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Morocco law and seeds

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Are cannabis seeds legal in Morocco? I know that in Spain side cannabis seeds are legal so no problem there, but what about Morocco side? Of course I would wash the seeds very pure from bud particles before carrying them over the boarder. I'm talking amounts like 1-2 kilos or a bit more of seeds.

Same question for Lebanon, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Iran and thats pretty much all.

Thanks who knows or who can refer me to some trustful site. I have been looking, but google.com only shows me a wide variety of seeds sellers.

If there exists such a site with seeds legibility info, it would be very cool as I would like to know some Asian countries and Central Asia legality also, but the most needed info at the moment is related with Morocco. If such a site don't exist, it would be well worth to create this list as everybody knows for sure theirs country laws tho muslim law is very different than our European continental civil law or common law (UK, USA and many others), but it should be still be certain.

Thank you.

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same as talk can't say for sure.. in which way you wanna go import them in moroco or bring them home?

I want to bring them to Netherlands or perhaps to UK. Some seeds I will take along with me to give them to Indian cannabis farmers to grow. If they would be legal in Germany, than I would transport the seeds to there. I want to start a small seeds selling and breeding company. There are many of them, but many don't send seeds to Scandinavia and to East-Europe or if they send, in many times customs just confiscate them. I have also a bigger ideas for what I need a capital (I don't like bank loans).

As I haven't never been to Morocco, I want to visit this nation so I either send them to Spain at first or bring them with me when I leave or do the both. But I may want to visit other nearby African countries also to see if theres also some good randrace cannabis strains.

I would like to start this business in my own country as I would know the all major laws or can check them up fast(as they change over time), but as here cannabis seeds are illegal (they are playing with laws and twist them to whatever direction they want), so I have to start under other jurisdiction where I don't know nothing about this country laws related with business(nor even the language). But in the UK it would be a common law like in USA instead of civil law that is the legal system in the whole European Union (except UK and Ireland), Russia, China, etc.

What do you, Dust, would recommend regarding bringing seeds?

Edit: to all: Hows the situation in Egypt and Turkey right now? It seems the whole region is very hot right now. I hope it cools down for some what as I want to go via Turkey, Iran and Pakistan to India and neighbour countries in this autumn. Why not to fly? Because it's a cheap way and gives you a good picture of this region culture and ordinary people lifes(and a very good chances to collect different cannabis strains). Maybe I come back with plane -but I have already different plans for it -maybe only than if I'm too tired.

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When it comes to Scandinavia(Sweden) it is legal with seeds and we do have a few seed banks. And i never seen a seed company that do not send to Denmark, Finland and Norway.

Very well. I'm talking about Netherlands and UK seeds companies and Netherlands is one of the most important countries when it comes down to searching for illegal substances/items. (There are of of course many more both in Europe not to mention South-America, MIddle-East and so on.) I have seen quite s lot seeds banks that don't send seeds in de facto to Scandinavia(it's in jure illegal to import seeds both to Finland and Norway), Baltics, Russia, Ukraine, China (plus many other Asian countries and what not), some of them have even put out s colored map- to where they send and where they don't. With some countries it's a big problem that seeds gets taken away by customs(and this is a big headache for seed company), with others there are big problems with credit card scams and so on and so on. Some just don't ship seeds where they are illegal. There can be so many reasons behind this. And this is not only with cannabis seeds so. It can be whatever material or service type things that are sold. There are literally hundreds of seeds sellers and after all this is not about this thread point. I just give you one example: http://sensiseeds.com/faq/country.asp

If Sweden companies sell seeds to everywhere in Europe (and to other countries) it's very cool by me. I know there have been some very good RC companies in Sweden that have sent their chemicals to my country and many other places. It's been closed now by many years.

Now you gave me a pretty good idea, I could start a company in my own country and operate in other county. It's nothing new, in fact it's very common. But I have still to look where are the cheaper taxes.

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Hehe I haven't even thought about to start selling in Sweden. I thought to compare all the different taxes that come together with business with my country and Netherlands. But starting from Sweden is also a thing to consider, it's not a bad idea at all.

Yes, competition is everywhere, this is not a bad thing, it helps to breed a new strains, sell with better prices, to hold a high standards etc, etc.

Sweden is not a bad country, I haven't told it anywhere, I don't know where do you get this info - you must have misunderstood to me. And when I meant a term Scandinavia, I meant only Finland, Sweden and Norway, I totally forget the Denmark. There in Denmark is no problems with cannabis and different strains as far as I know.

Peace now. There is no point to argue over seed banks. It's nothing relevant.

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Guest lastnamefirst

Supplying hemp seed is exempted from regulation under the 1961 u.n. Single Convention on narcotic drugs and affiliated international treaties. In countries such as the Netherlands, freedom to trade hemp seed is clearly incorporated in the national Opium or Narcotics Act legislation.


Don't know much more about it though.

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