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New Room - Breeding Area


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Awesome. Was scanning through the forum as to where the breeding area is. I started breeding last year and we are currently growing out the 1st seeds from that batch. The mother was Trojan Express ( jedi x bubba x chocolope ) and the father Pineapple Express.

The plants started out HEAVY indica but after 4 months of vegging she went over to completely Sativa dominant. The buds are very close together and a tight nug is expected.

This season I wanna plant about 10 seeds and pick the 2 strongest growers. Is 10 enough or is more needed???

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Hey guys.

I have a few things bothering me.

Why are seeds so small, like tiny? Is that lack of polen?


Another thing i wonder about is the end processes.

I am stuck indoor, am using 100ppm home made colloidal.


What would be a good feeding schedule for breeding seeds?

Also what would be a good lighting schedule system towards the end?


Am i kidding myself trying to breed without using the sun during flower at all?


I wonder about ph in coco towards the end to?

Any help would be much appreciated :)

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