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Money Maker...Hydro..Scrog..600w D78

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yellowing from the inside the leaf towards the outside till it's getting totally yellow ... i can see the plant turn to a much more pale green then it was before ..day 52 today and thought about reducing Ec for final flush ... but i might wait a bit and push them an extra few days ... will see when lights turn on later on if fishmix did the trick once more ...

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ok ok , well give them a little more nutes then, but careful with the spraying on the buds man i'm not sure if biobizz product go away totally during flowering, specially now you don't have that much time left just feed them more they must be angry because the bud growth is going to start to boost a little now.

good luck man

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It might not be that you aren't giving them enough nutes or N, It could just be time for a flush..which I believe you are about to do soon before harvest anyways. It could be too much of a certain nutrient in the root zone that has accumulated is locking out the N or some other nutrient and causing the yellowing. Just my thoughts, but could be wrong :) They are still looking very nice and if you're about to flush I wouldn't get too worried..best of luck finishing!


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thanks smokey and dust ... well i thought about salts build up in the medium ...but since it started only on 1 plant i kinda put that guess on the side .. but since it has sprayed a bit everywere now, i probably think you're right ..

what also makes me think this way is this morning Ec rised by itself, from 1.930 to 2.1 and water going down ..so must means they have enough nutes since they only taking water and not the nutes ..

anyway , as you said , i'll start final flush very soon and my rez is almost empty .. i will let them finish the rez and clean, quick fllush and drop down the Ec to prepare them for clear water for the last week or so ..

i'll keep you inform ;)

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actually it's kinda weird .. since i started hydro, it seems my plants doesnt smell at all ... i only smell something when come from outside straight to the room ... before in soil , i could smell the room from the street almost ..

after, when i touch the buds.. it is super sticky and my finger stinks weed :)

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quick budporn pics

hey guys , i can't sleep so took few bud pics... covered with frost F+54













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thanks greenomatic , yes this strain is promising , hope the yield will be there too ;)

sadly , this journal will end like my other auto journal for the same reason ....

those last cpl years were fun with you guys , keep up the good work !!

Peace :)

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very pretty specimens you hav there man the flowering is doing them good ^^

I hope you will finall decide to stay around for many more yearcs ;)

Have a good grow with the MM anyway!

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DAY 72 since 12/12

flushed since day 60

chopped a few stems from 1 plant at day 63 cause i was gonna run out of smoke .. strong high, piny with a lil' hint of citrus ...

still 5 1/2 plants left ..

lots of bud getting some very cute foxtails... but nit ripe yet when i look at the scope ..

here's few close shot ..

i'll update 1 more for harvest ..

pics are in full size u can click on to zoom in ;)










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Absolutely beautiful work man!!! Those look like some heavy colas :):biggrin: Nice work with your judgement and growing them out to the end as well..very nice work and I hope we see more nice grows like this from you...best of luck!


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thanks .. but there's no "main" cola ... ALL of them have been topped ... the big one you see in front is actually a side branch from the tall pheno ..def the best yielder for me .. i would guess close to 70g easy on that one ..

but i prefer weight all together since some plants took the space of the little ones , i will get a better idea of the harvest this way with the space i got (only 0.64m²)

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ok tonight is end of wek 11 , they have been in flowering under 12/12 for 78 days ...

so far i cut a few stems here 'n'there cause i was gonna run out of smoke .. harvested a total of 64g dried already mostly from small pheno.

once dry and after a few days in jar .. the smell finally starts to come strong. those ones been harvested between day 66 and day 70..

small pheno is a bit more earthy, with some type of pinewood and a hint of citrus .. buds are really dense are a little bit is enough when u use a grinder... the weed will explode in it ;) ;)

out of what i harvested so far , i also took down at day 70 , 1 big stem from one of the 2 tall pheno i got ... 19g dry !!

the smell is totally different one that one .. first that pheno could have turned purple.. i senn some tiny leaves changing colour , but a bit too late .. wasnt cold enough ..But the smell is amazing, much more berry type with some kind of "dulce de lecce" odor.. no hint of citrus neither woody.. just pure sweetness to the nose, like if you would put our nose into a candy bag :)

as far as the effect for that one i havent really tried it yet cause not cured enough , just been dried for cpl days at most ..

*Anyway, tonight i took down 2 whole plant, after a lil' trimming i discovered MOLD in one of the biggest stem i had.. got pissed, but it wasnt too too bad , so i took the infected part out , had to cut the bud in parts.. :(

also cut 1 plant on friday ( pic from small pheno)

still got 2 plants to harvest .. just gonna wait cpl days more so i make room in my small dry room ;)

here's a few shot










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sorry to hear and see the mold man, but looks like you still got a fair amount of buds left for a good smoke :D Congratulation on harvest looks like some nic ladies, i hope the drying will go well and curing make it even better ;)

Have a good drying thanks for the updates :)

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