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Cops at home

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I'm lucky. I

Live next to 3 apartment complexes. I just use one of the unsecured wifi's hotspots from the appartments next door. Be kinda hard to track me via up address but my neighbor could.be quite suppressed if shit went south.

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Thanks for your support guy's

All is ok! Now i wait my jugement! I dont post pics and others here for that. But see you at the 26 CUP ah ah ah ;-)

Best luck mate, one day all this shits need to finish! If you need any and if I can help you...I´m here. Sorry for my english. ;)

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Hi guy's,

After 5 months, 2 audition at cops i wait always for the jugment.

The cops take my plants but not my passion, cant wait to come back really!

Thanks for all messages and support!

Peace, love and thc!!

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Thanks to give us some little news man! i hope you will have a good judgement and nothing too serious out of it!

Fingers crossed for you man!

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Yesterday, two police officers stopped me when I left in the car, he asked for my papers, my saliva test for drugs, search me and searched my whole car.

It let me go over there two weeks I had to return to the comissariat for a new interview!

Thankx Belgium; law and prohibition; just bullshit

Legalize weed is the good way, so why wait!

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Man i feel u, same happend to me 1 year ago when i forgot to order super stealth shipping on some seeds, still awaiting sentencing for it and becouse of it lost my driver license and job in march when they decided to do a blood test for no reason and found thc ofc court belived mew when i said i don't smoke and drive but police decided to ignore court decicion and took my licence permenently.

laws need to change they only ruin good people's life's.

All this has actually fuel my dedication to the plant and i am attenting my first Cannabis cup this year so hopefully see u all there keep the fight going.

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Shit Jango, I just read this :( A very shitty story, thank you for telling it to prove further just how unjust and corrupt these laws are. Hang in there and good luck.


Thanks for your support Smokey ;-)


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Very sorry for your loss Friend.. Same shit happen to me.. They took every thing away from me.... 20kg of good quality Chem Dawg, 40 lamps and ballasts and a lot of equipment plus i had to spend 8 month i jail...

I cry with you my Friend.. 

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Very sad and it sounds familiar. I do not believe the cops themselves are after you because you are way below any radar. Friends here made the experience that some people do not like our attempts to regulate and legalize our plant esp. in connection with GHS. People experienced slander and later being reported many times to the police as fat dealers etc. I can not go into specifics but I am sure you get my point.

Stay strong and all the best.


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