Making cannabutter w/ vaped weed aka "vape poo" and a slow cooker

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Ok so I've had my Volcano vaporizer for a couple of years now and really love it for numerous reasons..and I now have one more reason as I've discovered that all of that vaporized weed known as "vape poo" can actually be re-used to make potent, green, (it doesn't turn out brown like the vape poo) cannabutter!! Talk about economical...I mean that stuff was headed for the garbage and it just made really nice potent butter and is getting me nice and baked twice!

The pictures I've posted are of me making it, but I can't take credit for the recipe, all credit goes to an actual trained chef, burnout88, and I've provided both his post and the link to it. ALSO not sure why but the pictures all posted in reverse order :P The pictures you see of the saucepan are the resulting butter being melted gently to pour over the waffles and has nothing to do with making the cannabutter :)

A few things I will I will say prepared for the smell!!! While not unpleasant to myself or other ganja lovers it is VERY strong you will be doing this for 24 hours to extract all of the the post says if you live in an apartment it would not be recommended! You may notice in a few pictures there is a big container of ONA odour neutralizer lol.

Make sure you add enough water as separates from the butter anyways and adding "too much" will not dilute the butter in anyway. Ensuring there is enough of a volume of water means that you can confidently leave it unattended for long periods of time and it wont burn, but still keep an eye on it as my slow cooker runs a little hot and I had to add more water at the beginning.

Even though the concoction looks brown the end result once filtered if done properly will be a nice green colour as there is still a decent amount of cannabinoids in the vaped weed. Unfortunately the lighting and camera do make the final result at times look more brown than it is. It honestly is a nice green colour with only a little light brown colouring on the very surface where it was in contact with the lower water during setting.

I used 40 g's of saved already vaped bud - a combination of GHS Northern lights auto, Sweet Mango auto, and Super Critical, and 250 mL of butter to end up with the result you see in the picture..85 g's of butter. So far I've had it 2 mornings in a row on store bought blueberry waffles with syrup and they were delicious and resulted in a nice body and head stone for quite a few hours, still functioning but definitely feeling it nicely, actually I'm functioning even better with less pain and stiffness than usual, I just can't seem to find anything :) I actually just ate the second set of waffles with a little more butter than yesterdays about an hour ago and I've got this great physical buzz goin on and music is sounding really nice right now..I think I might play some bongos for awhile after posting this :) Tasting it even on a spoon by itself isn't horrible, it actually tasted good and I would like to try it on popcorn tonight as it is the first thing that came to mind when I melted a little in my mouth lol.

Here is the original post and instructions followed by my pictures..take the word of a medical user with a very high tolerance..this recipe works!!


Alright, so I have seen many posts on here about cooking with vaporized marijuana and have come across many post of people ending up with brown bad tasting butter (well marijuana butter on its own is an acquired taste), I have been using vaporized marijuana from my volcano and a friends for the past three years and believe I’ve come up with the best way that always results in a very potent green butter, and that tastes the same as weed butter I’ve made before. This is also one of the best ways to make weed butter with you shake/trimmings/bunk weed. I've also seen on one post that a vaporizer only burns 50% of the THC, this all depends on how dark you burn the marijuana in the vaporizer, if you burn it to a dark brown you are burning 75%-%90, leaving 25%-10%, so using just one ounce will not result in a potent butter. When I use my volcano I burn it light brown, sometimes dark brown, I would guess then I burn from 60%-80%, and unless you are stop smoking when it still has some green in it will not burn just 50%. Alright now for the steps on making the butter and after I will tell you some ways I've used it before.

Materials Needed

-Vaporized marijuana (I would use at least 1oz per 1oz of butter, since me and some friends combine our vaporized we use 1lb of vaporized marijuana and a pound of butter, the result of this is a potent butter for heavy smokers, but I would not go at a ratio of less than 1oz of vaporized marijuana per 4oz butter)

-Butter Unsalted (Amount depend on amount of Vaporized marijuana)


-Crockpot (A crockpot is has a much better ending result, and I would highly recommend getting a crockpot for making any weed butter)

-Cheese Cloth

-Mesh Strainer (optional)


- Make sure crockpot will be large enough to hold you vaporized marijuana, the butter, and enough water to completely cover everything.

- Make sure the vaporized marijuana is finely busted up, but not into a powder (if already a powder it will still work)

- Add the vaporized marijuana, butter, into crockpot, add enough water to completely cover everything (too much water is better than to little make sure there is enough water)

-Stir everything up; try to break up any clumps of marijuana

-Turn crockpot on the lowest setting, this will need to run for 24 hours at this setting (i would recommend doing it this way, the reason being is when people end up with brown butter they have burnt it while making it, even when using brown vaporized marijuana i end up with green butter, the crockpot will not burn the butter while heating and is safe to leave on for 24 hours basically unattended, and because it will run for 24 hours you will be sure to get most of the remaining THC leftover). I warn you though the smell will travel through your house, so I do not recommend people in apartments doing this. You also need to stir the mixture every now and then to break up any clumps forming. If you cannot leave it on for 24 hours, you can turn up the heat of the crockpot and do it for 12 hours, but then you will risk not getting all the left over THC and you butter might come out a little brown. Do not put crockpot on high heat, that will burn the butter and it will come out brown. The mixture does not need to boil, boiling will burn butter for sure if not done carful, even with the water. Also when boiling you will lose some of the butter and THC in the steam it lets off, with the low heat of the crockpot when I use a LB of butter my ending result is pretty close to a pound of butter, basically no waste.

- Don’t forget to stir the mixture every few hours to break up any clumps

- Once the 24 hours is complete, turn off crockpot, you will need to line a large mesh strainer with cheese cloth, if mesh strainer not available, cheese cloth alone will do.

- Find a container that will be able to hold the butter and water mixture, and either put the strainer lined with cheese cloth on top, or make a sort of lid on top the container with the cheese cloth, make it loose so it will be able to hold all the vaporized marijuana

- Slowly pour the mixture of vaporized marijuana, water, and butter through the cheese cloth, be careful may be hot

- Once all the liquid drains through, wrap the cheese cloth around the wet vaporized marijuana, now with your hands squeeze out the remaining liquid into the container, the cheesecloth should catch every bit of vaporized marijuana and you should be left with a green mixture of butter, water, and cream( the cream is a by-product of heating butter)

-If there is still marijuana pieces in the liquid you can strain it another time through the cheese cloth.

-Once done straining put in the fridge overnight and the butter will harden on top the cream and water. You might have to scrape some the bottom of the butter to get any leftover debris off

-Done you have you potent vaporized marijuana butter, if not using I would store in the freezer





















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thanks for sharing that very nice recipe, nice detailed steps, and the result seems nice :)

I don't own a vap myself so don't have vaped weed, but the day i'll have one for sure i'll remember this ;)

Cheers man have a good meal :D

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Looks straight forward enough. I assume you could use trim or popcorn.


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Looks straight forward enough. I assume you could use trim or popcorn.


Ya Gaz, I was thinking the same thing, or even full bud if you REALLY wanted super potent butter. I think it's the perfect temperature to not burn it but extract everything of the slow cooker plus the 24 hrs that makes this work so well no matter what you used.

** EDIT - was just thinking that the amount of material used would vary depending on quality of if you used bud you definitely could scale down the amount of material used to the amount of butter, depending on the bud quality. I couldn't imagine using 40 grams of bud to 250 mL butter!! Goodbye earth hello planet FUBAR lol

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Hi I'm about to make the butter using this method for the first time. I was wondering if you use the lid for the slow cooker. I'd imagine you Wundt as it would make it bubble but just need to make sure

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I thought that I would leave my experience using a variation of this recipe.

What I used:

74 grams - Poo of the Vape. I use a silver surfer, not a volcano. I heat it very hot and usually smoke it until the herb is brown. I really assumed most of the power was gone from this. Very brown. The weed I vape is always pretty good. Often times primo. Mix of strains but never mids or regs.

2.2 sticks of unsalted butter. The only reason I used this much was because it felt like I needed more since I had such a huge pile of herb. Looking back I probably could have added more water instead.

Water - a cup or two

I have two slow cookers. 1 large and 1 small. I started out using the small one on low. It got too hot because I could see it starting to simmer. So I quickly transferred to the larger crockpot. The larger crock pot had a 'warm' setting that the smaller one didn't have. This setting seemed ideal. Not too hot but enough where it would it would burn you if you out your fingers in. I left it cook in there for 26 hours while I slept and went to work. I did use a lid on this 'warm' setting

It looked really gross at this point with all the herb just a big slimy goop. I strained it with cheesecloth and was left with a little more than two cups of liquid. It appeared a little greenish, also had some brown to it. At this point I wasn't feeling super optimistic because it wasn't that green.

After putting it in the fridge and allowing the butter to separate from the water, I was left with a brilliantly green puck of butter that actually smelled pretty decent. It was probably just as much butter as I started with, a little less maybe. At this point my spirits were back up.

I cooked a batch of brownies with all of it. Heavier on the butter than the recipe called for , but oh well. I ended up with10 decent sized brownies.

I ate a whole one and let me tell you, this sucker sent me to the moon. I'm an every day smoker of over 13 years and I was dancing by myself and at one point had to hide under the blanket for a little while. They don't taste that great, a bit like hay... But also not bad. But they are killer. I ate a 1/4 of one the other day and it was the perfect dosage to just get a good ol stone on without being incapped.

Anyway thanks for the tips you gave it really helped. Seems like a big debate on the internet whether or not vape poo works and how much you need. I know I heat my shit hot and long and 74 grams was way enough. Next time I think I'll just try 35 grams of poo and 2 grams of good stuff.

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edxacaly what i do with my left overs from vaping couldn't believe how stoned i was of eating brownies very  powerful and thats of vaped weed still goodness in there, tasty as well 

And here a pic of a cookie i made looks mint 


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learnt some stuff of the CTU course ,ill be using green food coloring next time make them green leafs don't know how i didn't think of it last lime 

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thanks for sharing your way to make a cannabutter, so do I have a volcano vaporizer and I love it. I use all the material twice /I really love make brownies, pancakes, cakes whatever from cannabutter/. I used to smoke 3-6 joints a day regularly for almost 4 years and I had breath-problems so I decided converting to vaping. I can't believe I smoked for 4 years and wasn't using a vapo (ok, you can't take it with you and most portable vaporizers can't compare with volcano, neither other vaporizers can- volcano is the best what I have had)

I have few way to make my cannabutter, before I did it in pot, but I already bought crockpot and I did last time a cannabis coco oil in it. I simple use a small teaspoon and small amount of very strong oil to my morning coffee. Coco and olive oil is better for taking canboids from the material than normal butter which usually has around 33% fat. 

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