die anyways and are sucking energy that could go to healthy leaves receiving more light. It also increases airflow and CO2 to healthy leaves. I have seen this theory argued, and everyone is entitled to their opinions..this one is just mine and it seems to work for scrogging. One last thing..it is said that you generally want to be careful not to remove too many leaves before 21 days or so into 12/12, doing so can slow down or even stop the stretch. Anyways, sorry man, you didn't ask for advice and here I go on and on as usual about stuff you probably already know :P

The important thing is that you're doing an awesome job and it's gonna be full of flowers in there in no time!! :biggrin:


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like smokey said it's filling net nicely now in here ;) Think i would have bend them a little more maybe to keep the net even everywhere, but i know how hard scrog is sometimes ^^

Have a good grow man everything on the way to a nice flower period ;)

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hey thx guys , i did bend some more last night after i took the pics.. the 3 tall stems right in the middle are totaly in front edge now .

things is, the one who were the shortest in veg , turn out to be the tall pheno who stretch much more.. :( if i knew i would have placed it on the side, but no way i could have known , and now there's no way i can move them , so i did some "stems moving ", and i got a big hole right in the middle now, lol, but i'm sure i'll have to re-do some "stem moves" again ^^

as far as defoliation, i think ima gonna hold on that for a bit till i see first flowers and the stretch period over, then i will clean the underneath a bit more ...

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evening guys, so for tonight there's a few news.. ;)

first of all i kinda got ph trouble for few days, it keeps getting low, so i plan to do a quick flush as soon as i refill my RO water, cause my tap is way way too bad !!

besides that, they look very healthy... the tall pheno keeps stretching and giving me a bit of a hard time, but i did some stem moving inside the net, not the flatest canopy i've seen but i'm doing my best...

i realise that 6 plants in hydro in a 80x80cm space, is way too much... 4 plants should be way enough ... but anyway there's worst thing in life ;)

so tonight is FLOWER DAY 20 :

tiny white hairs showed up on 1 plant ;) the other ones should show anytime now ..

Ec is still at 1.650 and ph fluctuating a lot but i manages to keep it between 5.5 -6.3, it should be fine after the flush

water temp 23.4°C

air temp 25.8°C

i also did some leafs and real tiny bud sites removing, big fans to take the shade away, and bud sites who were not gonna give anything ...

i took pics before and after so you'll see ..

enjoy ;)













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No words, will only appreciate, great job.


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well it seems they didn't suffer too much form the PH ladies are looking nice :)

for your troubles with the flat canopy my thinking is that it is because you have too much plants, in scrog grow often you see grower prefer to have 2 or 4 big ladies,depends your screen, and that way it allows you to spread the branches more horizontally, and therefore you get a flatter canopy as it's horizontal from tha start. on your pics we can see that your stems are almost vertical, but you couldn't have done much better i think your handling nicely as you can ;) and that's why growing is fun you discover and learn everytime as you grow :)

Good luck man ;)

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Dust said it best :) It's still looking really nice to me and ya like he said, at the same time there is absolutely nothing there that you can't work with. You are just gonna have a really full tent in flowering and there may be some lower bud that had potential that may need to go because it will not be exposed to light due to a pile of major buds on top. The good news is if you caught it there..your canopy is going to consist of a bunch of major main branch buds which should result in some nice fat colas :biggrin: . In contrast, if you look at my scrog I have 4 plants in a bigger space with a bigger canopy BUT..each plant only has from 4 - 6 main bigger buds with the rest while not being tiny by any means are still quite a bit smaller. Nice work on the defoliation, that should help slow down any more vertical growth a little. Good luck with the pH!


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thx guys for your comments, i kinda knew about the short space, i never expected to grow like that in hydro , that's why i took a system that fit the tent, if i knew i would have change tent size at the same time ;) but anyway, we work with what we got, isnt' it ? ;)

i did some "stem moves" again, was able to get the 2 tallest stem, but not the 3rd one.

i plan on doing a big removal under the net pretty soon, wondering if i should do it now or wait the stretch period to be totally over ..

anyway, i managed to do a quick flush this week end by adding water through the pot instead of putting it directly in the tank , so ph trouble got resolved, but then i messed up...... don't laugh, but i drop open my bottle of PK 13/14 in my main tank.... and i had no more RO water, and EC meter was going out of batterie ...happenned this morning before i went to work.... i panic a bit, to be honest, and then i scooped away 15-20l and through tap inside to dilute... EC went from almost 1.0 to over 2.3, after dilution it was 2.0 when i left- to work this morning... stayed like that during the day..

soon i got off work, i went to get some RO water, and i empty 80% of the rez ... i added 40L back in , but into the pot again to help flush a bit the accident i created..

gonna make a new soup like that:

ec 0.850 after i reffil water

+powder feeding till Ec 1.7

+pk 13/14 till ec 1.9

ima gonna wait till tommrow night to put irrigation back on .

will see in cpl days how they "liked" it..

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Ahh chaos! :) Reading what happened I could feel my heart rate speeding up picturing the whole thing lol. Good thing is it sounds like you got on things right away though and fixed your accident before too much damage could be done :P

Been there before sorta..mixing two buckets of nutes for 2 strains..got distracted, came back and doubled up on the powderfeed and had to dump the 16 L's..and yes of course, I was also out of R/O water. With 10 minutes till closing I rushed to the water store (it's a 10 minutes drive lol) and got some just in time, and to add to this they were VERY thirsty as I'd let them dry out and this delayed watering even longer lol.

Maybe the whole deal will just shake em up a little and who knows..maybe even give them a boost :P Keep the bottles away from the rez!! :biggrin:


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morning guys !!

so today is FLOWER DAY 27

ph 5.8

Ec 2.00

water temp 24°C

box temp 26° daytime ; 21.6 night time

they seems to keep stretching.. specially the one in front middle.. (tall pheno)

i rise the lamp and the net..

i cut down pretty much everything under the net , and also defoliate the big fan leafs..

the canopy is getting wild.... def not flat , but light seems to go everywhere and deeper after defoliation...

as you can see, they have all showed sex.. no signs of hermies ;) ;)

i also can tell some did not really appreciate the "accident" as they show signs on leafs.. (turning a bit yellow from the middle) but this has been controlled so it will be back to normal ..

that's it for today .. enjoy ;)








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good good looking much cleaner with those shaved legs you know we prefer this :P

Thanks for the news man won't be a flat canopy but will be a good cnopy ;)

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