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Money Maker...Hydro..Scrog..600w D78

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It's tough to keep a level canopy when you have one lady that wants to be an amazonian! :) They should stop stretching and start to really fill out now after day 27 and I think you will see the buds start blowing up soon :biggrin: . Keep up the nice work!


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good good looking much cleaner with those shaved legs you know we prefer this :P

Thanks for the news man won't be a flat canopy but will be a good cnopy ;)

thx dust, legs shaved are def more sexy ^^

Nice work man, they are going damn fast in hydro, branchy eh? :D


hey ghost, yes, the stretch in hydro is insane, and very branchy... almost 3 weeks of veg , even for pure indica , is a bit too much.. 2 weeks should be fine !!

It's tough to keep a level canopy when you have one lady that wants to be an amazonian! :) They should stop stretching and start to really fill out now after day 27 and I think you will see the buds start blowing up soon :biggrin: . Keep up the nice work!


thx smokey, yeah, that amazonian is def a wild one with temper ^^ it's the one who has been tortured the most, with bending, pinching , topped it twice.. and still going crazy..got 2 stems who are bend to a 90° angle , but she likes it ... that lady is probably a huge fan of BD/SM...

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Evening dear hunters... tonight big update and real nice upgrade.... ;)

a friend of mine gave me a 600w ballast.... so bye bye 400w welcome 600w... to go with that i went with a super red hps from superplant ...

since i was at the shop for the bulb, i also got my hand on some "sugar babe", heard good about it , felt like giving it a try ...

ph trouble is totally solved, and the PK accident only show a slight food burn on very few leafs...

values right now are : Ec 1.820 Ph 6.02

got plenty of RO water , and gonna wait sunday for empty and clean it totally , got about 15L left inside right now ...

once the tank will be clean, i'll do a quickflush, by adding water through the plant, about 10L/each, stop irrigation and let dry for cpl days ..

the following feeding will be like that : powder feeding till Ec 1.6 ====>>>Pk 13/14 till Ec 1.850 then sugar babe about 1ml/L to start, then will rise up slowly to 2ml/L within cpl weeks.

realise also why the stretch was so important, i havent replaced my MH since it broke so the entire cycle has been done with aggrolite...havent thought of it at the time .. then it hit me !!!

anyway , let's see the pics now ;)









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we have a saying if anything fits just perfect...

fits like ass on bucket.

and it does bro. o like the clean look of this systems, the scrog is cool and suitable.

if you wanna forecome that stretch the next run, you should try wave them thru the net a bit, like a climbing plant. imo the stretch is way less then.

i have a scrog MM too that was trained the last weeks, you might check that....

anyway good luck for the rest. peace

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looking nice man, them buds are starting to form now , mine a few weeks behind yours i think money maker starts flowering a little later then most by the looks of it but they seem to make up for lost time in the end :) peace

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good to hear about the upgrade to 600w! for sure the ladies will love it and that stretch will not matter anymore, everyone will get light ^^

Be careful on your pictures the light is very close if you have switched to the 600w already on the pics i would put it a little higher or your risk to burn them i think.

Have a good flowering man ladies look happy! :)

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thx guys for your kind comments.. :)

@dust: i did rise the reflector after i took the pics and also switch extract to speed 2...only problem is , that i feel like i have an helicopter next to me now ;)

@chronic grower: yeah, buds starts to swell finally ;) only few weeks to go ^^

@atrox: i did try to make the stems wave through the net... i swear, lol ^^ but i think not using mh this time was a real bad idea.. just haven't thought of it at the time .. but anyway this part of experience.. i did learn a bit more again on that grow.... getting closer and closer !!

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They will enjoy the 600W for sure !

That size of the secondary branches on the middle one... haha :D


yeah...that's the amazonian warrior lady... if it wasnt for that one ,my canopy would have been much more even !!! and on some pics u can see that some side branchs have been bent to a 90° angle...but i wasnt able to do it on the other ones without breaking them .. i tied to the net a bit some other to avoid all the tall one to be at the center... but it shouldnt stretch anymore hopefully .. and with the 600w , depth is much better now ^^ will see next week how it went ^^

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morning fellow hunters ;)

so today is FLOWERING DAY 40 !!!

buds starts to swell everywhere.... as i said at my last update, i did flush and clean the entire rez (finish with a sponge .... :slow: )

i then turned off irrigation for 24h hours.

i refilled the rez with 30L of RO water (Ec 0.054 Ph 6.7)

i added as follow : -30ml of sugar babe Ec 0.1

-Pk 13/14 25ml Ec 0.227

-Powder feeding till Ec 1.850

i then adjusted ph to be around 5.9

within the few following days... Ph dropped a bit.. have to re-adjust a bit every 36-48h with PH UP, wich slightly rise my Ec ... so i do like that, once with ph up, the following adjustment with 10L of Ro water... and it's back to normal values... then repeat..

i need to do a clean removal under the net... tiny new stems re-appearing ...

i think i did a good job with the defoliation as all bud sites got good light and the 600w goes much deeper , i can see it from the small buds just over the net ...

Powder feeding is an awsome product.... since i use it (2nd batch)plants are so healthy.... a real nice green everywhere... no yellowing.. no curving.. just perfect...

only trouble they had was cause I caused it ...

anyway ...

i can see why people were saying the Money Maker is really frosty....

that plant is so sticky even big fan leaf that i didnt removed got thrichromes... :dancing: :dancing:

that's it for today.. following updates should be really really interesting ... :cool:

enjoy the pics and thanks for following ... :thankyou:

ps: some pics were tken with the flash some without.. just to see diff















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Really nice bro, they are going damn fast every time I see them...

6x same phenotype ?

-Peace bro.

no not same pheno ...

the one in front who stretched big is for sure the "tall" pheno ... the one in front of that one i would say is in between ....

the 4 other at each corner are fairly similar ...

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thanks for the news man! Hope they will like the clean res and the defoliation ;) but looks like you'll have some nice sticks in some weeks here :)

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A really nice full tent bro...they are coming along really nicely!! Ya good idea man.. I would clean up some bottom popcorn and focus energy on the top buds. Were gonna see some fat buds putting on weight over the next couple weeks I think :)


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yes they did stretched a bit, due to my excellent idea of not buying a new MH bulb when it broke ...just havent thought of it at that moment ... :punish:

rignt now they between 90cm and 110cm for the tallest one .. and i hope it will be a great crop ... ;) ;)

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Morning feloow hunters...


this week has been ok , i encountered a samll trouble with one plant who kinda turning yellowish on some of it's leaves, for sure a N def.. weird things is that plant got the exact same food coming from the same rez as the other one ... so i sprayed with 1.5ml/L of fishmix + 1ml/L of energy max .. did that a cpl days ago .. everything seems ok now the plant doesnt turn anymore yellow ..

values were a bit high this morning when i took the pics.. so i added about 10lL of RO water and re-adjust after..

Values now : Ec 1.730

Ph 6.06

water ° 23.4°C

i stop using Pk 13/14... still adding sugar babe, but up to 2ml/L now.

i plan to slowly drop the EC to 1.3-1.4 for next week and then start the flush at the end of week 8 ...

buds seems to put on weight so i'm not rushing them ..

as for the buds... the tall pheno has aery and longer buds as the smaller ones got much more dense...

my canopy haas 2 floor.. the 2 tallest ones got long pointing rocket and they're the top floor, as the 4 other ones are more like my main floor .. ;)

the frost is getting thicker by the days goes by ...smell is not so strong but still present when i come in from outside..

well let's see the pics for today ...










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nice updpate man thanks for the news and pics, glad to hear the yellowishing one stopped doing it, hope she will continue that way and won't have any other nute issue

Have a good grow man keep us updated

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Really nice jungle man :):biggrin: A little more time and they will be FAT! Already tho you have some really nice main colas happening there..keep up the nice work!


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thanks for kind comments ... but the yellowing kinda spreads...

i'm sure it's a N def ...

Ec is at 1.820 today so kinda wondering how could they have N def ...

anyway i'll spray another time with fishmix tonight hope it'll be ok till i start the flush this week-end..

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what kind of yellowing? on th edges or the complete leaf is yellowing? cause yeh ith 1,8 they should need miss a lot of things, but some strains just take more ^^

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