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Green House Seeds Co & Contacts

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Dear All,

My associate and I are planning to open a new producing and processing marijuana business in Seattle, WA.

In that way, I would like to get a direct contact with the Green House Seeds company to discuss about specific issues in that kind of business.

Is there anyone who could transfer my asks to the concerned persons.

Thanks for your help.

Yours faithfully,


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You should try to go on the greenhouseseeds.nl website and see there is somewhere on the site a Wholesale contact form, same goes on the powderfeeding website i believe i remember seeing something somewhere.

Good luck man what will you want to do with GH more precisly?

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In fact, there is only 1 way to contact them on the website, but the e-mail is directly sent back to me and they can't see it :

This is the Green House automatic-responder.

We will not reply to any messages sent to notifications@greenhouseseeds.nl

Anyway, I hope you or another actor of this forum will be able to enlighten this thread for the concerned persons.

In fact, I would have a couple of questions, the first is about the device testing the THC rates, and the second is a possibility for a member of the company to meet us to discuss about points of that business.

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I send you a PM for the contact, they are rarely other US maybe if you get to dam you'll have more chances to meet anyone ;)

anyway you'll see

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@Soxid, I'd actually like to know more about your organization. I am an old school grower and I am soon to relocate to Colorado or Washington to start a small farm or work with a an established grow operation. I'm trying to educate myself on the legistics of relocating and growing. If I have to buy an rv to liver in I don't care as long as I can grow large amounts of bud legally. That's my dream anyway.

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